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I just finished building my next screencast: JavaScript Objects & Prototypes. It is by far my best screencast to date. If you've ever wondered about objects and prototypes in JavaScript, you're going to want to get a copy of this. :)

Update: I've dropped a preview of the video on YouTube: WatchMeCode Episode 5: JavaScript Objects and Prototypes (Preview)

I need to get a bit of marketing type stuff done, write up a blog post on one of the things I built in the screencast, and integrate some music that I'm hoping a friend will be able to get to me.

It should be for sale hopefully Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

If you're not already signed up for the #WatchMeCode mailing list, you should do that so you'll be the first to know about this release.
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Very interested, any ETA when this one will be available? 
Looks like it will be Monday. The entire video is done. I'm working out some details on getting some intro / transition / exit music with a friend. He's got the music written. We're just figuring out the licensing details.
Cool, looking forward to it (even more so after watching the preview). 
Keep em coming! I'm refreshing your page. Every screencast so far has been great. You're hitting the concepts with clarity that nobody else is doing with screencasts on js. Awesome work. I'm back on your page refresh refresh refresh...
Just watched this video, good stuff! 
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