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Ultimate Community Curated Android Circle: Round 2

All users in this list were submitted by fans of the community here:

This list is full of Android fans, developers, enthusiasts, bloggers and more. According to their peers, these people post and engage others about Android often. Enjoy!

Part 1:
Part 2:

If you're in this Circle, share the Android love, share this Circle of Android awesomeness.

I'd also like to personally thank +Allie Ogden for all of her hard work, helping me turn all of your nominations into these #sharedcircles . Thanks Allie. I greatly appreciate it.

In this Circle:
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Aw :( sadface that I'm not on there. Quite an amazing list either way! Thanks, Derek!
+Sivan Rehan What? O.o People are posting shared circles to Twitter?

Yeah. Thanks, +Derek Ross . You must have put a lot of hard work into this....
I'll share it in the morning.
+Derek Ross btw - it was through your posts that I got my GN up to JB and last night my wife let me upgrade her's also
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