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+Google Play is starting to become a wonderful entertainment ecosystem

Google and MGM are adding 600 movies to Google Play. This in addition to the recent 500 movies added via Paramount.

This is great news for movie lovers and +Android Enthusiasts alike.
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Now, if only I weren't poor. :D
This is pretty awesome. It gives people an ecosystem outside of Amazon and iTunes to purchase digital entertainment, and it's meshed directly into the Android experience as well.

I don't purchase/rent digital movies, but it's good for those that do.
Cool, but in the post-Netflix world, I simply can't wrap my mind around paying for streaming films on a individual basis.
Google needs to work on getting me that content on Google TV though. I have to rent a movie on my phone, save it to my youtube and access it from there. I should be able to rent movies from Play within Google TV.
then watch within the browser? how is the quality?
I'll give it a go. Hadn't thought about using the browser. Thx
I have actually had to request a refund because it would not play in the Chrome browser on Google TV (Logitech Revue). It used to work months ago, but the two times I tried it in the last 4 months it would not. Here is the response from the Android team:


Hi Christopher,

Thank your for writing back. After further research into the situation I
have discovered that movies for Google TV is currently unavailable. Sorry
for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your enthusiasm
for Android Movies and we hope to be bringing a better movie watching
experience to you soon.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reply back to this


The Android Market Team
I have the Revue also. I have only ever accessed movies from the Youtube app. This being a revenue generator for Google you would think they would make this content "in my face" every time I turn on the TV. They are missing the boat.
Sounds like more of an licensing issue. Not allowed to play movies to a TV because Cox, twc, and others would have their monopolies challenged
+Aaron Wiggin While I agree that you are probably right on the reason, it really upsets me that I purchased the Google TV thinking I could watch this. I realize that watching free shows on network sites through Chrome might have always been a stretch, but watching a PAID for movie on Youtube seems completely appropriate.
+Christopher Wagner I understand the frustration. It is why I have held off making any sort of purchase like Google TV or the Apple TV and just held to XBMC or the like running on re-purposed equipment. Will keep that until companies figure I want to give them my money but they need to make it Easy.
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