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Is the Chromebook Pixel real?

A lot of excitement and speculation has been running around the Internet today about Chromebook Pixel. It is widely known that Google uses for various domain name services. In fact, MarkMonitor lists Google as one of their top customers. (Example here.)

As you can see below, MarkMonitor holds and the domain was created back in October. If you recall, in November, a leak out of China hit the web about Google producing a touchscreen Chromebook.

What's all this mean? Who knows. I just thought I would add this fuel to the fire. Have at it!

If you haven't seen the video, you can watch it here:
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I cant wait for Google IO =)
If they could combine all the good that is Chrome OS, with all of the Android Goodies.... on a touchscreen with some 'size' ie larger than 10.1", they'd have a best selling device.
Ha-ha, +Derek Ross!   I vaguely remember a time when I was annoyed when my tech toys failed.  Now, I keep hoping for a casualty that will allow force me to buy the latest new thing.  :-)
Thats so true +Frank DeMarco Bad thing is nothing breaks and I end up with tons of stuff. As for the Chromebook Pixel, some are saying its fake, but regardless if it is or not, the video was very well made. Others are also saying that having a touch screen on a chromebook is overkill but as a chromebook user, I tend to touch the screen every once in a while as a habit. lol
If the screen detaches, then it would be a killer product. But even if it didn't I can see myself getting one.
Yes, +David Vega, your mind went the same direction mine did (Which might be cause for concern). :-)

I was imagining this ChromebookPixel with a Nexus 13" as a detachable screen.  So-o-o, a detachable Android Tablet, that runs a Display App for use on the ChromebookPixel.

I'd better stop, I'm starting to drool on my keyboard.  ;-)
yeah ... I later realized after I have posted my comment :P
Take my money Google, if I can buy one from my country...
The video seems like a pitch for a marketing spot for it.. Doesn't seem final or like google's latest commercials.. Will be interesting to watch how this plays out.. Just got the Samsung Chromebook this last week, love it!
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