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With St. Patrick's Day coming up, just....
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I have Never had a green beer in my life! Always wanted to just to say I have had it, but never made it!
Agreed 100%!!! I remember years ago at The Ship in Calgary (one of the best pubs in town), someone asked them on St Patrick's day why they don't have any green beer in a disappointed voice. The bartender answered, in a very serious tone: "We don't fuck with our beer." - priceless.
Hahahaha, that's fantastic! I do plan on wearing my green Hop Trip shirt while I indulge parts of my Deschutes stock... no need for green to tarnish good brew. Some Hop Trip may be in order but with rain in the forecast I think some of my Hop in the Dark will be more suitable if not some Jubelale.
Green beer only works with nearly clear and relatively flavor-free beer - I agree keep it real folks.
Anyone who drinks beer light colored enough to be dyed green doesn't know what real beer is. (Yes, yes, there are some good lagers light enough to do this with, but even then...why)
Jason as I have to test beer from all comers I have to be careful. I was saying don't b-t'dize any real beer. If you go green use stuff not worthy. I was not saying anyone should dye beer green! Sorry if my comment came off wrong.
The green beer in my imgur link is actually Tied House. Now I dont know if someone at my company dyed it, or if TH did it for us?
+Gary Spedding Nope, I got what you were saying. I was agreeing. My comment itself wasn't very clear, I blame lack of coffee.

There is no need to dye anything green...other than maybe green eggs and ham - Sam-I-Am.
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