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Nexus 7 to ship between July 12th and July 17th?

According to Staples, the Nexus 7 will ship between July 12th and July 17th, arriving at customers doors no earlier than July 13th.

Most of us purchased the tablet directly from the +Google Play Store and not +Staples. However, I doubt the shipping dates would vary much between the two. Keep your fingers crossed!
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It sure feels that way. But look at it this way +Brian McDonald ... It's like waiting for Christmas morning to rip open those damn presents. The wait makes it that much sweeter. 
Not even preordeable for us Scandinavians, "payment method not accepted". 
This would certainly be consistent with the "2-3 weeks" estimate on the Google Play product page.
Other than the date of purchase does the Google Wallet show any shipping dates? I haven't checked (perhaps I should get on that)
as +Petri Kaunisto says. Stop complaining about 2-3 weeks delay atleast you get the product. It's not like +Google screws you guys every time a new function/product is released.

I have to find someone living in the u.s. to ship to so they can ship to me..
+Nicolai Imset Could be worse. At least you're not one of the ~100 bln humans who lived and died before the Nexus 7 (or any modern electronic toys) was created and thus will never get to own one... ever. ;-)
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Did everyone here purchase their Nexus 7 on the day of the announcement?
I actually hesitated for a few seconds ... Then they shared the price. Done deal.
+Nicolai Imset Yes. There are few things in life that couldn't be better some way or another.

Since the Nexus 7 is not a phone that is tied to a carrier and cellular technologies, you would imagine it would be easier to sell internationally right? Nope.

Think about it. Google is making nothing (possibly even net negative) on the Nexus 7. The device itself is a means to increase Google Play monetization. If Google has not yet worked out Google Play distribution agreements with major rights holders in your region, the Nexus 7 is neutered of its most important consumer function.
I ordered mine when the link was hidden before noon :p
I ordered mine when the link was still hidden as well. I am counting the days. It will be Christmas in July.
+Jason Hsu So you want Asus to pull an Apple with the Foxconn workers(last I remember Asus uses the same factories)? Not like they can produce 1,000,000+ units over night.
+Jason Hsu Sorry I reread your comment and I have a better understanding your comment.  Ignore that comment
+Jason Hsu +Nicolai Imset : Totally agree with you Jason, these kind of tablets must have access to the ecosystem. I experienced it when I bought my Kindle Fire. I'm Canadian, the Kindle Fire outside the US borders it's like a brick, you can't do much with it "as-is". This is why I rooted it and flashed CM9.
Someone can tell me what are dimensions and weight of  Nexus 7 Box (with Nexus 7 inside)? I need it to calculate shipment cost to my country.
So a week. I'm going to be so distracted until it gets here. Then again distracted when it does arrive. :-)
I just wish that the information about shipping dates had come directly from Google, rather than a third party. I understand that they may not want to publish a specific date unless they are confident that they will meet it... but I would find it very surprising if they aren't certain this close to the release date. Could it be that they are worried that legal issues may prevent them from shipping on time?
I dunno, on the 27th when I ordered mine it said 2-3 weeks. This falls within that timeline.
+Richard Foster +Derek Ross
I just read via one of the Android news sites in my RSS (I should've paid attention so I could credit properly), that someone who had ordered directly from the Play Store had received an email about his order that it was in the shipment/processing phase and unable to be cancelled. That seems to line up a bit with the Staples dates. You would think we'd all be getting these unless he was actually trying to cancel said order.
Makes sense, I actually had my money taken out of my account yesterday morning I noticed... well my wife noticed. :P And it wasn't just the pre-auth from last Wednesday.... and the money was taken out of EA.
+Eric Aultman I think that might be a form letter. After realizing that there was probably an additional payday before the order actually ships I contacted them to see if I could switch to the 16GB version and got the same response. They suggested I refuse the order. Not gonna happen - they just won't get that extra $50 out of me. (They may, however, get a second order in a few months if - as I suspect - other members of the family spend so much time playing with the thing that the battery is always dead when I want to use it!)
+Derek Ross I dunno how trustworthy that is. According to my bank, the money actually left my account too... then mysteriously returned about 2 days later. Of course, given the way some of them operate that could have been the bank taking advantage of the fact that the money was temporarily in limbo. ;-)
+Richard Foster it's possible. I was reading from +Android Authority which referenced the +Phandroid article and gave more info about the person, who's an XDA guy who tried to cancel one of his pre-orders. As always, the rumors come fast and furious on every major android release (hardware and software) as the official day gets closer. I'm stoked²!
I really hope this means we might get them before the 12th-17th window, and that that's just when Staples will get and send out theirs.  Can't wait to have the N7 in hand!
Just ordered 8GB version, can't wait to receive it.
Yes, tablets will ship on 7/12 with a 1-3 business day delivery, so you could have it as early as 7/13!

What feature are you most excited about? ^SS
+Staples That it's a Nexus device and natively vanilla Android (and JB!).
Hi +Steve Rodrigue  I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us. Is there something I can do to make it right for you? If so, please e-mail us at^SS
Holy cow!  A vendor actively engaging with their customers!  +Staples , you just earned my future business!
I was a manager with +Staples for four years. They've always been great with customer service but this is the first I've seen it on G+. 
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