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Derrick Pemberton
Derrick Pemberton is a nurse trusting God for the future.
Derrick Pemberton is a nurse trusting God for the future.
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Pray for the multitudes that will be severely impacted by the typhoon (hurricane) set to devastate northeast India.

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I've been looking for a good journaling program. Requirements: cross-platform (Browser, Linus, Windows, Android), can be added to offline and synced once online, secure. I have thought about using Evernote, but I would like something specifically built as a journal. Any suggestions?

Where is #driveonlinux #driveforlinux already?

So, #GoogleDrive handles every file type and there are additional apps that can handle photo editing, etc. Am I supposed to migrate my pictures and videos from #Picasa or leave them where they are? What are the benefits and drawbacks? It seems that having all my docs, pictures, videos, etc accessible in one place would have its benefits. #Google should consolidate #Picasa and #GoogleMusic into #GoogleDrive so that everything could be accessed, edited, and streamed from one location.

Almost completely migrated to Google: Google Docs/Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, G+, Google Tasks, Google Music, Google Reader, Picasa, Google Voice, Google Maps. Google Books isn't worth using yet, lacking too many features for which Kindle Reader and EZ PDF Reader for Android more than compensate.

Next steps are to tag the 1,000+ items I have in Drive (a task that has awaited completion for some time), for Google to produce the Linux software for it, and for Google to finish integration with G+ for products like Calendar.

Anybody feel in the tagging mood?

I want #DriveForLinux !!

I want a Docs tab on my G+ profile which will show the docs I have shared with circles.
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