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Google launches +Google Play vending machines in Japan

These Google Play vending machines will sell 18 different gaming titles which are a mix of free-to-play and paid-for titles. To use the machines, you'll need an Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or higher and NFC. Don't have that? A Nexus 4 is readily available for you for testing.

Would you use one of these if you saw one in public?

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Why the hell would anyone use this? It's like the DVD rental box at the grocery stores... Who needs it? Don't people realize this is all online now?
Cause people use it..ever heard of Red box? People use it and who knows in Japan maybe vending machines are big.
Yeah Red Box exactly... It's a relic of a time past already.
Not everybody likes having their movies locked into proprietary cloud solutions. When I can take my library to another provider without having to repurchase it again I'll look at buying videos online. +Zach Graeve 
Sooo cool! Google is the future xD
There is much more use for redbox than this thing, since downloading movies can take a while and /or require hardware if streaming. But games?? Easier to download from phone than to bother with this.... 
Some country's have limited access to the Play Store or no access at all. Something like this could be big in those places. 
Why would you use this vending machine when you can purchase apps etc right from the play store on your phone?  I guess giving people the phone to try is cool but I don't get the rest.
Tim P
If you have no Wi-Fi connection on your device, like a tablet, how does this work? Install thru nfc?
Google play sucks because it puts ads on free stuff.forces you to pay for apps.
+Tim P The NFC tag just points your phone to a Play Store URL. Your phone then launches the Play Store and goes directly to the app. Your data would be used, unless this has WiFi as well. That I'm not sure of.
+Zach Graeve actually Redbox does have a use as Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime do not always have rights for all movies, much less at a decent cost.  The provide a good inexpensive option
How would this work if you walked up to vending machine with cash just curious people
If it had a wifi direct or hotspot capability that would be pretty cool. you NFC to get your phone on the vending store network to download the game. no using your carrier data, but I am surprised it is only 18 games. they should install these right next to The Pizza Vending Machine for dinner and Game night.
+Kenneth Andrews those apps you gave an example of don't even have new releases let alone all the good titles ... But I have to agree with the others, Redbox is old and not convenient anymore. Vudu has new releases.. Xbox video has new releases... etc. 
Yes, and most of the prices I see are more expensive and you don't get the extra features.  I'm not sure how grabbing a disc at a gas station while I'm filling up, or at the grocery store while I'm grabbing food, isn't convenient though.

The key here is that it is another choice, and more competition.
Your renting a movie that your gonna have to drive back and return. You can do that from your couch (granted not everyone has internet and smart apps) without having to return it, and to me it doesn't get any easier than that. I pay $5-$6 for new release movies in HD. 
I knw that in some countries developes do not get paid by google, so those apps are jot avilable to download off the play store. Maybe this goes around that. - just a guess.
+Corey M last time I used Redbox I got the DVD rental for 2 bucks right next to me.  Was able to pick up and drop off with no real extra trip.
This would actually be useful if it could do a little more, like allowing you to use cash to add credit to your Play account, or being a WiFi hotspot or device charging point
Redbox(and others) and DVDs period will always be around..  unless you have some super high speed internet or a service that doesn't compress 1080P the quality you getting is ugly compared to the physical disc. 
+Rohan Blake the question was asked "if you saw one of these in public, would you use one?" ... I don't think it has anything to do with it not being in the country.. It was a pretty generic question. Shame on everyone who answered that doesn't have a passport lol
Stupid question or not... It was asked, and plussers chimed in. 
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