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If you cannot fly then run,
If you cannot run then walk,
If you cannot walk then crawl,
But no matter what move forward.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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Look at that smile. Isn't it just totally infectious :) I can't help but smile with him when I see this picture
Gorgeous kid and an inspirational picture indeed!
keep on moving.....never stop at any point...thats the LIFE
Keep going know matter what
ya!!!! this picture show us courage and also tell us that although he loss his leg but he is not disabled
he is so brave...................................
i feel truly sad of what happend to hom :(
Wonderful image, kudos to his family & teachers for helping him move towards his dreams!
Nice quote and nice cute little realy inspiring to move forward in any condition
poor baby gggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooo that leg or foot not gone stop u run run dont stop till u get there
i love this he so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
poor kid feel bad but still thts amazing <3 all children tht fight 4 their lives
you remind me of (nothing is impossible). keep going young man.
Nothing is impossible.
Japan just closed its last Nuke,
as they move towards 100% solar & renewables.
Germany is in the lead.
Can California catch up to Germany?
Yes we will.
i feel sorry for the kid anyway its cool
this is real confidence that i can do...
I would teach this kid Karate, imagine a roundhouse kick in the head from those gadgets...;)
Comes to show that you think you have a hard time but there is somebody out there that always worse then you.
If you really want to see some big beautiful smiles, watch the Special Olympics. Those precious babies are on top of the world. They are completely oblivious to the cruelties around them. As it should be!!!
Upon seeing this picture, instantaneously my problems seem insignificant. The smile on this kids face is amazing.
Wow! I didn't know that Dr. King quoted Malcolm Reynolds! That's pretty cool! ;)
+Prana Cale, you are right. Thinking there is something special in the picture is showing something is wrong with me. But that is what is special about the picture. It shows me right away the things I worry about don't matter. It appears this kid is having a great time even though his disability is much larger than the life issues that a lot of us let consume our thoughts.
this an inspiration to all....just when u think that life is bad think about ways of how it could have been worse....and thank god for where u are...
wow thats just mean prana. but anyway...GO KID GO!!!! WIN WIN!!!!
he probably had a desise dont make fun of him.
Such an amazing story. Seeing him on Ellen was so nice. What a fantastic talented young man.
Ya but they let you run a competition then after you win they decide that you had an unfair advantage.

Innocent smile, may God bless him through out his life.
If I don't push myself like this child then I'm not living.
he's brave kids we can learn form this kids
Easier said than done but those who actually follow this quote are the ones who actually live and "have" a life
Its sad to see that when we have everything we want, and we just think no big deal, but it is, and we shoud be grateful.
D: tht is so sad. yet inspiring. poor baby but he has to keep going. just keep going.
aww i hope u get beter just keep going dont stop
Bsl G
Willpower have strong.
Yeah, we are much tougher than we can imagine.
poor kid! such a powerful self esteem
nice yaar.u should always move forward in ur life anyway.
You never see this type of perseverance nowadays...
but he looks happy and that is so true i love that
This picture encourages me to work hard much as you can to achieve your goals even you achieve your goals even it is late.
i liked the comment on the top of the picture. good for him.
I hope everyone who has a disability, has the braveness and hope to confront the hardships too. Just like this little hero.
Be strong lil' champ I know you can change the world with your spirit :D
This is not to win a game,
This is not to get a prize,
This is not to be famous,
This is to only...
victory of life..
At that rate of passion and happyness he will fly soon †.
so touching!! he is so cute!! :)
Seeing that photo, and seeing that little guy's smile, will help me to remember to be ashamed nearly any time I decide to feel sorry for myself. Even the wisest of us can do with a perspective check now and the.
Aww poor kid guess his legs don't hold him back
even though he isnt "normal" the smile is definitly uplifting
This kid has a great spirit and is blessed. We can learn a lot from him.
Aww. Poor kid, what happened, at least he looks happy!
More than cute that is an example of determination and courage
I discussed this post with 10 people in a hangout.
on looking at his smile,well,nothing ever matters
Brave persons earn respect.....& I feel something good when I see this picture
That's a sprit........Very Nice Statement And Nice Picture
Spirit... long live kid...
i feel bad for him but the smile on his face is precious
Oh my gosh, that really makes me feel lucky to have working limbs... But I can't help feeling so happy for that little guy!
What an amazing display of determination! That's a kid who won't give up. Great post!
wow. that kid doesn't give up. good for him.
Jen S
What a motivational quote
Oh that is soo inspiering never give up God is with u
is this one of yalls kids?
and i was just feeling sorry for myself a little bit of a pitty party, untill i saw this pic... good boy, i have mad respect for you
Wow what a quote! And picture often say more that words but that is a special quite!
Seth, notice he is not sad, he is having fun. He can still walk and run...
I had the opportunity to work at the 2010 Paralympics Olympics in , and those athletes showed the spirt of what sports are all about.
This child is is inspirational. He is very determined to succeed.
That smile is bigger than the lane he's running in
amin n
there are many child's woman's like this in Iraq, Afghan.. and reason of war attacks
ahhh dude, he looks well happy,
Keep on being exited go as far as you can
respect to the little cody for being so enthusiastic :)
its shows that you can do anything in life
The most cutest and inspiring kid I know:') Bless youuu<3
he shows nothing is impossible in this world...
uuuuuuhhhhhhhh so cute i love kids
Like The Running Dream...... but he's a guy.
<3 that book. :'D
wow disability says he cant do a lot of things but science says hahaha to disability
XT Liu
never give up 永不言败
never never never never give up.

-winston churchill
im crying looking at it . we should all move forward some how
Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure.
-George Eliot
Reza H
its the power of science. its the god Help.
I saw his happy face before I looked towards the bottom of the picture. An inspiration. Beautiful. Years on my eyes and a smile on my face.
It's a great sentimental picture to underline the power of MLK's words, but let's be honest, how many children's families ever have the funds or the other resources that are required to make this happen? And how many other childern suffer without limbs when the vast majority of people on this planet cannot possibly afford this type of medical solution? But, still, I'm glad to live in a world where this is possible. It really is all worth that little boy's smile.
you go kid i think every person in the world has the right to try different things and that is geat who ever says otherwise should keep qiuet
شوف الأرادة ... واحنا تدخين منكدر انبطل . . . الحمدلله
Now this is inspiration! We should all take a lesson or two from this kid :)
This is the sprit you can do it
Oh, My, God, i feel sorry for that kid. He has to wear a hook thing as a foot. :(
Courage must be the last thing to leave us. Easier said than done.
cute. i feel bad. i'm gonna help by making a charity buisness for kids like him. poor little boy! :(
Dont feel sorry for this little guy, he certainly doesnt feel sorry for himself!!. Look at the joy and determination in his face. He is a little hero
Its amazing at how they are still alive and that god created us for a reason And that reason is....TO LIVE :)
how could he run like that?????????
keep moving . . . . . . . . . 
Nothing can stop anyone who achieves such victory!
Impressive. I will remember this image the next time something trivial holds me back.
Oops, and there he just twisted his ankle it seems :P
well done , young man
there are just some people in the world full of greatness that is you little man
I feel bad for him then again it is so inspiring that a 6 or 5 year old boy can run track. With fake legs he must be really strong wow so so inspiring 
God bless this little boys live and he is so cut
I love the joyful look on his face. It says, "Nothing can hold me down right now. I am happy, and I am free."
he can do the same thing as we can even though he has no legs
THAT IS SSSSOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats making me CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He seems happier than those kids who are stressed over a single B grade! That's the attitude!
Thats what i calllove..... keep on livin little man!
Wonderful..Has long has the will power in and self believe .
Think you can ,Yes you can , Show you can ....
4rm all the comment so far forwarded ppl shud learn a better lesson that life does not need laziness no matter your condition.
wow what a great influence!!!!! : ]
Bless his little heart! Run! Baby, Run! What a smile this guy has .... it gives me courage and prospective to continue on my own as a bilateral amputee.
that is awesome i love that kind of courage
That boy are truly hero and brave!
A 'never give up' photo has rarely been so cute. Kudos.
Keep moving, good spirit !
Wow.... I am taking a lot for granted indeed!
he got one precious thing and that is happiness look at his face, he dont have any worry 4 his legs.
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