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If you want to be inspired, just watch this commencement address by Steve Jobs.
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If everyone were his fan, he wouldn't have gotten anything done.
I don't see a gun pointed at anyone's head.
Mary T
Great speech.
How little life to you have to have to be unable to resist posting lame ungrammatical rehashes of the Mac vs. PC flame wars that have infested the internet for the last two decades?
I am from Croatia. I must say the day when the gentleman died, it was so sad to me. Just like when Princess Diana died. This is the only time I cried for a celebrity (I do not want to mention the terrible accident September 11, or the Japanese nuclear power plant accident...). Thank you my dear friend  +Derya Unutmaz for the wonderful reminder of a great man. Steve Jobs will surely be remembered for his ingenious inventions, which he left to mankind. I am a big fan of apples. America can be proud of this son. I like his speeches, which burst with charisma. Heartiest Jobsov speech is this: was held at the Stanford graduates about quite ordinary subjects: life and death, student life, cancellation from Apple. A beautiful and touching speech full of inspiring truth. Great genius of computer era: Rest in peace.
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