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Det Palaganas
natnam ya maong!
natnam ya maong!
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Si #honesto, layer na!

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Men who drank six cups of coffee or more a day had a 10 percent lower risk of dying; for women, it was 15 percent lower, according to a large new study.

Ganda ng google+ for iphone ah!

Labor Day- click here!!!


To all my INAANAKS:

Please secure the following on or before Christmas:

1. Original copy of your baptismal certificate.
2. Original copy of your birth certificate.
3. NSO certificate.
4. Picture of your baptismal with me, of course.
5. Exact time and date of your baptismal.
6. Should know my complete name and address.
7. NBI clearance na din ng nanay at tatay niyo.

Incomplete requirements = NO GIFT / AGUINALDO

Hehe #jokelang

Rainy weekend.... AGAIN!
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