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Des Walsh
Executive Business Coach + LinkedIn Demystifier + Social Media Strategist |
Executive Business Coach + LinkedIn Demystifier + Social Media Strategist |

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Thinking about people I have encouraged - not always successfully, actually not frequently successfully - to take up podcasting, I've been wondering what mostly holds people back or inhibits them from continuing once they've started.

Do you think it could be, at least in part, a version of stage fright or fear of public speaking?

Is it fear of technology? Of 'getting it wrong'? A limiting belief that "I'm not cut out for this"'?

An Australian podcasting colleague asks whether it is worth making the trip to Podcast Movement 2017. I would say yes, but as I haven't been to one yet I'm only guessing. I can't see anything here in the community about it except an offer of a discounted ticket. And I don't personally have it in my budget for this year (add to the admission price $1.5-2.0 grand onto the admission for crossing the Pacific).

But in case I do get a windfall and to inform my Australian colleague, anyone have a persuasive argument for not missing it? Or maybe a report from 2016?

Has "people also searched for" in right hand sidebar, gone? A friend asked as he could not see it on his profile. I just looked at my profile and can't see it there? I still have the old profile view.

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I enjoyed thoroughly this stimulating conversation with business adviser and career guide +Larry Cornett #podcast #leadership

Why would someone go to the expense of having a premium LinkedIn account but not provide any other contact details than an email account (and a hotmail one at that)?

Although this might seem like a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely interested to see if there is a sensible answer that just now escapes me.

Discrepancy in group member numbers. I'm helping a client with a group that is just starting out, so has only small numbers. I noticed a discrepancy between the numbers I could see and the number LinkedIn was posting as the total membership. 21% or so more than I could see and count. Fortunately for the exercise the number was low enough for me to do a manual count. Checked an cross-checked, the discrepancy stayed.

Not a big deal. Just curious. Is that par for the LInkedIn course?

Do you find sending messages via LinkedIn more or less effective than using regular email?

I've been working on what I thought was the accepted wisdom that messages via LinkedIn would be more trusted.

Now I'm finding that people are not always responding when I use LinkedIn, or responding only after some lapse of time and sometimes then saying "I don't check LinkedIn messages much" which I assume means they are not getting an email alert about the LinkedIn message.

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New Linkedin feature, Open Candidate. (Apologies if this has already been listed but I could not find it in the discussions). Now job seekers in current employment can make their availability known to recruiters in "stealth mode", i.e. without current employers or affiliated companies being aware. I'm involved more now with LinkedIn for B2B rather than recruitment but this looks like a constructive step to me. Any other views?

What's the appropriate, reasonably polite response when I have accepted an invitation to connect and send a message expressing my thanks for the invitation and saying I've accepted, then get a response that asks me what I do?

I never accept an invitation without reading the person's profile and I suppose there is a naive expectation on my part that they will have read mine before inviting me to connect. 

How choosy - or not - are you in accepting invitations to connect on LinkedIn. I checked yesterday an invitation from a fake profile (the photo alerted to fakeness, Google Images search confirmed, and the profile details were further confirmation. I also noticed about 14 respected connections of mine had obviously accepted. In a subsequent exchange on another platform a self-declared expert made it clear that this was in his opinion a waste of time and people should just accept that their network will have a share of these fakes.

My preference is to stick with the choosy/check/Ignore option, but I'm curious about how others see this.
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