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[Private Messaging on Google+]

The only problem with the +Mention method of private messaging here on G+, there is no true message history showing all of your private +Mentions. I haven't seen anyone mention this little trick since the first week here on G+. I thought I'd share this helpful tip again.

Private Message Tracker / History

Create a Circle, name it whatever you want. I named mine Private Msgs. Important: Don't add anyone to your newly created Circle. Now, whenever you send a private message to someone, just +Mention them as normal, this time include your Private Messaging Circle as well. Then, when viewing your Stream, select your Private Messaging Circle and you'll see a history of every +Mention private message you've ever sent.


Please note: If you rename your Private Messages Circle, you'll lose all stored messages you've shared with that Circle. So, make sure you pick a name you're happy with at the start. i.e Renaming Private Msgs to Sent Msgs.


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Great idea, thanks! One of the many ways G+ isn't perfect but is flexible.
Just wondering, won't unrelated persons in the mentions see each other or your other posts in the private message circle?
+Abdul Halim Mat Ali By not adding anyone to the Circle itself, the Circle is private. Just as you will not get access to my other Circle's posts just because I mentioned you here.
Question for you, +Derek Ross - does this circle have the same limit to messaging that I'm finding in my own stream? It only goes back so far. Already I've hit the wall on what I've posted to public.
yung s
Thank you!
Implementing now - thanks for the share!
Thank you for the excellent tip, I'm gonna get started right away.
আমি এখানে একেবারেই নতুন।বুজতে পারছিনা কিছু কাউকে পাচ্ছিও না।কি করি ?
Correct. Only Share the post with that Circle and then the person you want +mention
Dee M
great tip! thank you
+Derek Ross Also good to note is that there is now a "send message" button in the profile that is separate from the "send email" button... I haven't tried it yet, but it could be useful
Perfect works like a charm! thnx
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