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Desi F Mandarini
freelance translator who loves books, life, and meeting people
freelance translator who loves books, life, and meeting people

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Intinya: gunakan sosial media secara bijaksana, sesuai dengan fungsinya, bukan buat nyampah atau nyumpahin orang ;). 

Definition of:'oniomania' is:'an uncontrollable desire to buy things.

Learn more about this word and milllions of others at

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So, happy new year!! 😄

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Airport Security Officers Suspected of Drugging, Raping Chinese Woman

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After Pakistan School Massacre, Watch for the Gloves to Come Off

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Facebook thinking about 'dislike' function - Zuckerberg
BBC News - 24 mins ago
Facebook is thinking about adding a way to "dislike" posts on its site, founder Mark Zuckerberg has said. Speaking at a Q&A session in California, he said it was one of the most requested features the social network receives from its users.

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Some people may feel energized after sleeping while others feel restless. There are several explanations why we sometimes feel restless after a night's rest. One in particular is sleep quality. This article explains why a good quality sleep is important. It also offer tips on how to get one. 

#sleep   #sleepquality   #howtogetgoodsleep   #bettersleep  

Minggu yang mendung... Menurut prakiraan cuaca, akan hujan sore dan siangnya. 
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