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#iSheep  is the number one trending topic on Google+. I really love this community. It's filled with tons of Android fanatics. My kinda people.
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Love android you are free to download any thing, with apple you are under their control
+Russell Miller If you check my posts from the other day, I was actually excited for the new iPhone. I wanted it to be amazing, the best phone out there for the time being. Apple let me and the rest of the tech world down. They have fallen behind and now it is truly noticeable. Is it still a great product? Yes. It's just not for me.
+Tim Morrison Sure, they can claim the original innovation way back in 2007, but the question remains: have they really innovated since then or have they been content to rest on their laurels and only offer up incremental improvements in step with the rest of the industry? To a great many this week, the answer has become starkly clear. Apple is no longer the company it was and may never be again. Even Google is thinking more outside the box (rectangle?) with Project Glass. How does Apple continue to disrupt the technological landscape? A new proprietary dock connector is not it.
Why lower yourself to being a troll, +Derek Ross ? Do you sleep better at night knowing you put people down?
+Derek Ross Nice picture! Do you have a high resolution one for wallpaper use? :)
I think the original innovation came from the companies and universities which made the first large affordable capacitive touchscreens possible. As soon as that happened a wealth of manufacturers came out with touchscreen mobile devices. Apple had the largest advertising budget.
I didn't get this at first sight off post, but got it now , more sheep to fleece , keep it going Apple, and we android fan boys will just keep on laughing at all the sheep thanks.
+Edouard Tavinor That's my belief as well. If Apple hadn't created a touchscreen phone, another company would have done so eventually. Advancements in hardware components have historically been followed with similar advancements in software that utilize them and vice versa. That's just the never-ending feedback loop of technological progress.

Aping commonplace physical phenomena and mechanisms in the digital space is hardly innovative. It's expected and, hence, intuitive. Take Apple's list bouncing patent. I found the way Android implemented their end-of-list visual indicator to be a clever abstraction of the skeuomorphic approach Apple patterns all their interaction around. Instead of bouncing, it glows subtly. It isn't jarring. It's a bit futuristic, which happens to fit my aesthetic. To borrow a well-known phrase, Google chose to "think different" from the mainstream. It's a bold statement and not one that everyone will agree with. I'm comfortable with that. I just ask that others don't demean my choice to pursue endless (and someone reckless) possibility over curated and safe (or at least the illusion of it) walled gardens. After all, where would innovation come from without all the lateral thinkers? I, for one, love the bleeding edge and I've got plenty of band-aids and a worldwide community to help administer them.
I had a Samsung E900 phone in 2006, it featured a touch screen, albeit a very limited basic one. It also looks very similar to the Galaxy S2 i currently have.
" If Apple hadn't created a touchscreen phone, another company would have done so eventually." Eventually +Mike Trieu ? The iphone was released in 2007. I was using the Sony Ericsson P800 with touchscreen in 2002. I'm not saying it was better, just an interesting definition of "eventually".
It's 8am, 12 hours after I posted this... #iSheep  is still trending. Awesome.
They all look the same since 5 years now,wait is that one on the corner a little longer?
+Eryl Talbot I don't dislike Apple products so much... they do make some amazing hardware. Never owned one though. I dislike their software and their company as a whole.

+Michael Gaines I wasn't aware this was a troll post? In fact, I really, really detest that term. People throw troll around too loosely as a cover-all. If someone doesn't agree with you, they are a troll. If someone has a different opinion, they are a troll, and in this case, if someone makes a joke about a particular product, they are a troll.

No. No, I'm not a troll. If you look at other posts I made earlier this week the same day that the iPhone 5 was supposed to come out, I was actually excited and hopeful that the iPhone would wow the tech world. Sadly, it did not. Trolls wouldn't be hopeful of innovation. Trolls wouldn't make the post that I made.

Trolls would however make post after post after post bashing apple and using the #iSheep  hastag. I only made one or two because it was humorous.
Thanks for your opinion +Michael Gaines. I'm sorry you feel this post is insulting. It's supposed to be in good fun. Have a good Friday!
+Michael Gaines I'm not sure when I ever put anyone down. In fact, I don't think I've ever made a post putting anyone down. on any subject. And as I said before, the term 'troll' is overused, vague, and a blanket term for someone posting something I disagree with.

+Brad Chasenore and +Christopher Rizzo can attest that I may not be the biggest Apple fan, but I can attest to their high quality products. I'll say it again, trolls don't do that.
Using the term 'iSheep' makes Android people look like desperate, insecure trolls. The irony is that people posting with that hashtag are reposting what other people have posted (like sheep).

I don't care what you think of Apple products but when you insult the people that buy them, that's where you become a troll.
Someone needs a better understanding of the meaning of the term 'troll'...

For starters, pointing out that a particular topic is trending does not qualify.  Nor, for that matter, does using a trending hashtag.  Unless +Michael Gaines is also saying that everyone posting something with #FloralFriday  is also a troll....
+Michael Gaines I can see the logic there. Following a trend whether it be to make a post or buy a piece of technology. A sheep following, is a sheep following. Good point.
+Michael Gaines no, it doesn't insult you.  Unlike you, I am not so arrogant as to assume that I alone have a monopoly on knowing what is and is not insulting for everyone else.

For example, I find nothing in an upcoming movie featuring depictions of Mohammad to be insulting.  There seem to be one or two people in the middle east who would disagree with me though.

Something being insulting is entirely a matter of individual perspective.

Someone being a troll, however, is entirely based on their intention.

The truly great thing here though is that it's not like +Derek Ross forced this post upon you.  You chose to read it.  You chose to comment on it.  You chose to be insulted by it.  When confronted with something that they find insulting, most rational people will attempt to avoid interacting with that thing.  Not sit around whining about it.

Also, it's not like the term iSheep is new.  It's a label that had been applied to sycophantic iCrap fanboys since well before Android was the market dominator.  Google Evo 4G vs iPhone 4 for a hilarious video to that effect.  From two years ago.  For something even more recent, look to the Kimmel show of foolish iFans raving about how great the new iPhone is (faster, smoother, looks so much better, etc) all the while staff is showing those fools the iPhone 4 (not even the 4S as the Kimmel staff claimed).  Maybe if iFans didn't all act like unaware morons, they would stop getting labeled with names like iSheep.
Humorously we (as in my workplace) have used touchscreen controls for industrial equipment since the 1990s. But the concepts were actually defined and refined in the 1980s and there are numerous white papers relative to that. Touch UI concepts are pretty obvious.

That said, aside from the fact that the iphone actually wasnt the first capacitive touchscreen phone, and aside from the fact that companies like samsung and lg were the ones that invested their money to make this hardware, and aside from the fact that people apparently think that they would invest these resources without a plan to actually DO anything with it and apple just swooped down and saved have to point out that apple was simply the first one to have a capacitive touchscreen phone that had TRACTION. And it is along the lines of every other stupid intellectual property claim that is a concept taken from prior work and saying "we did this ON A PHONE". It reminds me of the 90s when people were snatching patents for digital methods to do the same things that theyd done with analog for nearly a century.
+Daniel Charlton So you know me well enough that you can make that generalization? You don't know jack shit about me or every other Apple fan, do you? No. So, who's the ignorant one?
-------------Round 2---------
Wow. This is actually happening. Arguing on the internet. Name calling. Over a phone. 

And people are actually taking offense to it. Let me remind everyone - It's the INTERNET.
I think that is referred to as "moving the goalposts".
Really? If we need to look at the scoreboard as to whom is on top it's clearly Android with 500 million activations, having 2 and 3 times the amount of devices being used compared to their competitors. I'm honestly not surprised it has come to this.
I am pretty sure Android has the biggest market share last time I checked...
Android is ahead in Market share, Android is ahead in Devices activated, android is ahead. 

Are you getting your facts from the Onion +Michael Gaines ? 
"Google's Android surged to a whopping 68% share of the global smartphone market last quarter. That's four times the 17% market share held by Apple"
+Ryan Lestage I'm surprised at 17%. It's been pretty steady around mid 20's. Where's that # from?
Also note, 44% of that 68% is Samsung.
Well globally, it wouldn't surprise me if apple was in the teens. They have substantially less market share in Asia and europe
The Global numbers blew me out of the water. I knew Android was doing great, but this is the icing on the cake. 
What annoys me the most is Living in Canada. 

The Android Market share is low here, I Don't know if it's +TELUS +Bell Canada or +Rogers Communications Fault for not showcasing Android like the rest of the world. 

But right Android is only 19% in Canada. 

To this day, when people see my phone, and ask if it's an iPhone. When I say no, they ask if it's a Blackberry. 

+Shane Lawrence feels my frustration lol
A troll steps into somebody else's thread, or into an environment or forum of which there is a reasonable expectation of conformity, and intentionally incites discord.

As this post is simply a public statement that wasn't infringing on anybody else's territory, I'd deem it not trolling. :-)
+Michael Gaines well, you can try to pull out names like 'ignorant' to call me, but all you are showing here is that you are unable to read.

At no point have I made any assumptions about you - at least none beyond thinking that you believe the nonsense that you say.  If you in fact do not believe the things you say and are just saying them to try to get sensationalist attention, then I think we need to go back to what exactly it means to troll...

The only statement I made about you at all is that you felt insulted by +Derek Ross's post.  That's not really much of an 'assumption' when it is based on you saying 'this is insulting.'

Beyond that, I made some statements about uninformed sycophantic iCrap fans.  Unless you are telling us that you are an uninformed sycophantic iCrap fan, that's not a statement about you.  However, if you are telling us that, then my 'generalizations' in fact do pertain directly to you.

So, which is it?  Are you just another iSheep, incapable or thinking rationally about the qualities in a given device, predetermined to want the iPhone just for it having the name iPhone?  Or are you a rational thinker who wants to legitimately consider the functions and features on a particular device?
Hey, if you want to make sweeping generalizations of people based on their fucking phone preference, go ahead. Makes you all look foolish. 
+Michael Gaines you seem to have some difficulty in comprehending the words you use.

Saying that people who act like sycophantic lemmings are sycophantic lemmings is not a 'sweeping generalization.'  It is, in fact, a qualified statement.

Where you seem to have a problem is where I talk about persons that meet a particular set of characteristics (sycophantism, blind love for all products starting with the letter i, uninformed stupidity) and you make the foolish assumption that I am sweepingly including you in that category.  I am including people who meet that set of characteristics in that category - no more.

Even more foolishly, you seem unable to actually read the words I have written.  This can be the only explanation for you assertion that I am basing anything on a person's phone preference.  The population of iSheep and the population of people who prefer the iPhone are not mutually inclusive (unless you are saying that every iPhone user is an idiot - but that is certainly not anything I have said).  There are plenty of people who prefer the iPhone based on rational considerations and not the fact that it's called 'iPhone'.  I would not consider those people to be iSheep.  The fools that Kimmel was talking to who love the iPhone 5 so much that they can't tell it's actually an iPhone 4 they are looking at or the ones who act like the woman in the Evo 4G v/ iPhone 4 video are iSheep.

Go find yourself a reading comprehension seminar before posting back here though - it would be much nicer to have a conversation with someone who is actually able to understand the conversation.
Poor +Michael Gaines feels the need to start dropping f-bombs... Does it hurt that much to be called an iSheep?

When you throw a rock into a pack of iSheep, the one that bleats the loudest is the one that got hit...
+Daniel Charlton It would be wise to stop posting. You're coming across as a fool and with little understanding of what you're saying.

If I say "People from <X> do <Y>", that's a sweeping generalization with no qualified research. 

You are doing the same.

Please refrain from posting on the internet.
+Michael Gaines you're actually coming off as a fool... getting so worked up, acting like a little boy over a cell phone company. Seriously, grow the hell up son.
+Michael Gaines  Again, you demonstrate your reading comprehension issues...

I did not say 'people from x do y.'  I said that people who exhibit a particular characteristic... exhibit that particular characteristic.  That's not a broad generalization.  That's a self-evident fact.  Much like saying 'people who have black skin are black.'  That's not a generalization.  The former is the definition of the latter.

Try 2nd grade English class again.  Then come back.
+Michael Gaines no comment for me? You seem to be so good at running your mouth too... I'm sorry, where is the attack from you that I've been waiting for? Did you suddenly grow some maturity? lol
+Daniel Charlton You can't even see how ignorant you're being.

Ok, let's do this. You talk about characteristics.

"Everyone from California is a hippie".

Better example? I've been to California. I don't think everyone there is a hippie, but some people do. Now, YOU think everyone who buys an iPhone is a sheep. What qualified data do you base your statement on? Answer: there is none. Therefore, your statement is a sweeping, ignorant generalization.
All he is thing is that hippies are hippies nothing more
OK, then

"Everyone who watches Star Trek lives in their parents basements".

Truth, or ignorant sweeping generalization?

If your answer is "truth", well, there's no hope for you.
Loves me some Star Trek. And I own my own home, 5 miles from my parents house.
+Derek Ross But, the sweeping generalization is that everyone who watches Star Trek lives in their parents basements. So.....that means you must if you watch Star Trek.

Oh, SNAP. Getting my point now?
+Trey Motes going to be hard for him to find that quote.  +Michael Gaines _would_ find a quote of me saying the exact opposite, but again, we hit reading comprehension issues...

Since he apparently missed it, here it is again:

"The population of iSheep and the population of people who prefer the iPhone are not mutually inclusive (unless you are saying that every iPhone user is an idiot - but that is certainly not anything I have said).  There are plenty of people who prefer the iPhone based on rational considerations and not the fact that it's called 'iPhone'.  I would not consider those people to be iSheep.  The fools that Kimmel was talking to who love the iPhone 5 so much that they can't tell it's actually an iPhone 4 they are looking at or the ones who act like the woman in the Evo 4G v/ iPhone 4 video are iSheep."

I have qualified the people I mean when I say iSheep to those who meet a specific set of characteristics.  Being an iPhone user is not one of those characteristics.
+Michael Gaines I'm still waiting on a response from you. I'm getting the feeling that you refuse to answer my questions because you know they are making you look like a child. Would you like to start being a man now and admit you're mistaken?

Oh, SNAP. Getting my point now?
LOL This clown, Michael Gaines blocked me folks! Without the first response! Apparently he has been sufficiently owned...
Well I mean he's tracking the hash tag so I don't really know what he was expecting to happen
I am going to just go ahead and assume +Michael Gaines is a bit slow, so we probably shouldn't attack him too much.

At least he's not an iSheep though.
+Michael Gaines which is the point that I'm getting at. I don't know why you would expect either party not to be polarized when you're tracking a hash tag dedicated to the opposing opinion of what you support
Someone tell Michael Gaines as soon as he shows us the "All iPhone owners are iSheep" quote from +Daniel Charlton , he has my permission to ask for +Jonathan Franklin to show a quote from him about hashtags.
+Jonathan Franklin Sorry, I'm not using #fandroid  hash tags and making ridiculous jpegs, insulting every Android owner or calling them all stupid. That's what I see some Android fans doing. It's actually quite distasteful.
I gotta say, now that I have been blocked, this whole thread is way funnier without any of +Michael Gaines' comments on it.
+Michael Gaines  But you don't see Apple fans behaving the same way

ROFL, you really just tried to make that argument?  One word.  Instagram.
I thought Motorola started the first mobile phone, not Apple and Microsoft had touch screen tablets way back in 1992 so Apple were not the originators. I detect a hint of racism in some people buying Apples, too as they are a US company and some people refuse to buy Samsung as it is Korean. he Apple is put together in the Foxcomm sweatshop in China though.
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