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HTC Droid DNA Review

I'll have to agree with all of +Kristofer Wouk's findings while reviewing the HTC Droid DNA. The screen is amazing. The build quality is superior than most phones. The form factor and overall feel of the device is honestly just that good. I love the way it feels in my hand.

A lot of gripe surrounding this phone comes from storage and battery. A 16GB phone is plenty if you live in the cloud. As for the battery, this phone gets me through the day with ease. I am easily getting 16-34 hours of battery life depending on my usage which ranges from 2-4 hours of screen on time. The battery might be small in size but the underlying battery technology makes up for it.

My only complaint is Sense UI. The latest iteration isn't that horrible, but I just love stock Android. I'm sure in the very near future this will all be resolved thanks to talented Android developers, doing what they do best.

Is this phone the Nexus 4? No, but if you're on Verizon, this phone is an excellent choice.
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I can not help but wonder if people that worry about the battery have not USED this phone.  This new gen phone with the 4G built into the SOC uses MUCH less power.  This phone lasts a really long time on a charge.  EXCELLENT battery life.
+James Fletcher Exactly. A lot of users I believe see the 2020 mAh and immediately draw conclusions. I have yet to run out of juice, even when traveling and using LTE with no WiFi.
Not to mention this phone is a Beast.... WICKED FAST.
All I can say is I love it... Too be honest, in my opinion, with a solid AOSP ROM and a dev that will update it at a nice speed like my buddy +Tony Layher did with CM on the TBolt and Incredible with the latest Android versions, this phone would be better than a Nexus 4.

I don't mind Sense as I started my Android run with it but I understand where +Derek Ross comes from loving stock Android. After ICS i could care less about Sense UI. This is the reason I kept my Galaxy Nexus. When I need a Sense break I just move my sim card.
I just threw my Note 2 on a charger after 18 hours and over 7 hours of screen-on time with most of it being over a cell network. Battery arguments are invalid :P
I really like the Note II. If it wasn't for the size I would of got that instead
B Ossia
I got ATT ONE X+ and it is beautiful inside and out. btw +Derek Ross remember once we had been talking on the future of Android and I said Google should lead it with its own design through Motorola? seems it is happening by Motorola X project :-)
Nice handset, screen I can only imagine would be gorgeous. Wouldn't swap my note 2 for it, but for someone looking for a slightly smaller phone this would be top of the list 
The reviews on the battery life seem to be quite mixed from what I've read. They range from excellent to terrible and the fact it ranges from easily lasting all day, to requiring 1-2 chargers a day is a cause for concern amongst a potential buyer when the HTC Butterfly finally lands. Although the cause of the bad battery life can probably be attributed to a poor battery calibration on the review sample, or an app preventing the phone to enter idle. 
Just got my DNA 15 minutes ago! Like the bigger screen and the feel of the phone!
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