if you don't want to hear anything about Mass Effect Andromeda, don't read or look at the pictures below. Some very mild spoilers in what I've written here...they are quite minor though and nothing that really spoils any story.

So I just got done with my 10 hour Mass Effect Andromeda trial. Below are the pictures of the characters I created, and their father. I'm playing as the male, who I named Thunder. The woman is my twin...so I tried to make her reasonably close to me in look.

I'm quite happy with the game so far. I didn't get as far as some in the trial story because of a couple of reasons:
-My difficulty is insanity
-because I chose to restart my character and create a custom character.

I started at first with the default characters....but I wasn't happy with Scott Ryder's look...the scruffy non-beard just bugged me. Not entirely happy with the texture beard, but it's better than the scruff of the default character.

One of the "major" issues people bitch about with the game is the facial animations. I really think that the hate over the animations is overblown. Yes there are some issues with facial animations, but they don't detract from the game. People are nitpicking.

The story so far is about what I expected going into it. One point is predictable, but there are enough complications in this story to make me happy. I was wondering how they would explain the existing settlements in the trailers I've seen. I'm happy with the story so far and waiting for more.

I've only scratched the surface on the game mechanics. The combat is very solid. Cover is good for the most part. One of the gripes I had with ME3 was the stickiness when you entered cover (unable to leave cover or unexpectedly switching between two cover places). That problem doesn't exist in Andromeda. Getting in and out of cover is as simple as walking up to the right in game objects that will provide cover. If it looks like you can hide behind it, you'll likely get the "cover" status from it, which protects you. I like the ammo/health stations rather than the "see if you can find them" ammo drops.

Performance is good for me, despite playing at 4k. The only times I really see any decrease in framerate if I've seen any, is in cutscenes...just doesn't look as smooth as it should be. Gameplay itself is smooth as silk. I don't know how many fps I'm getting as I don't have an fps counter, but it looks smooth to me.

I can't wait to play it more.
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