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Please plus this post and share it with as many as you can. The more people see it the more chance the auction has to increase. Special shout out to the team at +CyanogenMod  for creating a post about this. I believe it truly helped the most.

_Thanks to the community reaching out for a common goal this auction has reached a greater height than I imagined. I think more than any of us did. It had humble beginnings. With the help of Android community supporters, developers, websites and all around good people it has expanded to a much larger audience. I appreciate all of you that have contributed in any form you could(can). Ryan has a much better chance of survival thanks to all of you. Take that with you. You have all taken this opportunity to be unselfish and pay it forward. Ryan and his family is sure not to forget every one of you.
I have to adjust this auction to fit her needs. Here is what she needs and what I am asking of you.
If you want to bid please do. Add your bid to the comments here. Winner takes all!

This part is very important::

If you are a themer, developer, icon pack creator or have something to offer or donate that can be purchased from the Play Store,
I now ask that instead of offering them up for free to the winning bidder that you continue to sell them in the store. Promote the Hell out of them. Get as much traffic to your themes as possible. BUT Instead of keeping the funds from the sales, forward what you sell to Ryan. Send the money to his Paypal where there is no percentage taken out. Add a note to why you are sending that money. This, as I see it is the best way to help Ryan and his family. You can do this until the auction is over or however long you would like. 

If you have a physical item you would like to donate that you believe will increase the value of the bid please let me know. I will continue to update the post as long as new items are added for the winning bidder._

I have a favor to ask all my feral ghouls out there.

My friend +Ryan Scott (also known as @Chiefzreloaded) and his family need help. He has  Necrotizing Fasciitis which is a flesh eating disease. He has it bad. I am not talking about the cool zombie kind either. He is a stand up dude and actually works with the  +CyanogenMod team. For how much longer I do not know. He is DYING. He has nothing left to make money with. His whole family is suffering from the hospital bills and their own bouts of illness. I want to help but I do not have the money he needs. I do however have the ability to sell a piece of artwork of mine. That's where you ghouls come in.

This here is my #UndeadAndoid . I made him for the +BigAndroidBBQ in 2012. I have only one left. You are looking at it. 
Here's my goal: To hopefully sell him at a good price so Ryan and his family can use that money to pay for something, anything. I will do a G+ auction essentially. Your pledge will go directly in the comment section of this original post. Once The highest donate-er is chosen I will contact that person with a paypal address to forward the payment to. 
I will not see any of this money. I will pay shipping. The only people getting this money will be Ryan's family. Once payment is received I will mail out my Undead Android to the top donation. Please only serious pledges. The higher the bids get the more items I will add.

Bidding is up to a gorgeous $1666 as of 11:00AM 3/6/13! Unbelievable!
I will now be building something specific to the winning bidder. Another One of a Kind item.

 I have added  AndroidSPIN! to the mix with their donations. They are great supporters of the community and have done well to get the auction out to more people. They are donating items to drive up the bid and have been scouring the internets for more potential donaters. Here is a link to this post where they have done an article:
Update March 5th: AndroidSPIN has managed to scare up some more awesome talent to help motivate this auction to new heights. I will list below the new additions:

+Phlash Tha is donating 50 credits worth of themes from his Tha Ultimate Icon App (HUGE)

Team Carbon is slicing things up with 6 of ANY color of their cm9/10/10.1 themes!

Stealthychief is dispatching 20! icon packs. The top five packs they have as a matter of fact! Here they are if you want to take a look:

1. Vivid -
2. Platinum -
3. Chrome -
4. Black and Blue -
5. Black and red -

More awesome icon/theme packs from:
+Jacek Malinowski +Roberto Mezquia Jr and +Nick Miltner 

 Anker Astro 3 10,000 mAh battery pack;

Uifit Pad Pivot;

SwissVoice ePure CH01 (in orange);

Paypal donations go here:
There is no percentage taken out so he will actually get what you send. Don't forget to add a nice note. Ryan and his family reads those and it pulls at their heartstrings ;-)

Here is the link to the Ryan Scott Family fund created by +Polo Heysquierdo  that has garnered unbeleivable support:

Please contact me if you have questions.

Ryan and his family say thank you for all your help and support!

Remember, Life's a grave, dig it. This may be the bit of money Ryan needs to survive, therefore we won't be digging his grave any time soon.
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Anywhere we can just send donations to? (If we don't win)

In the meantime, put me down for $200. Wish I could do more. 
I would like to just send a donation.
+Deth Becomes You I figure if I win, great. If I (or others, I'm sure) don't win, Ryan can get the winning amount PLUS anything else we can send.

It sucks that he probably needs more like $200,000.

Another thought: we need to button up these "extra" posts so we leave enough for bids. 
Im too broke to buy but if theres anywhere we can donate let us know, any little can help. 
I would also love a donate link. 
I would also love a donate link
I have updated the post now with a paypal address you can send money to Ryan's family directly and also a link to a fundraiser. Thank you for all your help everyone! You have no idea how much this has helped him already, but it really has. Monetarily and morale.
When I can get some pain meds in me and stuff I want to come on here and seriously try to thank everyone individually. Yeah I'm sure I'm nuts but if I can get a plug and an open signal I would like to chat a bit. You guys are literally trying to save my life. That's some really deep stuff. Especially for someone you really don't know. Hopefully I can get on enough to try and thank you.
Thank you all so much! You have no idea how much this helps our family <3 +Ryan Scott and I don't know how to thank you all enough
+Ryan Scott I never before have used CM on my devices but i know you guys do hard work! After reading your story it made me want to help out. It isn't much but i have just send out 5 bucks trough Paypall. So GET WELL so you can work again and make me going to use CM ! :)

Good luck m8 !
+Leibo Raibstein
  according to CyanogenMod's post on Facebook: this is the donation site  "  And last, but not least, you can send donations and words of support to Ryan directly via paypal.
Ryan Scott I wish you good luck with this insidious disease!
Best wishes from Czech Republic!
Just fired over £5 GBP on Paypal. Wish I could do more. Get well soon friend! 
If I can spare $349 on a nexus I can spare it here :)
I wish I had a Nexus 4!!! Shiiiiit lol... I have a MyTouch Slide 4G still. Hey, all jokes aside, thanks for everything guys!
Did the auction get extended? Not that I mind, as I thought the original time span was too short to get the word out :-)

+Jonathon Taylor Looks like we'll both have to go quite a bit higher! I'm out; I'll send a donation instead.

+Tomate Farcie This is where you pledge your bid. You can't make any donations here. You either donate via PayPal, the website I linked to, or wait to see if you're the highest bidder. 
$349 +Sean Buckley?! Outstanding! I will definitely be throwing in extras now that it has reached this high.

I needed to extend it +Leibo Raibstein. I couldn't let you win it. ;-) I'm kidding of corpse.
+Deth Becomes You No problem! Just wanted to make sure I hadn't imagined things :-) Glad the bids went higher, and I was still able to help. 
I really hope he gets better, it'll be hard but never should we lose hope! I already contributed to his family fund! Very little but at least i fell i'm part of a great community!
You've got my card Phil, I'm out. I'll send in a donation too. 
Donated 10 EUR...I hope every little helps...Slovakia
Donated to his paypal account. I love CyanogeMod and used it on various devices for a few years now. Have been a freeloader and never donated a cent, this was a good way to do it. I wish the best for him and his family.
Donated and shared....hope it will help. 
+Deth Becomes You wondered how long you're running this for? I have a long flight from Shanghai to London at the weekend so won't be able to check!
You've peaked my interest with those new add-ons +Deth Becomes You!

I'll bid $450!

Like +Mayank Bhatia, I've not been a complete free-loader of the CM community in the past, but if this was a torrent I'd definitely be a leach. I'm just happy to be helping out those that help.
I guess I can keep it going for a bit longer!

Oh it's ok she won't care :P
The Chinese firewall did try and stop me again, but a quick port rotation on my *cough* "Corporate" *cough* VPN and back on G+!

This is starting to become addictive...

Jon, Phil, you ghouls are absolute animals! You have graduated to monster level! I spoke with Ryan and he is really taken aback. 666 is the luckiest number I can think of. Really  nice job Phil. I think my eyes did that cartoon pop out of my head thing when I saw the new total! :-D
I know I'm late to the party, but I just learned about this story by way of xda's post on facebook.  I want to sincerely apologize to everyone for ruining this because because I think $666 is such a fitting amount for this auction, but I can (and feel compelled to) go higher.

<censored comment due to profanity>
+Mike Harris that is amazing! 666 had a short run but you have stamped it out with so much gusto. bows
Oop! New player!

You obviously mean business. 

OK, +Jonathon Taylor, impressive.  Yes, I do mean business, so if you want me to save you some trouble, just tell me how high you're willing to go so I can top it.  ;-)  I don't plan on hitting the brakes.

It's certainly a possibility.
Alright Mike. I'm not going to tell you my limit, this is too fun.

You're right, this is fun.

Oh c'mon, that's nothing. ;-)
Everyone is generous. I wish this man well, I hope he can pull through and get him and his family back on their feet again 
I thought it might, you evil, evil man. Happens to be my lucky number too.
Not mine.  I despise it.

What?  That's it?  I was just getting warmed up.  =)

Sure hope someone else comes along to keep it going.
If I wasn't going to England for a 4 week holiday, I'd keep going. But I can't think of anything worse than going back to England and spending even a day sober. 

Still, you pushed me pretty far. I originally didn't want to break $500. But how often do you get to auction for something as awesome and worth while as this?

Amongst all of this the one person who hasn't been thanked enough is +Deth Becomes You. I take my hat off to you kind Sir, for putting in the effort to run this auction and speading awareness. You're a champion of a bloke.
That is very kind of you +Jonathon Taylor. I really appreciate  it. Really.
I have been to England. Complete culture shock to me. I hope you plan on posting photos while you are there. I'd like to see them. :-)
Unfortunately +Phil Bayfield, it happens to be my homeland. I haven't visited in 5 years since moving to Australia and the extended family are getting grumpy.

Personally they should come here (it's much more fun), but the elders can't fly due to health concerns so. What can you do! The missus wants to see a few West End shows and visit the Harry Potter exhibition. Whereas I just want to remember how good a real Ale tastes...

+Deth Becomes You, I'll be sure to take plenty of photos for you to look through. Depending how it is, but we may visit Ireland for a week but looking at how difficult it is over there at the moment this is unlikely. Instead I may go to Amsterdam and if this happens, I'm guessing I'll be to inebriated to take photos.
They look like an awful lot of work +Deth Becomes You, but if you could go to the effort of making one of your Android models with the exposed mechanics. I'll make an additional donation to match the work to +Ryan Scott's funds.
Seriously +Jonathon Taylor?! It is a lot of work but the juice is worth the squeeze definitely. Steampunk Andy for you it is!  $80 should cover it if I am reading you right.
+Jonathon Taylor Ahh you know it all to well then, you haven't missed much except economic collapse and crazy inflation. :)
Yes +Phil Bayfield, I've heard all about it. I got out at just the right time or I'd probably find my self unemployed or working in McDonald's like so many of my other qualified friends. 

Anyway! Back on topic with the auction, perhaps this conversation should be started else where?
Good point, I guess I should have (at least) one more attempt to win...

$1666 :)
BOOM! +Mike Harris, I thought all of the Brits were out but there's one still fighting!

+Phil Bayfield, if you'd like to keep chatting send me a PM. Not sure why but I'm unable to initiate. There's a few probing questions I wanted to ring by you.
+Jonathon Taylor I think it's privacy settings, it should work now, although my VPN is crawling today (probably as it's the weekend) and G+ is very slow and chat keeps signing me out.
+Deth Becomes You Looks like I'm still in the lead for now, I'm heading to bed shortly then off to the airport in the morning for a quick 13 hour flight back to sunny England. I'll try and check in on progress from from mobile at both ends but failing this I should arrive "home" in some 24-36 hours so I'll check back then.
I am actually an Android powered bot.
I hope no one faked their bids or backed out. That would be ungentlemanly. 
Wow, this is truly unfortunate news for Ryan. I e-mailed +AndroidSPIN Administrator, but just in case they don't see it, +Deth Becomes You, I am offering up 3 colours of my PCB Series of Themes ( - There are Theme Chooser and TSF Shell versions.

Ah hell, fack it, I'll offer up ALL 9 paid versions (PCB Carrot is free). Let me know if you need any info from me, etc., or how I would deliver the themes after the auction.

Kudos for putting this all together, and best of luck to Ryan!  
I'm certain all of the bidders are sincere. :-) 
I realize I haven't posted in a few days, but my bid was absolutely sincere.  I've just been contemplating quietly.

+Deth Becomes You, have you thought about adding an end date?  I realize you want to get it as high as possible, but one of the reasons I haven't been in a rush to keep bidding is because I know I have time.  In other words, I'm the classic procrastinator.

(Also, I don't use G+ that often.  This thread is the most I've ever used it.)
Thanks for the message +Mike Harris. I think I will guillotine  this auction by Friday. I wanted to see how much more support I could get for this auction. The word has finally reached the masses and I think Ryan and his family are going to be much better off. 
+Deth Becomes You im willing to add in 10 custom wallpapers to whoever wins the auction. 100% custom by me with whatever they want and i will include the psds as well. not sure how much that will help but ill do what i can!
Post has been updated. Minor changes and caveats. Thanks ghouls!
I just want to say that if I don't have the winning bid (and I currently do not), my final bid will instead be donated directly to the paypal account.  I know it was suggested earlier, but I don't want anyone else to feel obligated just because I'm doing this.  I know everyone is already doing what they can.

All I will say regarding my bid is that I look forward to Friday.  Nothing like a deadline to build the excitement.  =)
You are making me sick with how willing you are to help Ryan +Mike Harris I am very impressed. You are setting a wonderful example for what we are be capable of. I tip my hat to you sir.
I honestly didn't even mean to wait until the last minute.  It's just been a very busy day and I just noticed the time.
For some reason G+ had stopped sending me updates to the thread and wasn't aware it was ending this evening (or the extra goodies) until just now when I got an alert that you tagged me! Well done +Mike Harris anyway, sad to not win the Android but all the Cyanogen goodies I'm sure would be far more useful to someone who actually uses Cyanogen on their device, I have it on 1 or 2 of my many 100's of Android devices but they're just for app testing and my daily device (Nexus 4) runs stock :)
+Deth Becomes You if you have any interest in making another Android let me know! I'll make a donation to the cause later.
+Deth Becomes You, I'm fine with you extending the deadline since I feel like we got cheated out of an entertaining bid-off.
+Deth Becomes You It's all good, it was fun but I'm pretty busy atm anyway, my Galera cluster just crashed about 20 minutes ago and I've got an app to finish :)
Are any of you guys heading to I/O (if you can get tickets of course) this year?
I am not going. Other than walking around sticking out like a sore thumb I don't think they would want me around...
I fit better at the Big Android BBQ where I have a booth and surrounded by my peers and fans. :-)
What time of the year does that take place? It's a US based event I'm assuming?
Its BBQ, so it is in Texas of course!
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