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fix for losing muting tabs in Chrome (now defaults to muting sites not tabs). note: to mute a tab now you click the volume icon when a site is playing audio. you still have the mute site option in the right click menu if you want to use that too....this is how it should be by default:

+Google Chrome Please enable both mute sites and mute tabs in this way BY DEFAULT. I shouldn't have to rely on this experimental feature and opt into a feature I used to use heavily....finalize it and make it default.

Specifically....I use it HEAVILY on Twitch with multiple monitors. They are now turning off your viewer status if you mute the video....but it doesn't apply when you mute the tab. But most of the time I want to watch multiple streamers of and on with my main computer. Mute Site killed my ability to temporarily mute streamers when I'm paying attention to someone I have to use this option. Give us options don't take them away.
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It's a minor point to mention how the people commenting on the SpaceX stream didn't know that the people behind the scenes had duplicated the feed of one of the boosters as they landed on the screen (probably were having issues with one feed). It was obvious as soon as you saw the same booster on both screens starting it's descent burn as it approached Cape Canaveral. It was even more obvious when you could see the very different looking landing zone of the other booster whose camera feed wasn't being used appear in the shot of the one they were using on both feeds.

The money shot though was the external shot of them landing them both within seconds of each other.

They may have lost the center core (probably going to find out that shortly at the press conference), but they landed two boosters in spectacular fashion and got their payload to orbit (and soon beyond) to provide spectacular views of Earth.

edit: They have since uploaded a corrected version of the video which includes footage (somewhat blurry footage, which is probably why they opted not to show it live) of both boosters landing.
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Nice to know the 7:40pm Milwaukee West train that was CANCELLED due to mechanical failure....won't be counted in the metra on time reports for September. I was just waiting around Union Station because I like looking at granite....yeah...that's it.

Oh...and the 8:40 train I boarded? It was late to the station too....and left 16 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Stellar job tonight Metra.
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So since I got my Moto Z2 Force, I've dove into the world of Moto Mods. I have 3 so far.

The first, most essential one I had to get was the Moto Style Shell with Wireless charging. It does exactly as it sounds, adds Qi Wireless charging to a phone that doesn't come with it stock. It has a nice on screen display when it detects it is on a charger that displays the current battery percentage temporarily. This was essential to me as I have gotten used to having wireless charging with my former phone, the Nexus 6. This fills the need perfectly. Very happy with it.

The second, was the Gamepad. I'm a gamer so I figured why not. Well in my experience the app support for it is rather limited to the titles Motorola has listed in it's app for it. I attempted to use it in more popular EA apps, but there was no support for it at all. Maybe it'll be added in the future....but for right now you're stuck with less popular apps that do have support, but are not the names you know. This gives me pause because I don't know them. I haven't established trust with them. And I have problems loading apps from companies I don't have trust in.

Aside from app compatibility, using the gamepad is a tad difficult for a person with normal sized hands. It'll probably be perfect for a kid....but I can't tell you that from personal experience. It has it's own battery, so you won't drain your phone battery at first. and you can charge both the gamepad battery and phone battery through the charging port on the gamepad.

The third, arrived today, the free Projector mod that I got with the purchase of the phone (which I had to submit my info twice to get, because the first time the third party fulfillment agency told me my product didn't qualify...Moto took care of it though). It surprised me a works well. It is somewhat bright...not insanely so, but enough to be able to read text from the phone screen. The projector auto-adjusts the keystone framing depending on the angle you hold the phone using it's gyro. It has it's own battery as well, and can also charge the phone through the charging point. It comes with a nice little carrying case as well. Overall, if you have the need for a projector you can carry with you anywhere, it's a good option.

So far I'm liking the moto mods system.
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First Impressions of the Gamepad Moto Mod for my Moto Z2 Force:
This will be perfect if you have children. Their little hands will hold the controls quite well. My hands, not so much.
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Just don't order directly from +Motorola Their shipping is a shitshow. Love your products but you really need to straighten out your logistics guys.

I ordered a moto mod for my new Motorola Z2 Force. It got shipped directly from China, just like my phone. It shipped on the day it was supposed to be delivered. It started off just like my phone and they didn't get the palette of shipping boxes to FedEx in time for their cutoff for the delay. 1 day delay.

It then gets here in the US in Memphis. Like my phone it had to go through customs. Unlike my phone, it popped up a clearance exception. The clearance exception said that the shipper had to provide information for it to clear customs. It sits in this over the weekend. I call chat with Motorola on Monday, they say they will escalate the situation. I wait a day, no change in the tracking message. I chat with Motorola again to try to find out what's going on. I actually get handed off to the escalation specialist this time. He does his escalation thing and says I will get an email from him once it has been resolved. Last night a new message popped up on the tracking number:
"Per shipper instructions, package will not be delivered until the scheduled delivery date."
So the shipper told Fedex....there's no rush, only deliver it on the scheduled delivery date. At that time the clearance exception was still on still no scheduled delivery date.
This morning I get up and check the tracking. There's now a scheduled delivery date.....OF AUGUST 30TH....a week from today. I could drive down to memphis and pick it up myself in the time it will take to get it to me. One other thing I noticed: This new scheduled delivery is after a new shipment with the same tracking number was picked up IN CHINA. It was then released for shipment here in the US in Memphis. It still has a scheduled delivery of August 30th though.

Shipment is sent on the day it was estimated to be delivered.
Original Shipment from China gets delayed due to customs issues the shipper has to resolve.
A new shipment gets sent from China...with a scheduled delivery date of 2 weeks after the original estimated delivery date.

This little moto mod is the wireless charing back for my Moto Z2 is one of the PRIMARY REASONS I bought this phone. Never order directly from Motorola. Get it on Amazon, get it from another carrier, anyone but Motorola.

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New toy to play with today....Motorola Z2 Force Edition on T-Mobile

Got some work to do before I can leave my N6 at home. Also need to try to uninstall/Disable the preloaded Tmobile apps that came with it and get the bootloader unlocked.

Overall love the phone so far. My only real gripes with it are a slightly smaller screen (5.5") and the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. The dongle, and it is very much a dongle, they included for the USB-C port is laughable. I've got two sets of Blueooth headphones (Jaybird X2 and X3) now to make up for the lack of the jack.

I'm still waiting on delivery of the motomod that adds wireless charging. That's coming later this week. For now I have a leather back for it which isn't shown here.

No plans to sell my N6....I'm keeping it as a backup and permanent alarm clock.
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A business dispute that resulted from a contentious divorce. Using misinformation to try to save a site that is known for dispelling misinformation. How ironic.

Steer clear and let him solve his problems himself. I've relied on the site in the past but perhaps its time has come.
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I had my first real test of the UPS's I recently installed. A Storm is moving through the Chicago area right now. I was working from home today. I installed 3 UPS's (1 online, 2 standby). One to cover my Gaming PC and my File Server + Monitors (online). One covering networking equipment (wired and wifi) near my computer (standby). One covering my DSL router that provides my internet connection (standby).

I wanted to have the ability to be in the middle of a gaming session....have the lights go out and be able to finish up what I'm doing in the game and log off safely. Or be able to continue working on whatever I'm working on without losing work or productivity.

The UPS's worked perfectly. The power went out 10+ times over the course of about 20 minutes. About half way through I unplugged my other computer which was going off and on since it's not on the UPS. I was able to continue working on my VPN connection to work, and continue watching a stream on Twitch without any disconnect.

Honestly it surprises me that the local AT&T equipment also has power backup...I expected my net to go down.

I was monitoring the time left on my primary UPS...if it gets low I will shut down my computers. However, having the ability to continue working without disruption is awesome.

Very....Good...Investment. +APC by Schneider Electric
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