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The UK's finest wallpapers in one place!
The UK's finest wallpapers in one place!


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If you’re looking for something smart, modern, and distinctive, then a striped wallpaper is an excellent choice.
A perfect example is Cambridge Stripe, from Cole & Son, which features a charming university stripe design.
It manages to pull off the tricky combination of being simple, yet sophisticated, and is extremely versatile and adaptable.
This distinctive pattern has a stylish, but understated, look that makes it a perfect choice for entrance halls and staircases.

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The animal kingdom is a rich source of inspiration for artists and designers, and wallpaper patterns are no exception.
Mother Nature and living creatures are popular subjects in many designs.
An ideal choice is the striking Jagmandir, from Osborne & Little, which features elegant storks and cranes, with metallic leaf plumage, feeding amongst exotic foliage of lotus flowers, ferns and reeds.

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Imitation-themed wallpapers, which accurately replicate the look of a surface or texture, are becoming more popular.
Also known as faux-effect, they can give the impression of being anything from luxurious marble, rustic wood paneling, exposed brick-work or even glamorous snakeskin.
An ideal choice if you want the appearance of wood is
Bark, from Osborne & Little, a subtle and understated horizontal pattern that resembles the bark of a tree. Elegant and charming, the beauty of this design lies in its simplicity.

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Paisley wallpapers make a strong visual statement.
The fig-shaped design resembles a twisted tear-drop and is actually of Iranian origin, but its name derives from Paisley in Scotland, which was a centre for textile production in the 18th and 19th centuries.
An ideal choice is the stunning Khitan, from Nina Campbell, a large-scale, two-colour design wallpaper that’s named after the ancient nomadic tribe from Northern China. It features a bold and striking paisley damask in metallic and matt.

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Don’t assume that plain means boring!
If you’re going for full-room decorating, a plain wallpaper is the ideal solution.
The subtle and understated Brera, from Designers Guild, is a semi-plain that co-ordinates well with other designs.
A fine-linen textured pattern, it will suit a range of schemes and themes, particularly those which are easy-living/neutral.

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The trellis is an elegant, geometric style that originated from the French word, ‘treillage’, and is a luxurious pattern based on the ancient metal gardening tool used in grape vines.
An ideal choice is the subtle and understated latticed wallpaper Bagatelle, from Cole & Son. Featuring a classic bamboo trellis, it's a tribute to the 18th century garden of the Chateau de Bagatelle in Paris.

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If you’re looking for something smart, modern, and distinctive, then a striped wallpaper is an excellent choice.
Bicton, from Nina Campbell, is a bold and eye-catching pattern with a block stripe, enlivened with metallic bands.
The glittery flashes in the thin stripes add a touch of glamour to it, making this ideal for contemporary feature walls.

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If you’re looking to add some elegance and decadence to a room, then a damask wallpaper is the ideal choice. Originating near the Syrian city of Damascus in the Middle Ages, it was initially a technique used to create luxury textile patterns. A perfect example is Baudelaire, from Cole & Son, which gets its name from the fashion for gilding with ornamental gold leaf and other precious metals.
(N.B. This striking pattern of feathered plumes is designed as a panel)

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Nature and wildlife can often be found in wallpaper designs, but although animals and birds are more common, fish and other underwater creatures also frequently feature.
Research has discovered that hypnotically watching the activity in an aquarium helps you relax and improves your physical and mental well-being.
An ideal choice is the elegant Secret Garden, from Cole & Son, which adds a fun twist to the classic foliage design, with sea-shells and snails creating a mysterious underwater world.

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If you’re looking to make a big visual statement, then a hologram pattern is the ideal choice.
It causes light reflections to produce wonderful optical illusions, such as making sparkles appear to both bounce off the wall, and move across it.
An outstanding example of a hologram wallpaper is the stunning Pampille, from Osborne & Little, a new, glittering interpretation of the company’s signature eight pointed star. ‘En pampille’ is a style where a number of gem stones, often diamonds, are arranged in a cascade.
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