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Wedding Gowns, Flower Girl Dresses, and more Bridal Fashion
Wedding Gowns, Flower Girl Dresses, and more Bridal Fashion

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Vera Wang has a new collection of black wedding dresses.  Check out the Vera Wang Ebony Bridal Collection.  I believe it is a limited edition collection.
Vera Wang has a new Ebony bridal collection.  WHITE by Vera Wang limited edition Ebony Collection.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts on this bridal collection.  Do you like a black wedding dress?

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Anne Barge, one of the country’s top designers will headline the Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show

Get ready for the big time, brides. This year, our Spring Bridal Show will host one of the grande dames of the wedding world: Anne Barge. Based in Atlanta but known, published, and lauded hither and yon,the doyenne has been named the featured designer for the March 23, 2013 event. 

In an industry full of luminary designers, Anne shines among its brightest. As a girl, the Atlanta native made dresses for her dolls, and by college she had filled scores of sketchbooks with gown drawings. Years later, when Anne saw an ad for a nearby Priscilla of Boston trunk show, she rushed over with her portfolio to show it to the fashion house’s then-lead designer, Priscilla Kidder. 

That bold move netted the belle an apprenticeship under Jim Hjelm, after which she began her fashion career in earnest. Milestones have included opening her first boutique in Atlanta; being acquired by New York’s Kleinfeld; buying for Saks Fifth Avenue bridal salons; acting as managing director of London’s Virgin Bride for Sir Richard Branson; becoming the licensee for Badgley Mischka; and launching The Anne Barge Collection, which comprises four lines. 

Through the years her work has been lauded in The New York Times, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country Weddings, and on, The Today Show, and many more. Celebrities, too, have taken note, with everyone from Julia Ormond to Nicole Scherzinger donning her eveningwear for the red carpet. So what draws all the attention? In a sea of classics, Anne creates truly timeless, feminine, standout gowns for the ages. A scholar of costumes and historical fashion, her silhouettes are built on iconic elements, and her frocks are accented with museum-quality beadwork, lace, and detailing. A name since the 1990s, Anne’s star power has only gotten brighter with her 2013 collections, earning more praise and coverage from national titles than ever. To say we are excited to have her at Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show is as big an understatement as a girl who whispers “Yes” to her bended knee beau.

Charleston Weddings: What are you looking forward to about visiting Charleston?
Anne Barge: Charleston is one of my favorite cities in the world and you certainly have the best restaurants in the world!

CW: What should we expect to see in your show? 
AB: Lace gowns, detachable overskirts, non-strapless gowns with unique necklines, color, and tulle

CW: What will surprise attendees? 
AB: Ombre lace gowns that go from ivory to blush

CW: What’s exciting you in bridal fashion these days?
AB: The variety of traditional necklines and sleeves interpreted in modern ways

CW: Where are you finding inspiration?
AB: In opulent ball gowns like those in “Anna Karenina”

CW: What are your signatures? Any new zingers? 
AB: Classical trains and covered buttons—always. Lace, tulle, silk taffeta, silk organza, and silk satins are favorites. And narrow gowns with overskirts are my newest innovations.  

CW: You’re a designer with Southern roots. Is there a Southern aesthetic for brides today?
AB: A family heirloom veil, perhaps Brussels or rose point lace with initials and wedding date of all the brides who have worn it

CW: Whom should a bride take to shop for gowns?
AB: Her mother or her ONE best friend

CW: What are the must-haves for every bride on her wedding day? 
AB: An embroidered handkerchief, a garter, and a sixpence

CW: What celebrity would be at home in an Anne Barge gown? 
AB: Anne Hathaway

CW: Brides and grooms seeing each other before the ceremony—yay or nay?
AB: Nay! There is nothing to equal the groom’s expression when he sees his bride coming down the aisle! That is a “moment.”

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The Bridal Fashion Group at the +Fashion Industry Network.  This group is for bridal gown designers and members of the fashion industry involved in bridal fashion.

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Bridal Guide is a magazine for the contemporary bride-to-be focusing on current trends in fashion, beauty, home design, and honeymoon travel. Complete detailed information on wedding planning and social issues that affect the bride and groom are regular features.  

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Vera Wang Bridal.  What do you think of her suggestion?
Do you wish to keep your wedding look sensual or casual, but still celebratory? Vera Wang's suggestion is to choose a gown with soft construction, which means the fabric you select is critical.
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As the bridal industry¹s pioneer in fashion and technology, David¹s Bridal recognized that brides turn to the web to organize and plan their weddings, so a variety of tools were created to assist in the process. David¹s Bridal¹s newest online tool My Event allows brides to easily plan, organize, share, and track all their wedding activities to create the event of their dreams.

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Crystal Harris (Hugh Hefner's wife) in her bridal gown.
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Vera Wang has put together photos of real weddings that have been submitting by customers and fans of Vera Wang bridal fashion.  Timeless, romantic, and elegant-  these brides are most certainly worth a second look.
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With nearly 1 in 4 couples becoming engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year's, many women will be ringing in 2013 with a ring on their finger!  While eager to plan one of the biggest moments in her life, the newly engaged bride is still obligated to go back to work.  According to David¹s Bridal annual ³What¹s On Bride¹s Minds² survey, she may be sneaking in her planning on your time! The David¹s Bridal survey estimates that 77% of employed women plan their wedding while at their job!  

As the bridal industry¹s pioneer in fashion and technology, David¹s Bridal recognized that brides turn to the web to organize and plan their weddings, so a variety of tools were created to assist in the process. David¹s Bridal¹s newest online tool My Event ( allows brides to easily plan, organize, share, and track all their wedding activities to create the event of their dreams.  With this new tool, you can: 

-Build your own planning community and Connect with your wedding party on our interactive newsfeed! 

-Create mood boards for creativity and inspiration and create shopping lists for everyone in your wedding! 

-Prioritize, assign, and organize your wedding to-do¹s with customized task lists and manage budgets.

People all across the country are Œpinning¹ recipes, décor ideas and DIY projects.

Surprisingly, even though this was the most popular tip from our brides, below are 10 more great wedding planning tips to help you with the process.  Wedding and Proposal Style Council Member Sarah Pease is available to feature tips and online tools by David¹s Bridal on how to efficiently plan a wedding should you be interested in setting up an interview?

1). If you don¹t have a wedding planner, enlist a friend who isn¹t in your bridal party to help your prioritize and plan!

2). Keep reality in focus- know your budget and stick to it! It is easy to get wrapped up in having an extravagant wedding, but remember the day is really about you and your partner.

3). Choose a theme or symbol first to solidify the vision of your wedding, and it will make as it will make the party planning process easier.

4). If you¹re thinking of a specific color, keep in mind what flowers are available during the time of your wedding, and that flowers in season are less expensive. 

5). Ask for references and read online reviews of potential vendors before booking.  

6). If you have older wedding guests, make sure there are plenty of places for them to sit down.  

7). If you're having a large number of guests 10 and under, hire a babysitter to watch kids them during the ceremony. Or, set up a children's table or room at the reception, complete with crayons, coloring books, small toys, and games.

8). Be cognizant of guests and their dietary restrictions- shellfish, vegetarians, gluten, vegan/vegetarian- make sure there is something for everyone.

9). Seat people with similar interests and ages together, and put an even amount of people at each table as people tend to pair off in conversation! You don¹t want to leave anyone out.

10). Thank you notes are as important as your invitations.  A great time to write them is on the plane ride to your honeymoon destination while the memory is still fresh. 
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when you are getting married is selecting a wedding gown the most challenging aspect of the event?  Or is selecting your shoes the most challenging?
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