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Derek Woolverton (woolstar)
Whatever I do, I try to do good.
Whatever I do, I try to do good.

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This person's grasp of math seems fine, its just the finer points which seem to be missing,

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XKCD creates another massive graphic (I love viewing these on a large 4K screen), this time a history of the world, and its temperature. Both the timeline for historic events (and mythic), and overall temperature are fascinating.

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Twelve years ago, David Tucker and I took my son Max out to Mohave to watch a private company fly a small space ship called SpaceShipOne up in the air under a giant airplane, and then release it and have it shoot into space.

A few days ago was news that Virgin Galactic is getting back on track with trying to do that with the big brother called SpaceShipTwo.

I don't think David or I are up for another road trip, but I wish them well.

Any backgound on apt holding back the lastest version of clang? Something about gcc 6.0.1 not being ready or something?

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This seems to be a popular framework for making presentations at work these days.

Lots of tools around creating the slides themselves as well. Something to experiment with when I have more time.

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Corporations that got big in the US once worked on and supported an effort to be good corporate citizens. Around the 1980s, that changed, with a wave of MBAs and white papers about how shareholder value trumped everything else. The last 30 years have not been good.

Here's what the response to that looks like,

People who want to do good work, and want to work for organizations that are not destroying civilization will start to look for companies more like this, and less like those on Wall Street.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for paste-buffer? I tried the familiar SHIFT-INSERT but that generated some ESC code. Would be happy w/a work around in tmux if only option or some other key combo if necesary.

Love termux a great deal. Bought current tablet just so I could run this since previous tablet was Android 4.4. Working on setting it up to allow full server development, even offline.

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Everything old is new again.

Unfortunately it neither runs at full speed, nor can it be single stepped. Still its pretty cool.

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Occasionally interesting bits from someone who's trying to be better on their bike.
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