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An electron microscope photograph shows a human figure created by a newly developed 3D printing technique for nano structures

Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology have set a new world speed record for creating 3D nano objects. The University team create their grain of sand-size structures in just four minutes, a fraction of the time that other items have previously been printed.

Previously making complex large 3D structures would take hours or even days but with the newly developed 3D laser printer the scientists can speed that up by a factor of 500 or in some cases 1,000 times. The process called ?two-photon lithography? involves using a focused laser beam to harden liquid resin in order to create micro objects of solid polymer. The scientists said the technique could be developed to make small biomedical parts to be used by doctors.

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Looks like many people I've observed entering Walmart and McDonald's.
+Mark Pogue You could fit that guy into the smallest blood vessel of the guys at Walmart.
imagine if these where controllable via radio or wireless. These could be the most awesome assasins! after loosing some weight!
Th human figure looks very unfit though. Clearly the technology needs to improve...
It is unfit the human figure looks or is it just that we are all made with different sizes and structures?
+Kojo Nyame, barring the figure's occupation as a Sumo or similar, it appears to be quite unfit--possibly with a high risk of cardiovascular and blood-sugar-related diseases.
My brother at a halloween party. GO BLUE!
this is disturbing...
geez even nano microns are overweight! we really do have a problem.
i like the detail in the rolls
Navi G
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. My friend went to the Google headquarters and got a cube made by a 3Dprinter
It kind of looks like a sumo man. But the size of grain of sand.
If it was printed in Italy, why did they make a little statue of an average American?
wht do you mean so are you saying tht i am brilliantr)
Bigfoot dust mites! Just what the world needs.
Cool technology. Scary at the same time.
I think I have seen this person at wal-mart...
Why did the 3D nano-human have to be overweight?

Is there a subtle message being sent here?

Or was the aim to create interest/debate?
Did they have to make an American human figure?
this will hang in an art gallery in new york entitled: mississippi man thinking. alternate title could be: I can't see my penis!
Vienna? I thought Europeans were fitter ... lol
i don't get it ? what is it supposed to represent ?
look at this paradox. "nano big guy"
to all of you call it big fat man, I should say this is the most underweight statue of man ever made
Has a Mandelbrot look to it.
is it true or i'm i dreaming i hope this is really crazy
Must be a fellow American.
The absence of a neck makes choking in his sleep a real piece of (cream) cake. What is he holding in his left hand, hiding behind his back, head bowed in shame? A box of double chocolate?
who is this guy? fat albert?
omg omg omg omg omg omg DELETE THE PIC!!!! IT SCARES LIL kids :(
awesome.. very impressive
that was very impressive,But he is very fat. ha ha ha ha ha ha
Looks like the husband of the Venus of Willendorf
i feel bad 4 the person he or she can be really sick
His oversize makes up for the under size of the living barbie
is that a ligit person?
time to lay off the burgers
looks like a fat blob man
It's a nano American. (US American)
he can help doctors .thats very good & chock gozel.
that looks like the boggy man off of nightmare befor christmas love that movie
wo0ow, Actually micro structure ;)
can't think of sumthin that makes this nano tech usefull.. 3D printing? anyone got any idea?
Sorry but 20 micron scale doesnt even come close to nano. Small stuff in your phone is 1000x smaller already.
Could not they print something better than an obese man? :(
Hey, that's me. How did they get my picture?
Something has to be done about this nano-obesity epidemic.
scientist1: lets make a nano object, one small enough to break the world record
scientist2: i got an idea lets make it a super fat guy!
scientist1: grate lets get to it!
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tubuk tubuk tubuk
@Kurt- I believe the government has a program to ensure nano-obesity is, um, brought down to size.
so why aren't we printing tiny robots that can print smaller robots?
its not a fat guy Carter, it's your mom!
Gra Liv
wow that is so tiny and just so amazing. roll on printed nano boards!!
It is fat person! The one with the car that tilts to one side. A sure sign of blown shocks. Actually wonder if such a fat person could get around in s car. The car might be stuck in the mud.
can it provide food for the starving?,..and jobs for the unemployed,....?
or is it another taxpayer subsidized project for military nwo enslavement, about a sack of rice in four minutes....
looks like he is scratching his butt whole
They had to make a fat person, didn't they.
What is it made of? Sugar? It's so fat.
the electron microscope adds hundreds of micrograms

It's either the Sta-puft Marshmallow Man or Rosie O'Donnell.
i thought that i was ugly lol but now i,m not too bad.marc-ottawa-canada
Interesting but how can we download it .............
Oh also house long till I can get a house printed out
Looks like they chose to make an "American" figure. ;)
Of course it's true, Radica! It's on the internet, so it must be true! :-)
He's like a miniature buddha... covered in hair.
King U.
human figure? this gorilla looks like king kong.
Looks like they wanted to prove that they can generate MORE nano structures than the other Universities ;)
i cant be king kong it was spoted in a micoscope
Clearly, we are looking at a minja.
thats obesity at a totally new level! Oh noes!
I imagine Letterman will be using this as an image of Newt Gingrich between now and Tuesday.
Thats about what the average American looks like today...bonus points for accuracy!
believe it or not, I know someone who fits the profile.
sam c
Hey! It's a man!
man that's hard to do.. nano tech..
That looks like ME!!!!!!!
John B
This nano guy is american, for sure !
nano man is fat...anyone notice that...?..haha i made a ryhme... and 7:54 is the time....heh
Why do you suppose they chose to make a fat man? Why not an elephant or something?
Whale mate!

| |
| O O | \---------------/
| | /- -\
| + + | / - - - - - - -\
| =========== |- - - - - - - - - - -/ -----------------------------------
Ryan K.
The model american, literally
I used to look like I look bigger.
its like he says its all my baby fat it wouldnt go away
Yeah, but what's his body mass index?
I think he wants a nano-double-cheeseburger!
question......why was said super duper freakin wicked awesome technology used to create a miniaturised michellin man?..... :}
Could of done it in half the time, if it were a skinny man. 
To be honest, I don't see why it would be so controversial they decided to model a "big" man. o_o Probably it just would have been the easiest figure to model at an early stage if the resin has a tendency to lump together before the laser hardens it, or it was for the artistic merit. And just as someone mentioned before, it could just be a male version of a Venus of Willendorf.
Aun en el micro espacio existe la obesidad, jaja 
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