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Today LinkedIn has added 17-18 new connections to my network - people I have not invited. One is a former friend who disconnected from me years ago and with whom I have had no subsequent contact.

And the message is <person> accepted your invitation to connect.

Anyone know what gives with this?

"Request Error" question. A connection of mine is apparently being barraged by LinkedIn, when he tries to sign in, with this Request Error message:

"We're sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please make sure you have cookies enabled and try again. Or follow this link to return to the home page."

He says this has been going on for years and that he has had various experts and others confirm that he does have cookies enabled.

Any suggestions?

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I have to say this is one of the few online communities I value these days and I am always grateful for the readiness of members to help out.

I'm wondering whether anyone has some advice as to how to respond when we LInkedInExperts accept a connection invitation and are immediately pitched for LinkedIn advice?

This week I received the following response after accepting a request to connect and included some personal observations that showed I had actually studied his profile. (BTW his name does not come up as a member of this community)
Hi Des I hope you're having a great day and thanks again for joining my network, I really appreciate it. By any chance, do you know who I can reach out to that handles your Linkedin account? I wanted to check to see if you are taking full advantage of Linkedin when it comes to increasing clientele and revenue. If you have a handle on this, GREAT. But, If this is something you struggle with or are curious about, I'd love to offer you a FREE consultation. I promise it will be worth your time. If this sounds like something you'd like to take advantage of, let’s set up a call. What day works best for you, Des? Sincerely,

After pondering how or whether to reply, I wrote this, with attached image:

Thanks {Name}

Reading your email I realise once again that fame - especially the online variety - is so fleeting. :)

Be well Des

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Can't find Home on mobile app

Having finally started to use the LinkedIn mobile app (on Android) I'm having the most basic challenge and will be seriously grateful for someone pointing me in the right direction. Problem is I can't see the Home layout that all the demos seem to have. I see the live stream and I can click on my image and see my profile. But the update box is missing so I can't do any updates - text, image or video.

What am I missing?

Eliciting a direct message without requiring connection.

I'm anticipating a question in a Q&A tomorrow from people used to Facebook and having people "PM" them (via Messenger) for more info on a topic.

My understanding about LinkedIn is that, apart from InMail, I can only elicit a direct message in LinkedIn from Connections (level 1). Is that right, or am I missing something? And if I'm right on that, is there another way to have someone message me via LinkedIn, without having to be a Connection? I'm assuming there isn't but trying to keep an open mind. :)

Ads and sponsored content for micro business.

For a long time I have shared with solo operators and other small (as in micro) businesses that if they are considering LinkedIn ads or sponsored content for lead generation, they need to do some homework on the cost and then relate that to a cost per lead and cost per conversion. With one group at present, where people are already using Facebook ads effectively, I am suggesting they do a comparative analysis on the likely ROI for the two platforms, although some of data for that will presumably only come from trialling the LinkedIn offerings.

So my question is, am I being too cautious? I don't want to discourage people from a possibly effective strategy. Or is the risk of money not well spent worth a "buyer beware" alert?

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Who sees our a) updates and b) articles these days?

I think I know the answer, but I was asked on a webinar and would value some more expert views than my own.

Help! Can't change order of a new Experience segment.

I've posted a new Experience segment, with a new brand (made a corresponding company page). When I save it, it sits at the top of the Experience section and I can't move it - no "move" icon appears.

When I delete that item, the "move" icon magically reappears for the previously existing segments.

I imagine there is a simple answer, but right now I am stumped. Help will be appreciated.

I've deleted the problematic item for the moment.

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