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Google Play Edition Camera APK

Get it while it's hot! The new Android Camera APK that is part of the Google Play Edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for your photo snapping pleasure. 
The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions come with a revamped camera user interface. The APK file of the camera app has been posted online, making it possible for anyone to use it.
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When will it be officially available for nexus 4??
I mean in the update..
Will wait for it officially on nexus there are no improvements for clarity..just for the ui improved..
Pa wud implement as soon as it gets updated..
+Derek Ross Why do I get the feeling that Google is going to release every component of stock Android as a download for customers
Works great on my sprint gs3 with stock touchwiz 
Photosphere crashes for me, everything else his fine. Very fast taking photos and I love the touch controls (HTC One X, running 4.1.1) 
I've installed it on Sony Xperia S. Won't delete your stock camera and galery as well. Nice share :D
It crashes for me on gs3 running avatar rom after taking pictures
Alright, I guess I need to go install this now...
Not sure if you've posted this since, but with this new camera you can use the volume rocker to snap a photo :)
DROID 4 (4.1.2) test: Photosphere not available, though Panorama is. Since Motorola has it's own Camera app, this did not replace stock.

I actually wonder, given the lack of an Android version number change with Google edition, and how this app seems to work well on multiple Android versions, if the camera app is about to get the Google Keyboard treatment.
This works great on my Epic 4G Touch.  I have been showing it to my friends here.  Dig it.  
Can it store pictures to external SD card?
What do the four scene icons mean? It seems that the four icons do not correspond to the description text that comes out. And I have no idea what the last icon is.
+Adam Causton so i should read the text and ignore the icons? the four icons are moon+star (night), SCE crossed (none), sun on horizontal (sunset), and something like a slice of pie (which I have no idea what it means -- must be action).
+Alex Fung lol... It's a football! You normally get a sporting icon for an action option. 
Yes slice of pie! 
why do I only get 4 icons? I don't have the ball.
When I choose Moon, text says action
When I choose SCN crossed, text says night
when I choose sun, text says none
when I choose pie, text says sunset. 
Seems it isn't working right on my Galaxy Note.
I only have 4 too, I'm missing the slice of pie. 
+Alex Fung yes, unlike you, the icons match the text for me. I'm just missing the party option. 
I installed on my Stock S4 and photosphere crashes.. Anyone know whats up?
+Adam Causton You are fortunate. After testing, I found that I should trust the icons. The text are wrong.
No gyroscope in phone no sphere camera CRAP 
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