The FBI removed a movie goer's Google Glass and questioned him for a long while afterwards.

This angers me. Glass isn't always recoding though you're wearing it. Glass would be a horrible method for bootlegging a movie. The microphone can barely record someone 10 feet in front of you, it's not meant to record movie audio. The battery would die after 45 minutes. Glass is not a movie recording device plain and simple. Next, we all carry smart phones with us in theaters. That's why we see the please turn off your phone messages before a show starts. Phones have much better cameras, mics, and batteries.

Besides, the man had his Glass powered off.

I've worn Glass to the movie theater a half a dozen times over the past 7 months without issue. This is just absurd.
What would you do if the FBI yanked Glass off your face and questioned you for hours when all you were doing was watching a movie... with your prescription Glass powered off?
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