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Helping People To Design a Better Retirement Life
Helping People To Design a Better Retirement Life


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Very cool article I found in my inbox this morning on “Medium” the independent source of inspiring articles from authors on all genre.

I started to read expecting to find a reason to stop fairly quickly...

...but that didn’t happen!

So, If you have the courage to read this with an open mind, I am sure you will learn some useful lessons for the rest of your life.

Remember the biggest critic in your life is you, mostly unjustifiably. Keep that in mind :)

Many of the 15 typical problems no longer apply to me personally at my “Mature“age, but I could still relate to them having had an eventful life and experiencing most, if not all of them, at some stage.

So be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, take some risks, learn new things and plan to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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CBD, one of many chemical compounds produced by cannabis, and the latest darling of the wellness world.

I became aware of the powerful healing effects of CBD recently when a friend gave me some products to try (which I am doing right now. I will keep you posted😊).

CBD is all the rage right now, with a former Coca-Cola exec declaring it the “new avocado toast” thanks to its popularity among millennials.

It’s estimated that the market for CBD products will hit $22 billion in the next four years.

Unlike another well-known cannabis compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

Many of us use it to calm down, and some of us take it to fall asleep.

CBD offers a lot more than just a better night’s sleep, but that's a great place to start as getting a good night’s sleep regularly is satirical for your long term health and well being
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If you or a loved one has survived cancer, chances are it may not be 100% Cured and the chance of a secondary cancer somewhere in your body still exists.

This short article from Harvard Health is a summary of a guide you can purchase from the for around $20. Pretty cheap if it helps you avoid getting cancer again.

Click on the (not very impressive) image below to learn more. I dont think this was designed to look good on FaceBook but as it still works I wanted to share with you :)
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A very interesting and complete article on a topic you have probably seen many times.
But this is the most up to date, comprehensive and well researched I have seen

Highly Recommended 😊

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Blueprint For A Long Healthy And Wealthy Life-My Big Idea

This post provides an overview of how I came to create the Design Your New Life Website and this page and what you will learn in-greater detail, if you join my new program “Blueprint for a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life” which will be released in the coming weeks.

Click on the image below to read my article and to get your personal copy of my updated free eBook “10 secrets to live a long healthy and wealthy retirement life”

This is for you If you are 50 or over. Whether you are between 50 and 65, still employed and just starting to plan your retirement, or over 65 and already retired.

I created the Design Your New Life Website and my "Blueprint For A Long Healthy And Wealthy Life" Program to help people like you and I to create their Personalised Blueprint for a long, healthy & wealthy retirement life for themselves and their families in their retirement years, by sharing with them what I have learnt and actually implemented on my own journey.

My Big Idea

It was whilst researching online in early 2013 that I came across “Longevity Science” and the amazing things that were being discovered and developed. The potential benefits blew me away. I had been completely unaware that this was happening.

So, I started to read everything I could find on longevity and aging, healthy living and exercise, and how to really get the most growing older, and started to apply these new tools in my own life.

I knew then that spreading the word about everything I had learned about longevity science to other mature people was my destiny. I had gained so much knowledge, I just couldn’t wait
I knew that Longevity Science was going to change the human life-experience, and the meaning of words like Retirement, Life Expectancy, Longevity and Ageing (or Aging depending where you live) and I wanted to share that message with as many mature people as possible.

I have recently released my updated free eBook “10 secrets to live a long healthy and wealthy retirement life”

You can get your personal copy by clicking on the image below.

This report provides a helpful overview of what you will learn in-depth, if you join my new program “Blueprint for a long, healthy and wealthy retirement life”

The Benefits of signing up with Design Your New Life

You will be learning from someone who has actually been there and done it:

I will share with you all that I have learnt and the mistakes I have made along the way - things I invested time and money in on my journey, that with the benefit of hindsight I didn’t really need.

A complete blueprint to create your Personal Blueprint for a Long, Healthy and Wealthy Retirement Life, covering all the important elements will need you need to know, clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow structure.

This will allow you to avoid the hassle of searching for ad-hoc information on the web - which seems to get harder every day as Google focuses more on growing it’s advertising revenue as opposed to providing valuable information.
You will learn how to create and to live a longer, healthier, and wealthier life than you could have hoped for in the past.

Also how with modern computer technology and the internet, you can continue to contribute to society and your loved ones, and to earn extra money in your later years – which you may need to maintain your current lifestyle as you live a longer, healthier more active life.

Oh, and the good news is – you will get it in plain English, with no jargon or technical stuff; just the facts you need to know and understand.

I would love to have you on board, to share this amazing journey with me, and thousands, even millions of other people just like us to be part of a community that will be an example to older people around the world and that will play a significant part in changing how older people are perceived by the rest of humanity and by themselves.

Click on the image below to read my article and to get your personal copy of my updated free eBook “10 secrets to live a long healthy and wealthy retirement life”
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Life expectancy Data World Bank 2017
Interesting update on Life expectancy from the world bank comparing Life Expectancy at birth in 1960 to 2017

Life Expectancy at birth :

Worldwide (All Nations with reliable data)
Increased from 52.6 to 72.0 37%

EU Countries 69.3 to 81.6 18%
North America 69.9 to 79.1 13%
Australia 68.6 to 80.9 18%

Historically in developed nations Life Expectancy at Birth has on average increased by about 3 months every year.
Also remember life expectancy once you reach 50 or more is higher, because mortality rates in children are higher than for older age groups.
Importantly, the figures are historically based. So take no account of the evolving Longevity Revolution taking place at an ever-increasing rate and is potentially going to significantly increase your life expectancy.

The longevity revolution is already happening in longevity science and medicine. biotechnology, genetics, medical science, nanotechnology and 3D Printing, and is going to result in a quantum leap in our lifespan; but equally important – how long we will stay healthy (i.e. our healthspan).
To view the Article by the World Bank
View the full details by clicking link below

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Cutting sugar in soft drinks would save 155,000 lives and $8 billion in Australia alone: experts

A new study has revealed that at least 155,000 premature deaths in Australia alone could be prevented if the energy (sugar) content of sugary drinks was slashed by a third.

"The reduction would deliver cost savings of $8 billion and avert at least 155,000 premature deaths”

The study, published in the latest Nutrients journal, found "reformulation" would prevent 70,300 deaths from heart disease, 47,000 deaths from type 2 diabetes, 14,300 deaths from stroke, and 24,100 deaths from breast, bowel cancer, endometrial and kidney cancers, over the lifetime of the 2010 Australian population.

The savings would come from the costs that would have been paid to treat those people if they had contracted the diseases

With the same reformulation worldwide, the reduction in premature deaths and health-care cost savings would be staggering

You can read the full article published in The Sydney Morning Herald:

PS Even if you dont drink fizzy soft drinks, someone you know and love probably does. Feel free to share with them

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If you have an online business, or are considering this as a source of Passive Income to supplement your pension and savings when you retire, or even if you are already retired, this article and subject matter is foundational required learning that will save you time and money.

A brand-new article from Digital Marketer, one of my favourite Online marketing sources, is actually a Google Analytics Masterclass-For Free.
For many online marketers, new, experienced, even expert, understanding and maximising the value of Google Analytics seems complex, even mysterious, and some (me included for many years 😊), put them in their “Too hard basket”

But in today’s fast changing world, all online marketers and small businesses need to set up properly and master their analytics results if they want to get maximum value from their promotional budget, and frankly if they want stop wasting time and money.

There are now more tools available to do that than ever before, so it is definitely not too hard if you just put in the time and effort to set it up and understand it, or get someone who can do it, to do for you (Just Google it!)

So you have no VALID excuses from today onwards.

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If, like me, you have taken on a mission in your life, no matter what it is, how big or small, at times it can seem daunting, even overwhelming.

In this Ted Talk, author Elizabeth Gilbert, who had massive success and acclamation in 2015 for her book (and the movie) Eat Pray Love, talks about the experience of creating that, and What Next?

She proposes a way of looking at this that certainly resonates with me, and maybe will with you. I was moved by this and will take it with me as I continue on my mission.

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