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Oh look, a shiny!
Oh look, a shiny!

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Lovin' these big ops!
#SitRep #Ingress Operation Fire & Ice

MU per layer: ~55mil
Total MU Captured: ~219mil
Total layers thrown: 4
Total layers standing simultaneously: 4
Longest Link: 4774km
Tim Hortons visited: at least 1
Most effective surprize portal defense: Army trucks
Blue Water Towers turned green: 1

Anchors Used
Ocracoke, NC
Kelleys Island OH

Back in Spring of last year @pinesinger and @kyseya were scouting potential large (ideally green) triangle vertices and stumbled upon Kelleys Island. Shenaniganeries ensued,@gorrynel was at least partially to blame. An impulsive trip by @Mynja to Iceland last April resulted in an AHA moment and keys were frantically routed to go to Iceland. Keys delivered, things languished as other anchors were weighed, measured and discarded. Keys were then routed to REDACTED and REDACTED at DC Persepolis (and two relays), but other mitigating factors made these anchors non-viable.

Several months pass. 

@Oldrat reaches out to @Mynja with the information he’ll be passing through NYC with some Iceland keys. Unfortunately, two days before she was passing through. Arrangements made,@spanishgadfly was recruited to act as an intermediary to hold the keys, and then pass them on. But wait! A few days after @Mynja leaves, a wild @MissParker appears in NYC! Keys are swapped, divided, and left with @spanishgadfly and then routed to @MissParker… it was super effective. 

So now we have some keys - what are we going to do with them? 

Plans were then socialized with the Eastern ENL Coast Guard as all options were going to be demanding. Variations made, and anchors in the Outer Banks NC were settled upon.@MissParker reached out to some locals and a weekend jaunt and explore-a-thon was made of it. Great, we have anchors!

Points of Contact established, Operators recruited, and POCs start recruiting. “So this is gonna be epic…” Iceland is geysers, thermals, volcanoes, and ice. Who doesn’t want to help field the northern american seaboard out of that? 

And then it clears like buttah’ (mostly). Teams lined up, jazzed, comm silent like a legion of 199 ninjas we wait at our assigned blockers. Tick.

Legion: Can we go yet? 
OPS: not yet
Legion: how bout now?
Legion: now?
OP: Okay NOW

The blockers drop. And drop. And drop. The 11 Caped Crusaders obliterate Cape Cod in 8 minutes and create a channel less than a km wide to thread an Icelandic needle through. Like buttah (on hot lobstah… in the wintah).

Except...there’s a blocker..somewhere.. on the western lane. OPS scours. The RES are on the move, as we are en route another link goes up! North Carolina represents strong with @2intense and @ravenjanus driving for an op-shattering number of miles to clear and chase blockers despite needing to go to work at 6am. The RES put up a strong presence, and are stirring in the dark. 

ONE BLOCKER LEFT and @driver2310 is on the chase in West Virginia. All eyes are on him and the East Coast ENL night owls are cheering from all the cities. Field Established Excellent Work at 1:52am.

The people

Organization/Cat Herding:
@nymble(OPS lead)

OPS and Infrastructure:
@blackandtan(POC Nova Scotia)
@scavengr(POC Ohio)
@shortyseller(POC Richmond, Virginia)
@vashti42(POC North Carolina/Virginia)

@Oldrat(POC Iceland)

Outer Banks:

Kelley’s Island:

Key Movements:

Coast Control: 

Clear all the things: 

@2Intense(Rockstar blocker chaser)
@driver2310(Rockstar blocker chaser)
@Bradwheat(Rockstar blocker chaser)
@RavenJanus(Rockstar blocker chaser)

+Ingress +Susanna Moyer +John Hanke +Matilde Tusberti +Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller +
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We've been busy frogs!

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Added photos to XM Anomaly Satellite: Toronto, Canada.

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Job hunting is more work than job having!!

Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh, my paganfolk! Happy Simcoe/Emancipation/Civic Holiday, Ontario! Everyone enjoy your day off, if you have one. Everyone else, enjoy the day generally in a mild to moderate milling about fashion.

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Oh, hello G+. I forgot to tell you I Landed as a Canadian Permanent Resident yesterday.

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