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Ultimate Community Curated Android Circle: Round 2

All users in this list were submitted by fans of the community here:

This list is full of Android fans, developers, enthusiasts, bloggers and more. According to their peers, these people post and engage others about Android often. Enjoy!

Part 1:
Part 2:

If you're in this Circle, share the Android love, share this Circle of Android awesomeness.

I'd also like to personally thank +Allie Ogden for all of her hard work, helping me turn all of your nominations into these  #sharedcircles . Thanks Allie. I greatly appreciate it.

In this Circle:
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+Rahul Roy didn't you have some sort of tool for managing circle creation/shares  Or am I thinking of the 'best of the week' posts?
+Luke Shiras CircleCount chrome extension for favorite posts and Circle+ chrome extension for adding peoples from G+ directories.
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