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+Android +LEGO Project gets 10,000 supporters, goes to review phase.

Android fans have spoken and LEGO has heard us loud and clear. The +Lego Bugdroid project has reached 10,000 supporters. What's that mean? We now officially advance this project to the Review phase. A LEGO Review Board composed of designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the idea. If they see this as doable, the'll begin producing this kit! This project qualifies for the quarterly review beginning in March, so we should know sometime soon if we'll be able to buy our LEGO Bugdroid or not.

How #awesome is this? I plan on buying one. Do you?

Follow the project here:
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Note that almost no models that have reached the review phase have ever been approved. Because they didn't appeal to kids ages 6-11. And I doubt Android fits that bill any better than the EVE Online ship or the Portal set or anything else.
I hope that the pieces/bricks can be available in different colors for customization.
What does this Lego Android do exactly? 
+Jake Weisz Note that all of the models that Lego Cuusoo have approved and produced probably don't appeal to the 6-11 year old crowd.  You could make an argument for Minecraft but the Shinkai Submarine?  The Hayabusa Satellite? Back to the Future Time Machine?  Those 6-11 year olds weren't born when the BttF movie was out and how playable is a satellite?  The EVE ship was rejected base on size and price immediately more than anything else.  The Portals set is still in review.  
+Dodo Casanova If Lego makes the set it will probably be only in a single colour.  I have made a few variations already, a black "Nexus" one and a white "Snowman" version.  You can see the photos if you add +Lego Bugdroid to your circles.  I will also be releasing "the source code" if you want to build your own.
+Freddie Seng It doesn't do much of anything really.  It is a desktop model made of Lego much like the architectural series.  It is somewhat pose-able with moving arms, head and antenna. 
I don't know how these aren't for kids ;) I'm going to build mine with my 3.5 year old son! He'll love it....and so will daddy!
+Derek Ross Parenting... you're doing it right.

It is up to us as parents to introduce the benefits of Lego to our kids regardless of age.  The theme of the kits brings us, as adults, back into our childhood so that we can interact and relate to our kids in a fun and constructive way.  I got back into Lego because it was something that I could play with my daughters that both of us could enjoy.  I couldn't get into the whole Barbie and Princess thing, but with Lego, we are on the same page.  My almost 3 year old daughter just now asked me to go upstairs with her to play "Legos". 
+Marc Young on a related subject: When I was very little, my dad took 4 Lego's and made a very tiny "spaceship" for me. I don't know why, but it lasted 30 years. I never took it a part as a kid. It was something that was always there, together, when I dumped out my Lego bin. To this day my parents still have it. My dad actually has it on his desk.

I made a very similar ship a few weeks ago for my son with his Legos. I told him to play with it forever and to never take it a part :) I then showed him "mine" at his grandparents house when we were visiting, he loved it.
Awesome!! I hope it gets approved.
+Derek Ross That is an awesome story.  Do you have any photos of the ship?  I found a bunch of tubs of Lego at my parents house from when I was a kid.  My sets didn't survive that ages, but luckily my Transformers did. :)
I have all of my Transformers too +Marc Young. I don't have a pic of the ship but I can get one this weekend probably :)
+Derek Ross Send me a photo if you can get one this weekend.  I'd love to see it.

I was looking at my 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime last weekend and was thinking, "Could I make this out of Lego?"  Challenge accepted. :)
Since I missed the collector designer toys, I'd have to stick with this. Which is very cool, none the less.
+Jake Weisz My 10 year old son first brought the +Lego Bugdroid to my attention telling me how cool it was and how I needed to support it so it could get made. Android appeals to people of all ages.
im a huge lego fan as you can see in my picture, and I think that is the coolest 3D model of the android guy and would like to build it. I dont know how you got the idea but could you send me the instructions?
How about a Lego App supporting the Mindstorms robots?
I'd definately buy one :-) 
Ooo i want one!! Will it be available in south africa?? 
I have nexus I'm actually on it riigggghhttt... Hold on now lol
+ivan cuyler If it is approved and made into a set, they will sell it on  You will have to check out the website to see if they ship to South Africa.
Love the nexus 7 more than any Lego LoooL😜
Awesome would buy it for sure
Randy L
+Derek Ross Awesome post Thanks for sharing, can't wait for this one! 
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Woohoo! As a legendary man by the name of phillip j fry once said "shutup and take my money!"
Love the Lego I'm even posting on a nexus :-) 
Loved my Legos since I was a kid and love my Android. I want one!
What about the functions that has ? is there anything special
It so cool~~
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