* Can someone check my math? *

McKinsey did a study of 13 countries and found that the Internet contributes 3.4% to GDP. The report does not spell out how much this is in $ terms. Here's what I think is true, if you run the numbers:

"The Internet contributes over one trillion dollars to global GDP -- including over half a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone."


Global: I added up the GDPs for the 13 countries that McKinsey surveyed ($44.468 trillion), and then I multiplied by the percentage figure (3.4%). You get 1.5 trillion

Now, it's not quite right to say that that's the Internet's contribution because that's the average contribution across all 3 countries. I didn't do that math all the way, but I am pretty sure that even if you looked at each country individually and totalled it up, you wouldn't shave more than a half trillion off of the total number.

You could say "trillions," but I can't yet validate that that's 100% correct - the rest of the world is about $17.5 trillion, and for the Internet to contribute another half trillion to GDP, it would need to account for 2.8% of that. That's entirely possible, but I don't have the data to prove it yet.

For US: US GDP ($14.58 trillion) * contribution to GDP in US (3.8%) = 0.55 trillion.
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