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It looks like Google Now Launcher is getting closer and closer to becoming a downloadable app from the Play Store.

h/t +Ron Amadeo
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now launcher?   you mean the swife left on the nexus 5?
So +Derek Ross where are these screenshots coming from? They're popping up all over the internet today.
+Derek Ross I guess I'll have to have a stern talking to with my moto x, then. It didn't play along with these things when I updated Google search...
I thought it was called Google Experience Launcher, or GEL for short? Or is that something else?
Interesting wonder If it fixes the battery drain. I sideloaded it on my moto x and it drained my battery pretty quick. 
Did any notice that this update Gave me 5 columes of icons? Or am I crazy or did I change something on my home screens and forget about it. 
I already have this on my N4 :o) downloaded the APK as soon as it went up...
+Peter Frazier Just press the home button, after you've side loaded the APK - it will ask you which launcher you want to "return home" to - Applist or Starter - the latter is the new Google Now launcher. Be sure to choose it as default launcher (you can revert to the old launcher in Settings > Launcher)...
ahhh.. must have a default set some where.. duh.. wed is the day for brain not slipping into gear..

thanks :)

i side loaded it, no defaults set on stock launcher.. i'm on latest moto-x stock rom... must not be compatible yet.. 
So it appears the roll outs are more account based than device based. Reason? I have 2 profiles on my N7 and my profile has seen no update, but my daughters profile for this one. Very weird....
+Derek Ross I'm confused. I downloaded this on my girlfriends moto x. I don't see anywhere to use Google now launcher. 
Anybody wondered why the two phones in the picture resemble HTC one and not something from the nexus line, for example the nexus 5?
+Bogdan Soare It's because the HTC One is also sold in a Play edition, without HTC Sense and other tweaks - so basically a HTC One "Nexus" edition. The new trend from Google appears to be offering the Google Experience on any device, not just Nexus services...
I know that, but still... Doesn't it seem a bit odd?
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