G2A you're not doing yourselves any favors. By NOT taking the actions that Gearbox suggested (reasonable considering their concerns about your business practices), you basically admitted that you allow the sale of illegally acquired keys (that does not mean they are illegitimate keys, a distinct difference) on your marketplace. You can claim ignorance but that does not excuse your responsibility....especially when you can do something about it. You are not ebay....ebay can do very little to verify that products for sale on there are acquired legally and can be sold legally. Keys to games can EASILY be checked by developers and publishers against known blacklisted keys, even in an automated way (as suggested by Gearbox).

Anyone who has or was thinking about using them, please stop. They are a cancer on the gaming industry that needs to die (in its current form).

G2A I suggest you backpedal....take and implement ALL the suggestions by Gearbox with every publisher you have games for. Become the marketplace for game keys that people can rely on. There should be absolutely no reason why you cannot verify keys with the people who make and sell the games. There should be no reason why there needs to be a G2A shield product. Get your revenue elsewhere...not from gamers scared they are going to get screwed by the sellers you allow to operate on your marketplace.

-a former customer
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