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We purchase realestate notes Site: Phone: 1(844)640-9703 call for free quotes and consultations
We purchase realestate notes Site: Phone: 1(844)640-9703 call for free quotes and consultations

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Tomorrow I will be speaking to realtor, investors and home owners and marketing for buyers all over the country. It's time we forget about the banks and deal with individuals. I have been getting good reception from the real estate community. This concept of owner financing is not widely used and judging by some of the comments not widely known. This came as a surprise to me. Reale state professionals did not know they can help owners create notes then sell to a note investor at closing; No more last minute stipulations, faster closings credit from buyer not an issue, only issue can buyer afford the home with steady income, 6.5% interest rate for service members civilian and military. All I need is more realtors who are willing to find motivated sellers by way of expired listing on MLS. Tell those owners to hold the mortgage. At closing we will purchase the note paying off underlying balance. You as the realtor get your commission and the owner is cashed out simultaneously upon creation of the promissory note. This is free info. All I asked for in return is that we do business together. You know how it goes we don't get paid until a deal closes. Comment below if you are interested.

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We have summarized and provided you a post with all the awesome tips for both home sellers and home buyers to sell and buy homes this Fall. Let's see what the PROs say:

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P.S. If anyone have more kick ass tips, please let me know, I'll update the article. 

I will be getting leads of home buyers who have bad credit but 10-15% down. All realtors and investors please comment the location of where you do business. I have the source for funding for these clients. This is how it works. You as the realtor find motivated sellers by way of expired contracts listed on MLS. You the realtor will then tell the owner to sell their home by way of owner finance. At closing the buyer will bring the downpaymnet and we will purchase the promissory note simultaneously once created. We will pay off the underlying balance. The owner does not have to recieve any payments from the new buyer. he/she cashes out at closing. Please comment below to add more closing to your pipeline

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How to Sell an Undesirable Home
Every home has its own set of unique features but not every one will be easy to sell. When a house is less than desirable to home buyers, what can a seller do to create positive interest?

Here are some tips on making the most with the house you are selling!

Featured home seller advice included from other real estate experts including:
+Debbie Drummond, +Paul Sian, +Bill Gassett, +Lynn Pineda and Homeside.

Read it Here:

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Qualified Mortgages offer better rates and terms. Understand your debt-to-income ratio, how it's calculated and how it affects your qualification for a mortgage. Thanks +Luke Skar for your contribution, :)

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What is "Dodd-Frank" and how does it apply to vacant land transactions? Is this something land investors need to think about?

We'll cover all the basics in GREAT detail in this article...

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I should be charging for this info. All I ask for is 10 minutes of your time via phn and I guarantee our conversation will be filled with value you can run with absolutely free. I am talking about a life long prosperous business relationship.
Calls are accepted mon-friday 9-7 est.
1 (844)640-9703

You Gon Love Me for This One!!

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