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Hey Folks
looking forward to meeting old friends and new in Dublin, thankfully there isn´t a hard border yet ;-) +Stefan-Adrian Apateanu +Murat Sahinbas

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tell those chairs to straighten themselves up ;-)

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come to Ireland, you're always welcome... come to the north, come to Co. Tyrone it's as much Ireland as any other part..

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go paperless go Google :-) 
Clear some space on your desk. Here are 10 ways to go paperless with Google Apps:

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great news for the ecosystem :-) ...if only sites could morph to an alternative to Wordrpress and domain registration was in the Partner panel...

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I need a database of stuff I can't find.. then it's a short step to GSA... lol
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Thanks to for the great image!

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Des Donnelly commented on a post on Blogger.
I wonder is it possible to obtain a link to the pdf of the  ISO/IEC 27018 actual Certificate... it is not yet listed  on


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Top Contributors in Action!

Check out three Google for Work (GWC) Top Contributors (+Ștefan-Adrian Apăteanu , +Ali Murat Sahinbas, and +Des Donnelly ) evangelized the Top Contributor program to 50+ Google for Work Partners in Google Milan last month during a GWC Roadshow. Well done!

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