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There is nothing brief about describing me.
There is nothing brief about describing me.

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Any other #Centennial dwellers wanna get in on fiber optic internet? ^_^

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12 and a half hours later... Happy New Year to you too, #Allo ! 😂

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Read the article. If not, follow 3 simple steps:

1) Go to Google.
2) Type "Who's on my ballot?" (question mark optional)
3) Enter your address¹

Now you have all the political information you need at your fingertips. I'm thankful Google continues to push us towards a more digital democracy. It's something we desperately need.

¹If your tin foil hat is in style and you'd prefer "The Google" not have your address, type in one that's nearby wherever you're registered to vote.

Hashtag soup below.

#Politics   #Election   #Democrats   #Republicans   #GreenParty   #Libertarians   #Election2016   #Democracy   #AmericanPolitics   #HillaryClinton   #DonaldTrump   #POTUS   #PresidentalElection  
Cool to know what can help you when it is time to vote. That or geting set up and know where. 

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Started out a new game yesterday, and I'm having quite a bit of fun with it. It's in the same genre as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, and it's called Paladins. It's made by Hi-Rez studios, the same group that made Smite.

Paladins is still in beta, but I'm enjoying it more than the other two mentioned above because it feels much more inviting. TF2 feels like if you haven't been playing for the past 5 years or more, you'll never catch up in skill or inventory; while Overwatch didn't come off to me as approachable; not to mention the price tag that comes with it. [Simply my opinion, no offense intended if you enjoy those games.]

So if you're interested in spicing things up with something different, check it out. It's free to play with purchasable (cosmetic) content¹ and, naturally, this link also gives me referral perks.

It might also put us on a buddy list if you wanna play together. I haven't actually referred anyone yet so I'm not sure. If it doesn't, though, and you wanna play, just let me know and I'll add ya! ^_^

¹You can spend real money to unlock champions in addition to the cosmetics, but it doesn't really amount to "pay-to-win" like other free games because non-paying people (i.e. me) can also unlock champions, albeit at a slower pace.


Just got the Android update to 7.0 on my Nexus 6P, and now I'm actively trying to roll back. The new notification system completely broke the security features.

I have finger scan and PIN for my phone lock, but with the new notification system, whenever I get a text, or a notification from any app, you can simply double tap the notification, tap it once more in the long menu to open the app, then tap the Home Screen to get into it.

If you haven't already updated, hang tight and avoid it until they fix this.

Edit: Smart Lock is the culprit. Once I disabled Home as a 'Trusted place', I was prompted to input my PIN when tapping a notification.

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Lee Camp breaks down why +CNN's latest poll is manufacturing consent and preventing 3rd party candidates from entering the debates. All entries in the age 18-34 range are listed as "N/A". This is outrageous, and I am livid. Sick of this rigged system. First +Bernie Sanders gets the Democratic nomination stolen from him, now 3rd party candidates are being silenced. So much for "democracy" in America.

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God I wish CNN would shut up about the #Drumpf  for 10 seconds to talk about what actually matters to the people in this country. Hang in there, protesters! You're doing divine work!

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I blame +Jeremy Collins​

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Obviously, it doesn't encompass every reason we're pissed, but this a top notch video that breaks it down pretty thoroughly.
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