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Overclocking my i5 4690k.  Stock, it's 3.5ghz.  

Currently up to 4.4ghz on air, at 1.2v.  I was hoping for 4.5ghz, but I'm pretty happy here in 4.4 land.  Stress testing right now with x264 encodes, seems to be running at a fairly consistent 80C with an absolute maximum of 84C and seems stable.  

I stress with video encodes as that's the most laborous task my system performs.  Obviously, synthetic tests can generate a hell of a lot more heat, but the primary use of my desktop is gaming - that won't come anywhere near what a x264 video encode will do.  

I've got a couple new 140mm fans to use as intake fans on the side panel of my case, and I've got a spare fan I'm considering tacking onto the other side of my 212EVO cooler to go from just push to a push:pull configuration.  If that makes a difference in temperature, I'll start pushing up further. 
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I definitely need a new GPU. I've got a HD7850 that's substantially overclocked - its still competent (running a bit faster than a stock 7870) but it's getting pretty long in the tooth.

Sadly, to get a significant upgrade on the GPU is a fair chunk of coin, and funds are tight.

I really hate the "buy now or wait for the next version" question, because there's always another, theoretically superior version in the next model... But you never know until its actually released if it was actually worth waiting :)
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IZombie. Take Veronica Mars, and make her a brain eating psychic zombie.

It's awesome! Really awesome. It sounds bizarre and ridiculous, but it's fantastic. 
With the premiere of The CW's 'iZombie' coming up tomorrow night, here are five things you should know about this TV series adapted from the Vertigo comic book of the same name.
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+Michael Nolen​ The thing with the tropes in iZombie is they're there intentionally, and it adds to the show how they mock said tropes :)

And, while its technically a "zombie show" in that it does feature zombies, its not really a zombie genre show at all - its more "lovable sassy magic girl solves crimes". 
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The trick to arming your dwellers? The wasteland. I've currently got 24 dwellers out exploring the wasteland, each with 25 stimpacks and 5 radaways. That's 24 loot rolls every hour, and each will bring home roughly 5000 caps. Thus, even if some die (at worst 1000caps to revive at level 50) I'll make oodles of cash. I'll leave them out till they're dead or at <5 stimpacks remaining.

I've kept doing this while I've been playing - I send them out, when they come back I stuff them into training rooms for a while then send them off again. When they get home, I'll get roughly 500 new weapons/outfits. Most will be trash - by my current standards, where any weapon below 8 damage is simply sold outright when my dweller returns home (you can click items in their inventory to have them be sold when you click "collect" when they return home). But the remainder - anything better than my current equipment - will be equipped.

Best to get doing this before you top 60 dwellers. After 60, repeatedly opening your Vault door (sending/collecting explorers, for example) brings packs of Deathclaws, which are tough before you've got very solid dwellers to defend against them. So, ensure everyone is well equipped before passing 60 dwellers. Or at least your first few rooms worth!
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Yeah, drives me batty that my desktop monitor, despite working at roughly the same distance from my face, has a lower resolution and is many times larger.
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+Michael Birke​ Current condition: Smoke.

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Krakatoa darkened the world for years - why are you so surprised
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Review: Fallout Shelter

It doesn't happen very often that I even try new mobile games, but I gave this one a shot, because of my love for Fallout, and Todd Howard's description.

I hate having this be a headliner, but it's really a dealbreaker for me in a lot of games.  I don't expect free - I don't even want free.  But monetization schemes in mobile games ruin the vast majority of them for me.

Fallout isn't one of those games.  While it's time gated, you can't spend money to speed the game up: things simply happen at the speed they happen at.  Spending money does progress you faster (in that it awards caps, gear, and sometimes special Dwellers via Lunch Boxes) but as this is a single player game, that's not a problem.

Unlike most monetization strategies, there is no increasing push to spend money.  If anything, the more you play, the less useful those lunch boxes become - and, in fact, those very lunch boxes can be earned through completing in-game objectives, typically 4-5 per day in my experience.


I suppose this is much like "Tiny Death Star" and other building-management style games; though I can't say I played any others long enough to get a real feel for them.

What the game does have is surprising depth for what it is.  Each Dweller has his or her own stats, preferences for work, and family tree.  There's a heck of a lot of management that goes into getting everyone doing a job they're good at and happy with, while defending your Vault from Radroach, Raider, Mole Rat and Deathclaw attacks.  Keeping them all fed and watered, ensuring there's enough power for all your rooms.  

In a nutshell:

You build rooms for your vault, staff them with Dwellers.  Power generators, water filtration, training rooms, barracks, med labs, etc.   Without power, the rooms don't work.  Production is determined by the number of, and skill of the workers present.  More rooms, more power needed.  More staff to run your power plants means more food and water consumed.  More food and water produced requires more power, and so the cycle continues - made worse by all the other, non-production rooms (such as training rooms, radio rooms, etc).  

From the start, it's a careful balancing act.  Build too many rooms too quickly, and you lack power to keep everything going and risk losing power to your food/water generation.  Get too many people, and you can find yourself unable to keep them fed.   If people don't eat, they get unhappy, and unhappy workers are horribly unproductive (and thus generate less power, food, and water - compounding problems). 

All in all, I've found it to be a surprisingly fun and addictive game, and one that keeps a remarkably even difficulty curve - the game neither gets easier or harder as you progress.  At least, for the few days I've been playing.  
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+Jeremy Stratton​ I can list the number of mobile games I like on one hand, and have several fingers free. And of those, several are ports of console/PC games.

I despise games that exist as monetization vehicles, where good game design is sacrificed to psychologically squeeze money out of players. Not that I object to paying for games, either by in app or up front costs, I just hate games where you need to keep paying to keep up/get ahead or where paying to be able to do something sooner (thus paying to play when you want) is largely required.

So, that rules out most games right there.

Then, the actual game design - I like depth. This doesn't necessitate complexity but it does mean more than something inane like a match-4 game with a shiny skin and flashy effects.

I get that the target market for most mobile games is the non-gaming person standing in line atma supermarket or on their lunch break at work, but that's not me.

I like being able to think about the game when I'm not playing, make plans, consider contingencies, etc. FOS allows for that - not as much as I'd like, but more than most.

It's actually pretty fun, and worth giving a go - particularly being free.
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Work progresses apace on the Minimus Mining Base.

I now have added two In Situ Resource Utilization modules to process mined ore into useful resources, and landed my Colony Control Tower, which features a science lab, and housing for ~12 Kerbals. 

The base is now fully functioning, but has some efficiency issues.  First and foremost, with the drills going at full load, it produces sufficient ore to load one ISRU module to 47.8%.  So, if 4 drills will get me almost 50% on one of two modules, I'll need 13 more drills to push the ISRU's to capacity.  Yikes.  Well, I'll be able to pack them all onto one compact module.

I've got a few more ships en route to the base: A fuel tanker, able to ferry 3 orange tanks worth of fuel and another orange tank's worth of monoprop from the mining base up to my orbital refueling station, and a smaller highly efficient crew ferry (which in retrospect was totally unnecessary as I added some seats to my fuel tug to move crew just in case).  Kerbal Alarm Clock is a life saver here, when you've got multiple vessels travelling about at the same time, no more missed maneuvers and rendevous!

Finally, I've run into some complications.  Part count is starting to bite me in the rear, resulting in reduced FPS around my base.  It's still ok, but is definitely pushing things.  Once I get Skycrane 2 refuelled (left of pic) and back into orbit that'll pull the count down, as will having my Engineers go EVA and strip down unnecessary parts and store them for later.  I tend to build with a lot of redundancy (because of FUN!) but now things are in place and functioning a lot of that redundancy is no longer necessary. 
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Some comparisons: Destination - 100km low kerbin parking dV - 47Mm Minimus Orbit dv
Nearby destinations are much better from

Minimus Orbit:
Duna - 1043 - 664
Eve - 1014 - 557

While more distant destinations are better from LKO:
Moho - 1696 - 2093 
Dres - 1533 - 1812
Jool - 1908 - 2433
Eeloo - 2069 - 2673
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I've been working on a mining base on Minimus, Kerbin's outermost moon.  It's very low gravity allows low dV take off and landing, making for efficient transport of fuel from the surface of the moon into orbit.  

This will supply fuel to an orbital station close to the edge of Kerbin's sphere of influence, just outside Minimus's orbit, so I can have interplanetary vessels stop there to refuel before heading off into the solar system.  

So far, I've landed my Mobile Mining Rig, which found a high concentration of ore, then used my two Sky Cranes to bring down two Power Generation Modules (see pic) - these can supply a fairly large amount of power, and are also equipped to store 10,000 units of electrical charge as well to continue supplying the base overnight. 

I just now landed my ground based workhorse, a crane with and extensible arm able to pick up and move modules around.  The Sky Cranes are very good at bringing modules down to the surface safely, however it's very difficult to position modules exactly where I want them and doing so consumes a vast amount of fuel and monopropellant.  The ground based crane does it quite effectively with just electricity, but also carries a substantial amount of space for fuel and monoprop to be able to refill landed vessels that may be too far from the parking lot.  Note the pipes leading to the parking area - these allow vessels to connect to the base directly to move resources around. 

Next, comes the In Site Resource Utilization modules - they'll handle converting the mined ore into fuel and other needed resources. 

It's actually all gone very smoothly.  Baffling that nothing has gone horribly wrong.  Yet.
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Pretty. The best thing I made is a rocket that can crash on the Mün with no survivors 
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Have him in circles
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This, right here, is my biggest fear about Star Citizen.
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Yeah, +Sean Kelly​ linked that up top. 
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The interior of a WW1 German u-boat.

This is awesome. Really fantastic, and horrifying. These German mariners must have had balls the size of cantaloupes, and have been more than a little insane. So tiny, cramped, soooooo ridiculously, even cartoonishly, many valves.

What's really frightening though is what it must have been like serving in there. Imagine that engine room: tremendous noise, extremely close quartets with !ovong parts, super hot surfaces. Being in there while depth charges detonated in the water would pretty much garauntee horrific injuries.

I'd love to be able to see an intact u-boat. 
Warfare before computers: A German U-boat from 1915.
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The Deutsches museum in Munich has one, although not intact. It also has a fantastic collection of German warplanes, including the Me262.

Mind you, it is a bit of a trip, but Munich alone is worth the trip. My wife and I have gone twice.
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Derrick Whittet (Wintersdark)

Patches/Ask The Devs  - 
Town hall just happened.  Nutshell version:

Russ: Blah, blah, blah, FUCK YOU HARMONY GOLD, blah, blah, here guys, have a Marauder.

Edit: good art here:
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To be completely fair, Harmony Gold's original suit was completely valid. The original images still had all the markings on them from the Macross/Robotech setting (unit badges, "UNSPACEY, etc).

But yeah, at this point they don't have much. All of the unseen have gone through so many (often pretty awesome) redesigns its shouldn't be an issue, unless there's some still active clause from an old lawsuit.
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Our weather report said "Smoke". Apparently from a fire in Washington state, hundreds of kilometers away.

This is the sun. It's so gloomy here, you can stare right at it, just a dull red orb. It's creepy.
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Not just up, pretty substantially over too.  I'm an easy 1000km from the coast =/
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Anyone know anything about these GW Warhammer Android games? I'm curious, but... I'm so leery of mobile games :(
Pay what you want for Android games and support the charity, Special Effect!
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Tried most of these, can only in good faith recommend Talisman and Space Wolf.
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To my knowledge, Calgary's best burger joint. The beef burgers are the best of the lot, chicken is OK, and absolutely do not order the salmon burger (canned salmon! Augh!) Despite my dismay at the salmon burger in particular, the beef burgers are so damned amazing they still handily get 5 stars.
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I've had quite a few orders messed up here going through the drive through. Double check before you leave.
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Fantastic coffee, great service!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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6 reviews
Decent enough, but not spectacular. Nothing special, but no complaints either.
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It's a Burger King. They've never messed up one of my orders, otherwise, much like any other BK
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