Something I'd like to mention. Outstanding support from EVGA.

I own an EVGA GTX 1080 ACX 3.0 8GB GPU.

They got reports that after some high strain testing, reviewers were finding that some parts of the PCB on the latest 10 series cards, were getting quite warm. Concerning warm. After a few people complained about this and complained about issues with their cards that could be attributed to overheating, EVGA responded.

They created a program where you could either send your card in to get some thermal pads applied to resolve the potential issues or you could sign up to get a kit to apply your own set of thermal pads supplied by EVGA (completely free of charge). I took the latter option. I received the kit a couple weeks ago....but hadn't gotten around to performing the upgrade.

Then, last night I had probably the worst freeze up of the video card that I have experienced since I got it. The video just died in the middle of playing Watch Dogs 2. This was after a few hours of playing the it had ample time to warm up. The video didn't come back at all despite my best efforts. I could still hear the music of the game playing, so I knew the game hadn't frozen.

I had a few freeze ups prior to this occurrence, but nothing quite that bad. The drivers would usually reset after a short period of my monitors going dark. Everything would resume fine, and I could continue playing. This time made me decide to apply that thermal pad kit.

EVGA, when releasing this upgrade kit, stated that it was an optional upgrade that should not be necessary in the vast majority of cases. I guess I was one of those cases where this kind of upgrade was a good idea. My system was showing the signs of overheating after long gaming sessions.

So I performed the upgrade. It was simple enough. I have been building my own PC systems for about 20 years now, so managing the cooling on my system is not something new to me. It was my first time touching the GPU though as I usually leave the stock cooler in place on my GPU's.

They provided complete instructions on how to take apart the card and apply the new thermal pads. And the installation was a success. After a long gaming session tonight, I had absolutely no issues with any freezing, even after several hours of play. This is an initial test, but things look good.

So thank you EVGA for listening to your concerned customers. I was not one of the customers posting concerned threads on reddit, but I found out about the thermal pad kit program after you announced it and before you shipped them. You didn't have to do it. You could have just stuck by the original cooling solutions you created. But no, you admitted it could be an issue, and gave owners the option to mitigate it. Again, thank you.
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