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Today we learned that Google+ has 100 million monthly active users (we also have 400 million total users). In celebration of 100 million, I give you 100 active users that make Google+ the amazing network that it is.

These people post about a variety of subjects from food to tech to just pure awesome. With that said, this circle is heavily loaded with Android enthusiasts as I do love Android in my stream.

I hope you enjoy their posts and engagement as much as I do!
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I have most of those people circled already, including myself! 
Shen Ye
I can't believe frenchie is in there and I'm not... :'(
Woot! Thanks for the share.  Though..  this means I have to dig up more Awesome to post
Nice circle you have there...
Counted.... I'm missing a third of these people. They must not be that awesome, Derek....
I made the cut woohoo ;) I'm kinda an Oreo with an iPad and two Androids..
Just added a whole load of awesomeness to my circles thanks +Derek Ross
A bunch of amazing people in this circle. Thank you for the inclusion +Derek Ross. I'm very humbled by the addition. 
Thanks for the include +Derek Ross . I'll try not to let anyone who adds me down by not posting pure awesome, but I can't make any guarantees!
Awesome, 50 of those 100 I didn't have. Always good to welcome in new peoples to my active circle!
Thanks for the share and inclusion in the circle +Derek Ross. I will have to wait until tomorrow however before I can add anymore lol. #ShareLimit  
Derek Ross, thanks for sharing the circle to me, happy to see more friend with Google+
There are some might fine looking people in this circle, me especially.
Familiar looking circle +Derek Ross ! There were some not yet followed gems in there too! Thanks.
Humbled to be included and great to see so many familiar faces in the circle - i think that means i'm doing this right :D
Love this circle, lots of familiar faces :D
Woohoo! I made the grade with the cool kids!
scumbag +Derek Ross notifies me of a circle of people I already have circled yet includes +Renaud Lepage in the circle, but not +Shen Ye.

It's like hey bro I am about to slap you in the face, and then kicking me in the nuts.
Maybe we should just kick him in the nuts for that rant anyway.
Honestly I didn't even check I was just piggybacking +Shen Ye  for shiggles.  I didn't think anyone would get so upset.
Shen Ye
I wanted to cry for not being included, but damn that surface tension on my Asian eyes....
I guess I know who to remove from this circle
Yeah that's fine I prefer to be circled by people with senses of humor anyways.
Looks fine.  If it's going to get bigger next time, consider adding me in there!  >)
Great circle share! Just added about 40 new people! 
Wondering how many active users there are on G+ now?
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