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+Sprint Galaxy Nexus Pre-Orders Sold Out!

I'm shocked that a phone 6 months old could still be this popular. Especially with Sprint's latest EVO 4G LTE just around the corner.
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I`m not sure about the sprint element being from the UK, however as phones go, it is stunning
Was just talking about this with +Scott Mathison . He says the Galaxy Nexus was the best smartphone he's had. I have a RAZR :(
I can understand your reasoning +Christopher Boyer . What roms for the OG evo did u have issues with I'm curious??? it is still a high end phone. True sense is wak to me also thank god for cyanogen / miui roms lol.
Waiting for the EVO LTE here but I am not too surprised by this 1) we don't even know how many phones were made available 2) It is a solid phone and with Vanilla Android you are looking at faster updates
Kun Li
Well to be fair we don't know how many are in pre sale, do we?
There are just about no other ICS phones out, are there? And even if there are, by now no one has any confidence that they'll ever see the upgrade to the next version (Jellybean?) in a timely manner or at all.

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Its stock ICS, with beautiful hardware
+Lea Hunt let me break it down in what I see are important points about the Galaxy Nexus
- Internal Hardware: internal components are every bit as powerful as the Epic Touch Within [yes, I use the sexy name :P]
- Cameras: The Galaxy Nexus' one might be a bit less nice, but it can still shoot 1080p video, and it's got a zero-lag/near-instant shutter speed, which is a feature that might have required less mPix at the time of designing the Galaxy Nexus.
- Software: even though the ETW might get ICS, it won't be ICS as per what Google thinks the user wants, it's going to be as Samsung thinks the user wants. That comes with, possibly, carrier bloat, but also Samsung modifying some features that Google might have put in, or removing interesting choices "for the sake of differenciation"
- Neat stuff: Developers LOVE to tinker. The Galaxy Nexus is made for tinkering if it fits your fancy, while at the same time being badass enough to not require tinkering.
+Scott Mathison I'm okay, the techie in me will have to sit out of the cell phone buying this year, haha
You have the phone. You should know why, because it kicks ass
+Lea Hunt it is a Samsung device, but this is also a Nexus device. Nexus devices' internal software is, for all intents and purposes, controlled by Google near-exclusively. Samsung doesn't interfere with Google's plans in this one.
+Renaud Lepage well done on summarizing the phone better than anyone. By far and away the beat phone I have owned. More than deserves its sell out status, congratulations to the pre order folk. You have made a very good move
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