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Hello from Schaumburg, IL, US
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COMET LOVEJOY (C/2014 Q2) is 43 million miles from Earth travelling about 15 miles per second, it can already be seen without instruments (look north).

Lovejoy will be closest to out planet on January 7, and it will get even brighter a few days later as it gets closer to the sun and more ice melts away turning into a stream of gas because of the pressure from the solar wind.

The color comes from cyanogen and diatomic carbon that glow green when sunlight passes through them.

Photograph by Gerald Rhemann 
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THANK YOU +Google! Home Run!

Updated to the new version of Android Wear this morning, and just tried out Theater mode...and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be yesterday. It disables touch input, turns off the screen, and requires you to press the hardware button to turn it back on.

edit: Asked for this back in September:

This will be great for my bike rides....I will no longer need to use a screenlocker when riding, and my sleeve won't activate the touch screen anymore. Yay!

For those who have it and are wondering, access it by swiping down to get the settings menu....then swipe left to get theater mode, sunlight mode, and then settings.

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Seen this morning on my way to work...two idiots parked in the protected bike lane on Kinzie with their flashers on...and there were more than enough actual car parking spaces just behind them and to the left!
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Bunch of dickholez!
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Gotta say...this would have taken me a lot longer to accomplish with probably many more mistakes without the guidance provided by DasValdez on Twitch ( If you're into Kerbal Space Program and are still learning, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by his channel. He is very helpful. He runs a Boot Camp on Saturdays and a Helpdesk on Sundays to help players new to the game.

And I gotta say this game is fun and quite addictive. This is my biggest accomplishment to date. I'm currently working on dramatically expanding my reach in the Kerbal Solar System.
Playing a little Kerbal Space Program. One of my lesser than successful experiments. :D

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Spoiler: 1 star....all due to poor customer service

Don't bother looking at ASRock...or just hope to hell your vital system component doesn't fail and require replacement.
#amberalert  for #illinois  
Please consider plussing this post and resharing to get it out to as many eyes as possible!
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So these are my ships in Star Citizen so far.
In order from Left to Right:
MISC Freelancer DUR (exploration)
Origin 315p (exploration)
Aegis Dynamics Avenger (depending on the variants, it may be upgraded)
Mustang Omega (AMD Promo Racing Variant)

Just sharing this image as I want to use it as my forum signature.
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I have a second Mustang Omega (got two when I upgraded my video card to a Crossfire setup) that I'm hoping to cross-chasis upgrade to a 325a when the Omega becomes flyable. I'd rather have ships dedicated to specific roles instead of swapping roles on one ship. So the 325a would be my dedicated fighter.

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This cannot be said enough. If you do...get a rescue and make sure everyone in the family the pet will be living with is good to live with them for the pet's entire life.

via +Markus Keller 
A dog is for life....not just for Christmas.
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Charger the cat > vacation 
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Interactive Developer (Front End Web Developer)
Contributor to
Gamer, Computer Geek, Programmer, Gadget Nut, Dog Lover
I'm a gamer. I love is interactive storytelling. I play from my couch. I play on both my Gaming PC as well as on Consoles. I currently own a PS4 and a PS3. I haven't seen the need to buy an XBox One yet. I just see more exclusives that I care about on the Playstation side these days. I'm tired of the PC/Console war. Each has it's merits.

I'm more a fan of Scifi than Fantasy...but either will do so long as the story is good enough. I love epic storylines.

I love gadgets. I put up with Apple for a few years as an iPhone user before dropping it completely and starting over with Android...and I haven't looked back since. I'm now convinced that pure Android is the way to go after having dealt with a few non-pure devices.

Computers are my life, that is why I am a PC Gamer. I grew up learning to build my own web pages, and only recently have I turned that into a career after graduating college at 30 (yeah I had some hiccups along the way). I'm heavily into front end design (html, css, javascript), and have been learning the .Net ropes for a few years now (C# mostly at this point).

Though I've tried Linux, it never stuck with me. I've always been a Windows guy.

I mentioned before that play Scifi and Fantasy games, well I also love movies and TV in those genres. I'm a Trekkie (DS9 is my favorite), Whovian (Tennant followed by Smith of the new Who, Baker in third from Classic Who), Browncoat, and a fan of Star Wars (I love the original 3, and like the prequels, they could have been done better but aren't worthless). Those are my big 4 but I'm certainly not limited to those. I'm also a fan of The Walking Dead (almost completely up-to-date on the comic), Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones (have read through 5 at this point), Burn Notice, Fringe, Family Guy, and Futurama, among many others.

I'm a dog lover, but I find Catruday posts just as amusing...I just don't like living with cats. In June 2013, I rescued my own dog for the first time. I've lived and loved a few dogs in the past, but this is my first since moving out of my dad's house after graduating. I got him from a local rescue, who is brought him up from the area around Moore, Oklahoma. He was found wandering without ID after the EF5 Tornado hit Moore on May 20th, 2013. In my spare time I help out the rescue I got him from, by doing any web work they need to have done.

I don't post a lot, but I do share on occasion, but only with my circles. I don't get real political or religious on here, as I like to enjoy my time on G+. If you fill my stream with partisan politics or religion, expect to be blocked. I can tolerate Right-Wing politics more than Left-Wing (I consider myself a Libertarian)...but even then I have my limits. I just don't enjoy discussing politics or religion. I stick to the policy that it is impolite to discuss those topics in public. Keep it to your circles/communities people.

To anyone adding me hoping that I will add them back: I will only do so if I find what you post (either through your profile or your comments) interesting. I do not auto-add back and I usually don't review who adds me...but I thank you for adding me anyway. I hope you enjoy what I contribute. :)
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