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Derek Slater

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Join Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, in a discussion about the Internet's past, present, and future. Submit a question live, and host Leo Laporte may ask it for you. For more information on protecting a free and open web, join the community at
This Hangout On Air is hosted by TWiT Hangouts. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Hangout with Vint Cerf
Wed, April 2, 2:00 PM
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Diogenes Guimaraes compartilhou a postagem de Derek Slater com ....
DICA GUIMARÃES Jr (PLUGGED High Tech World) VINT CERF click here, home demo
We liked your explanation of “Plugged (AGAINST MANIPULATION ON THE ... Dica Guimarães Jr Ps:Plugged in and against the idea of manipulating the RAP GENIUS,

Hi Diogenes Guimarães Dica Guimarães Jr.@dicajunior54

I'm about to go live today for Google Hangout 
.Tune in at 2 pm EDT today for a lively discussion about the early...

Derek Slater
activist in a suit, 10/27/2011, Washington DC
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Derek Slater

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The World Wide Web turns 25 today! Share your memories of what life was like before the web and how things have improved since then—then sign up to protect it:  #Web25
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Dear +Derek Slater : Your email campaign redirected me to a facebook page and not a +Google+ page. 
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Derek Slater

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happy anniversary #SOPA   -- sky still rising
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+Derek Slater  Are you aware of what the +Electronic Frontier Foundation   had
 originally shared​ ?​

I have it re-posted as:
February 11th, 2014
The Day We Fight Back to Stop Mass Surveillance
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Derek Slater

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Typical chat over here at Google HQ. Come watch the #VintCerfHangout today at 2 p.m. EDT for a discussion about the Internet's past, present and future with one of its inventors. 
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Derek Slater

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Meet Vint Cerf. He’s one of the fathers of the Internet, and he wants to hang out with you. RSVP and submit a question for Vint:
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Derek Slater

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Gotta give the people what they want.
Over the last few years, gigabit Internet has moved from idea to reality, with dozens of communities (PDF) working hard to build networks with speeds 100 times faster than what most of us live with today. People are hungrier ...
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Come to Portland, Oregon Please!
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J Wall
I agree that we can not legislate ourselves out of a problem, and certainly there is merit in your argument that people need to be able to protect themselves, however I think you may be forgetting that the majority of the American and the world's population is not "techy", and therefore either don't know how or even what to protect themselves from or with.
The government can not be excused in creating the this case they are the problem, and have to be held accountable for their actions.

"Our parents instilled in each and everyone one of us a healthy level of fear. This fear protected us. We didn't understand it, but it protected us from running out in the road or getting near a steep ledge. The same holds true here."

Indeed, but when we as children stepped outside the lines set down by our parents...there were consequences (there had to be, or else a potentially dangerous lesson wouldn't have been learned.
The same holds true here, when the government steps over clearly marked lines, there needs to be consequences, or else once they have crossed the line and are not checked...they'll keep going and railroading anyone that later attempts to check them in anyway, including trying to protect ourselves from them i.e. hiding behind TOR networks, VPN's, using encrypted email or cloud services (I realize that these are not bullet proof, but the act is what is considered here)
Yes people SHOULD be concerned about security, but the fact remains that the majority still aren' least not if it isn't a direct and or physical threat.

Consider my post only an opinion subject to change by an agreeable argument ;)
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San Francisco, CA
Derek Slater defends the open Internet on Google's public policy team. He supports the company's global advocacy efforts on innovation policy, and helped launch

Derek has been writing about digital media since he bought a Diamond Rio PMP300 MP3 player as a teenager. His work has focused on recommendation engines' impact on consumer behavior and how public policy can support emerging media business models.

In 2009, he helped Vint Cerf and a group of network researchers launch Measurement Lab, an open platform for Internet measurement tools, and he has written about novel ways to drive broadband deployment.

[Disclaimer: Of course, everything said on this blog should be attributed only to me and not to my employers, past, present, or future.]

This work and all posts herein are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
  • Harvard College
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