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ANDROID FANS UNITE! - We need your help!

+ASUS has locked the bootloader of their Transformer Prime. We, the Android Community, need to band together as we banded together a few months back against HTC. We used social media to fight against HTC's decision a few months back. Since then, HTC rescinded on their statement, has unlocked numerous devices back to back, released kernel sources and has even setup a complete opensource developer website.

We the Android Community need your help once again.

The fight is already beginning on Twitter and Facebook. Bring the fight to Google+.

How you can help. Bring the fight to Asus:

Sign the petition:
G+ Page:
RT on Twitter:
Post on FB:
XDA Thread:

Bloggers: Please report on this issue. We need Asus to hear our voices.

#android #asus #transformerprime #occupyAsus

Edits: Bloggers are blowing up the blogosphere! Thanks for your support!
+Android Police
+Droid Life
Key PR contact for Transformer Prime
Key technical PR contact

Official video: Prime Has Arrived! ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. - Thumbs up bootloader comments.
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Asus is a great unit. I hope they work everything out!
Hasbro is suing them for copyright infringement for using transformer And prime but I'll stand behins my fellow Droid users
+Cottrell Atwood Sadly yes, I wish they would jump on the free publicity. It's a win win for both companies.

+Michael S Cole As the world's first quad core tablet, I hope they get this worked out too. It's sad to see the entire device not opened up to the Android community.
+Cottrell Atwood I was wondering when that was going to happen. When they named the first one Transformer it was already walking a pretty fine line, but then to really tempt fate and call it Prime...
I hope so to I want one so bad naming it transformer and calling it prime was way to risky when the movies and the animated show are so popular i knew it was only a matter of time till Hasbro felt like Asus was trying to capitalize on that intellectual property but hopefully they just have to change the name not discontinue selling them
I'm not happy to hear this, since I ordered a Prime a few days ago. Let's hope social media outrage will do the trick.
+Derek Morr When you do get it let me know, I'd like to stop by your office sometime and see it in action or if you're over near Shields or at the next IPv6 meeting.
I'm seriously considering cancelling my pre-order and waiting to see what CES brings. I just really want a nice android tablet.

I'll be doing what you asked +Derek Ross. 
I think like most things anymore, some money will fix the issue. Either ASUS will throw Hasbro some cash, or maybe even cut them in for a few cents on each Transformer sold, then everything will be back to normal.

Reminds me of when Philip K. Dick's daughter sued Google for using the Nexus One name in conjunction with the Android operating system. It was as clearly a Blade Runner reference as this is to Transformers, but here we are in 2012 still seeing Nexus devices.
+Derek Ross, sure, but you realize my office is downtown, right? :P I'm sure I'll be over in Shields soon enough for another GI meeting (working on new stuff for that needs it).
Ahh that's right, you blew up my test server a few weeks back :) And no I didn't... hmm. Android Lunch!
Hey, they said they wanted load testing! I didn't think it was that much load....
I signed the petition and commented on the Asus G+ page and the xda thread. +Derek Ross, I should have asked this before: what is your username in forums like XDA?
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC plsssss let us use our tablet as we please since we bought it
come on Asus, not a good way to start the new year, Please fire the person the came on with the lock bootloader idea.
Pre-Order cancelled, if I wanted to be restrained in the use of a gadget I BOUGHT I would go with apple.
Here's hoping for a Samsung Tablet this year.
A locked bootloader on a tablet I can't even find in the stores???? One fail after another as far as I am concerned. You know what I can find in the store??? The iPad 2 64GB. Best buy has them and of course my local Apple Store has them. At least I know what kind of screwing I am getting from Apple. Asus has managed to sneak in behind me and failed to offer lube! Unlock the bootloader and get this thing to the stores before I find somewhere else to spend my money and send my friends and family!
Asus Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! TransformerPrime learn from HTC
Disgusting! I have had had two Samsung Android devices and got an Asus Transformer this time round because I thought they were more open... it was actually a criteria for my selection of the TF101.... so I won't be moving to the Prime either unless it is rootable (non-negotiable)...
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC
Aww come on... you encrypted the bootloader on the Transformer Prime? My Prime gets delivered tomorrow and I'm sending it back until you unlock the bootloader
please unlock the bootloader so we can customize our great devices
Updated to add some official blogs now covering our fight!
Was thinking about getting one of these, but until it's unlock-able, I won't go near it.
I think you guys should offer an unlock tool and keep your devices open. If anyone wants a stable closed device they get ipads, android is about open and customization!
This is just terrible. Wife and I bought 2 Transformer Primes. Cancelled the screen protector order and I'm thinking of returning to Best Buy as I am not happy about the purchase.
ASUS needs to unlock #TransformerPrime's bootloader and give people root. Learn from HTC, +ASUS
that is the same coputer mt best friend had she lost it when her house caught on bugs they had to move of a cock roach infestion;;;;;.gross;)
That's one reason why I like +Sony Ericsson ... not only do they allow you to unlock the bootloader, they have a site specifically set up to teach you how to do it...

I really hope that other manufacturers do this. Companies like +ASUS make great machines (my father was just telling me on the phone how much he liked his old ASUS) but they ruin it by trying to lock it down.
It's about time the PC industry realizes that not everyone wants a cheap laptop. Well manufactured and well designed notebooks are the way to go.
I've not even got mine yet and reading this sucks. ASUS, get a grip and give us want we want. UNLOCK the Primes real potential by removing the lock on the bootloader. You've already made huge mistakes with GPS, Dead pixels, screen bleeds etc. Don't make this another potential fatal mistake. Reconsider @Kirkywirky1980
I haven't ordered one yet as well. I planned on ordering after I sold my Iconia. Since my Iconia works great with ICS already, there is no reason now to get a Prime if the bootloader remains locked. I'll keep my money away from +ASUS for the time being.
first of all are you kidding me!? andriod fans unite? thats retarded. andriod is a bug itself.... andriod or driod is such a rip off when it comes to "qualty phones" apple is the way to go.....
tell me about some 2nd hand laptop that best for webdesigning or develping
but there is a student.
if u hv then send me ?
Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! o asus you use to be cool
I'm considering returning mine once it gets here just for this reason. What a huge letdown.
Wait what.? Boot loader locked.. Come on asus I want an asus prime but not locked coors...
Not an android user but I feel ur pain. I almost bought one of them tablets too. 
If you purchased your Prime on preorder from Best buy like I did, you can still return it.

Best Buy Return Policy for Items Purchased Online
To return items purchased on, you may either bring the item to a Best Buy store in the United States (see in-store return requirements here) or you can follow these steps to return it by mail. However, to return items that were delivered, such as major appliances, TVs, furniture and included accessories, please call 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289).

If you plan to return a mobile phone or device by mail, please call Best Buy Mobile at 1-877-702-2211 (6:00am-midnight CT) for separate instructions.

When you return merchandise to a Best Buy store within the U.S., you may have the option of receiving a credit or an exchange. When you return merchandise by mail, your only option is to receive a credit for your purchase.

Return Period
Return your item anytime from the date you received your item(s) within the timeframe below:

14 days for computers, monitors, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, iPads, tablets and radar detectors
30 days for all other products
45 days for all products for Reward Zone Program Premier Silver members*
The sad part is that the reason they're locking it down is to make sure that when they release the next one in a year or two, it will still be useful because you won't be able to just update to the latest version of Android that was put together by a third party. They don't care that their user-base is mad as hell about it, they think it'll increase sales in long run.
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC 
WTH they lock the Bootloader???
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC
its really disappointing & shameful that ASUS lock & encrypt the bootloader of prime transformer...
ASUS.. be sure you gonna so much customer
Super lame. My girlfriend has the first Asus Tf, and I planned on getting the Prime before we go overseas later in the year, but I certainly won't now. Why would I? I love rooting my Android devices, and since I cannot do it to the Prime, well... I've made my point.
ok can someone explain to a novice why this is so bad please
Edits: Added technical PR reps names and email addresses for those wishing to express concern.
+Harvey Paul locked bootloaders make it much, much harder to customized the device. While the majority of users will not care about this, most if not all tech savy users however will care about this.

If the device would be "opened up" by unlocking the bootloader, users could then install custom ROMs with ease.

Sure, in due time someone may come up with a second-init (think booting 1 OS then booting another OS) work arounds, but still the underlying boot system and kernel would stay locked. This would make any custom ROM eventually developed more of a hack and would never be as stable as it could be with an unlocked or truly open device.
I heard they support SOPA and the machine is full of DRM as well as dolphin meat. Have fun responding to that one Asus!
Thanks +Rob James, I added the article to the list. The more publicity the better.
Why Asus Why??.. Why would you encrypted the Bootloader for the Millions of Customers, who might I add.. will OWN this device.. It should be OUR choice if we want to modify to our liking.


Completely pointless for them to do this. Was on the fence about Transformer Prime, now I know for sure to wait and see what gets announced at CES
I was going to buy the Prime but with the bootloader locked... hum.. maybe I'm going to buy another tablet =/
Why Asus, why? You do everything almost perfectly with the original Transformer (good price, excellent update policy) and you go and make such a rookie mistake with the successor?!
they don't want you to have access to disable it when it turns into the giant robotic machine and starts destroying the world
It is unbelievable that they released a flagship device entirely locked. If people would want a locked device they would buy an iPad. Their bad WiFi, non-existent GPS and horrible screen quality control issues are already very bad in comparison to Apple and Samsung.
Plain stupid this act form Asus.... Sales drop will be huge!
if it locked. i will buy different brand.
I thought android should beopen sources. I guest not
Mines coming in the mail tomorrow, I'm really hoping this gets unlocked soon! I need #root!
+Travis Norenberg As long as you don't install the latest OTA update, you can in fact root the Transformer Prime. However as of now, any custom ROMs, kernels, etc etc are out of the picture.
Yeah I heard that razorclaw still works out of the box, but with all of the problems with gps, wifi, etc I think I'm going to have to update and cross my fingers for the bootloader to get unlocked! In the meantime I'll wait patiently for ASUS to release ICS!
If we pay for an open source system, we really want an open source device! Unlock the bootloader!!!
I'm all for this, but entering my personal info just to sign my name on a petition isn't cool by me. I hope ASUS gets the idea though (along with other companies.)
UPDATE: Key technical RP contact Gay responds to an email:

Thank you for writing us today. I would like to pose a hypothetical question to you. Would you be willing to forgo the upcoming ICS FOTA update in lieu of having an unlocked bootloader at this time?
ICS then unlocked bootloader.


Thanks for the update.
Funny how the Chinese get all proprietary when it's their stuff on the market.
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR Boot Loader and give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC
guys, ASUS has been down this road before. When things get dicey its usually because some one got greedy. Microsoft has done it and it sound maybe like HTC is doing it. Can't claim to really know the full story. But, I suggest you take up the fight not with ASUS but the software developers.
If I had known about the encrypted bootloader, I would have canceled my pre-order. But it looks like my prime will be arriving in a day or two. I hope that ICS update will ALSO include an unlocked bootloader. Cheers for the update but ASUS can take their hypothetical one or other situation and stick it.
+Derek Ross: I would, because I would then be able to shove ICS in on my own. Then again, if it's "Asus ICS or Unlocked bootloader and GTFO", yeesh.

I'd honestly prefer if they unlocked the bootloader for the Developer masses NOW so as to calm the game and save the PR abuse, and make it so that "official" devices get the FOTA and not the unlocked. Honestly, we'd just shoehorn the FOTA into unlocked devices ourselves anyway... Or have CM9 already booting on the bastard.
I am really disappointed about this. I won't pay $500 for a rented device. As for the hypothetical question, the answer is easy, "You bet, I don't need you to make ICS. Google is on that. I need you to make me a great and unlocked device that I can use that OS on." They got half of this correct.
I'm so disappointed by this. I really want a tablet and I do NOT want an iPad. What's the tablet to get now that the prime is usless?
They should be unlocking the revue first Logitech have seriously fucked up on that
Hi, i'm a pretty big Android fan but I don't really understand the significance of locking the boot loader. Can you explain?
+Jamey Harvey From one of +Derek Ross 's previous comments:

"locked bootloaders make it much, much harder to customized the device. While the majority of users will not care about this, most if not all tech savy users however will care about this.

If the device would be "opened up" by unlocking the bootloader, users could then install custom ROMs with ease.

Sure, in due time someone may come up with a second-init (think booting 1 OS then booting another OS) work arounds, but still the underlying boot system and kernel would stay locked. This would make any custom ROM eventually developed more of a hack and would never be as stable as it could be with an unlocked or truly open device."
Be wary of this: the "bootloader now, ICS later" way of working is actually better for them market-wise and might ANIHILATE the good perception of developers in users' view. Honestly, it'd be better for work. It's like "hey everybody, we need a non-brickable way of deactivating the bootloader security. it's going to make our ICS update run three weeks late but the Geeks are killing our market mojo so fuck ICS, we'll shut 'em up and blame them for it being late."
don't walk on the dark path of locking your bootloader's believe it or not sooner or later you will rejoice this terrible decision!
I don't see how locking the bootloader will lessen any actual functionality that people buy the Transformer for. It's just setting the bar higher for the development community.
Everyone bitched and whined and threatened to not buy iPhones because they were locked...look how that turned out.
Yes, the community will have to work harder, smarter, and be more innovative, but where there's a will there's a way.
Ref L.
easy don't buy it... sales/bottom line speak volumes.
I say let it die, it is half rate hardware any way, no removable battery, small usb and hdmi and you have to have the keyboard for most of that. Weak! I agree don't buy it sales will flat line and they will regret there decision. I will speak with my wallet.
Asus is one of the best manufacturer in my opinion and i still had fate in them. Release us ! !
My Prime will be delivered soon and I'm not sending it back :). I have rooted evos for the family primarily to get free tethering and no ads. My wife and son are always tethering when we travel using the laptops and now the eee Transformers (no prime for the lesser of the geeks in the house :) )
We are 15% or less of the total population that have or will purchase the Prime's. I'll plan to join the cause and sign the petition if they don't unlock it after pushing ICS to support the future efforts like Myn and Team Nocturnal. In my opinion I think it's a good idea to wait until the much anticipated Tablet and Android version have married before we start trying to take them to divorce court.
The GPS problem is a mute issue for me as I'm always using my cell phone for my turn by turn directions and don't see a need for using a tablet if i'm the driver.
If some can make a compelling case for rooting the prime I'll sign the petition right away. I haven't rooted the eee Transformers we have as there really isn't a reason to do so that I can justify doing so. Both devices are scheduled to get ICS so I'll hold out.
AWAITING A REASON TO ROOT - Keep up the great work dev community, I support $$ the efforts that benefit me.
Wasn't expecting that from Asus. I thought Asus was the best company when it came to things like this.
We can also make wallet voting, maybe Asus will afraid. I will not buy Prime with any blockade.
Not a popular move Asus, is there any reason for locking this machine down?
I was going to get one of these, won't now.
How absolutely ridiculous. Seriously. It's 2012.
I'm trying to find a page for rooting for the evil empire.... struggling...
oh dang and I just bought an Asus system last week. Stupid me
Signed. I will probably never own an Asus device but I don't want anybody to begin locking down Android. Leave that shit with the Apple devices, please.
Park my dollars for another unlocked bootloader Android tablet
They don't call it open-source for nothing.
Yow...I was thinking about replacing my iPad with a TF201, but if this is how ASUS rolls, I'll just wait for the iPad3...
Just canceled my order. I am new to the tablet game but don't want a device that is riddled with some of the problems this device has out of the gate with WiFi and GPS. The locked boot loader is the straw that broke the camels back.
Why not band together by voting with your wallets and pockets and form a Fellowship of the will-not-buy?
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR Boot Loader and give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC
We should be able to modify/overwrite at our discretion, so long as we understand that this would void a warranty. I don't mind that: It follows that ASUS is locking the firmware to prevent (say) Android 6 on the machine, forcing us to buy a new one. This is wrong.
IAlthough I was excited about the Asus Trasnformer Prime and upcoming Asus products such as the Asus Padfone, in all honesty I will never buy a product from Asus or any other company if it doesn't let me change ROMs and so on. This devices are far too expensinve and I'm not willing to be in the situation other people are with high end devices that are stuck with Android 2.1 even though they're devices are more than capable of handling Andorid 4.0. Some people had to wait one year to have their device go from Android 2.1 to Android 2.3. The only security people have is if they can change do it themselves.
Give up on the dream of Android actually being an open platform. It is a farce to consider it so.
Asus is releasing a facebook press release in the coming hours
Tri Ta
"ASUS Taiwan just released an official statement, which covers some aspects we would really love to know:
1) ICS will be pushed to devices around the world on Jan 12th (woot!)
2) GPS problem is mainly due to the aluminium backplate on the device. they won't be able to do much about it, that's why they removed the GPS from the specs on various sites to avoid causing any misunderstandings among users.
3) BOOTLOADER: they won't unlock the bootloader, and the purpose of locked bootloader is to support media renting service on the device and its stability. BUT, they are working on releasing a bootloader unlocking tool for those users who would like to unlock it. however, the use of this unlocker tool wil void the warranty immediately."
I don't mind it voiding my warranty. I'd be forcing the device to perform outside of its designed means, so ASUS shouldn't have to cover our experiments. I'm just glad it's do-able.
I have an EeePC running debian for some years now, the Prime would have been the first tablet I'd really considered buying (as I need touch typing). Won't do that.
@Asus @Nvidia Unlock OUR boot loader! Give us ROOT NOW! Fix GPS! #TransformerPrime learn from @HTC
+Sara E. Foster They are going to unlock the bootloader via a tool in the near future. No date on when, but they said they would release one. We won!
asus caved in and are releasing a tool to unencrypt the bootloader
goodbye asus..(former)loyal customer since 2000
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