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Patches, decent price but need to meet a minimum amount. Let's get those Enlightened patches ordered, they are the only ones not meeting the minimum order amount.....

And I want my Enlightened patches damnit.......
Patch Orders Open Now!
Price per patch: $1 if ordering only one, .75 if ordering 5 or more, .65 if ordering 25 or more. You may mix and match patches to reach these numbers. If you are ordering more than 150, I will give you a discount to be calculated before you pay.
Shipping: Free shipping inside the US. (Well, not completely free. It's calculated in the patch cost.) For orders outside the US, shipping will be calculated once I know how many patches, but the minimum is $6 for a handful of patches and $25 for  up to 200. 
Please fill out the form at 


We have reached minimum order on:
Blue Level 8
Resistance Key
Only the green patches to go...

#ingress #patches
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I am in. 
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Derrick Lathrop

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Interesting read on how to mitigate flood waters in cities....

Courtesy of the Dutch.
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Ah, stupidity....

I'd say ignorance, but ignorance can be educated/fixed.

Stupidity cannot.
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Funny thing is they might actually enjoy hearing him....
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This is how it is done, thanks to all that involved and a special shout out to those in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest corridors that I worked directly with. 
Full Mission Report for EnlightenUS.

+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Niantic Project +Ingress 

#Ingress   #Recursion   #enlightened  
MISSION REPORT Summary NorCal was asked to execute a field for Recursion support so a queued field plan was initiated. Field Type: Enlightened, Single Layer Giga Field Life: 58 minutes (30/03/2014 00:52 - 30/03/2014 01:...
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+jason froats Thanks!
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Get to play in the lab again today....

We've got a Digital Lightwave Multi-Protocol Analyzer for testing various network services.

Currently testing 2x OTU2f (11.317G of throughput) and 2x OC192 (SONET @ 9953.28M - yes, almost a full 10G).

All of this in 1RU and the GUI is a breeze to use.
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Get an education, I know it sounds cliche, but it is true, get your CCNA and potentially your MEF-CECP. 

Networking is moving towards an IP/Optical convergence that relies on Ethernet to deliver services to customers or to exchange services with other service providers.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA):

Metro Ethernet Forum - Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional: 
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Derrick Lathrop

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Except for something like Heartbleed obviously and given the recent docs released on the NSA's shenanigans, this is bullshit.
Computer bug left many vulnerable, but president allows for 'national security and law enforcement' carve outs
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The data is there to turn peering and interconnection into a net neutrality issue.

The other carriers need to step up and put it out there.

This is also another reason why paid peering exists.
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New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote.
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+Niantic Team +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley

This sort of thing should be fixed by now. That is all.
+NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose 
XM bots strike Auckland CBD
For the past 4 hours (at least), Auckland CBD (New Zealand) has been completely devoid of XM. Outside of the CBD is unaffected.

See this drive folder for additional screenshots, which I will add to while this persists. All times in screenshots/filenames are UTC+12h if you wish/are able to view logs or something to help root out the bots.
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I am a Network Engineer for FastTrack Communications based in Durango, CO.
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I rented a car from Hertz at the rent car center at the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport. Never again. When I received the car, everything was flawless, went perfectly. However, when I went to return the car (at approximately 5:00 A.M. in the morning), there were no attendants available to check the car back in. Not as in they were busy with others, there just plain weren't any there nor were there any in the booths at the "head" of the parking garage. I went inside and told the counter person, she stated she'd take care of it and muttered under her breathe "not again". I was left standing at the counter, I provided her the keys and the rental contract as well as describing the car and where it was parked. she came back 10 minutes later and stated she was unable to find the car with the (now present) attendants. So, she handed me back the keys and the rental contract and requested that I go back down stairs to find the car and that the attendants were now down there. So back down stairs and to the far end of the lot I go. When I get there, there are now three attendants there, one immediately says to me that she has been down there the whole time and the she saw me pull in and walk around the vehicle and then saw me go upstairs but that she didn't approach me because she wasn't sure what I was doing....? She then wanted to argue over the color of the vehicle I gave to the agent at the counter (I told it was silver, in the light of the garage, it looked golden/champagne). Mind you, the counter agent HAD THE RENTAL CONTRACT IN HER HAND WITH A FULL DESCRIPTION OF THE VEHICLE, IT'S VIN, AND IT'S LICENSE PLATE! She also had a full description of where it was parked. Another attendant walked over and immediately started in as well, backing the other attendant. The Hertz attendants finally got their act together and got the car received back in and sent me on my way.....
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Bedroom area was clean and orderly, kitchen was well kept but a little run down, and the bathroom was clean for the most part. It was missing some trim from around the base of the sink and there was black mold on the window in the shower. Also, they charge a separate fee for parking ($19/day) which is ridiculous as they do not provide a guard or any other form of security for your vehicle. You are paying them an additional $19/day for the privilege of giving them your business ($119/night is what I paid, so it worked out to $138/night effectively. With all taxes and fees included, I paid $304.82 for a two night stay). I have paid less at far less fancy hotels have had a much better experience at those hotels.
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The staff are friendly and make sure your stay is pleasant and peaceful. It may be a little dated (think 80s decor) but everything is just as clean as it could possibly be and it all looks brand new. Great price when you need a room (I was able to get a room for $57.48 on very short notice).
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Just did the two hour rafting tour and had a blast, the kids loved it, and the staff are great.
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I just had the GREATEST hot dog/sandwich combo EVER. There is a place in Durango called Durango Dawg House. They have taken a Hebrew National Frank, put it on a Kaiser bun, slathered it in cheese, piled it high in chipped up sirloin beef, slap another layer of cheese on it, the piled it even higher in onions, red peppers, green is called the Philly Cheese Steak Days and it is frigging AWESOME!!!
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Check out the Texas Tacos and then load them up with their various sauces and you will not be disappointed. The prices are more than reasonable for what you get and if you leave hungry, it's your own fault as the portions are generous.
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