MotoMaker is down: Moto X going for $350 today, brings down site.

Apparently selling the best damn Android phone at $350 off contract for Cyber Monday seems to be a bit overwhelming for +Motorola Mobility. While that's very frustrating for those of you trying to snag the Moto X, this is actually a good sign. This means the Moto X at this price is in HIGH demand. Think how many people will be able to use smooth, buttery, stock Android goodness when their site issues get resolved.
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i thought it was supposed to be developer editions too...i have a dev edition in my cart and it is still showing 549...
Smooth, buttery, stock web server goodness.

Not here, not today.
Now the only question is when will +Motorola Mobility site issues be resolved and will those of us who are ready to jump miss out when it does.
It's Freaky (Cyber)Monday: The formerly reliable Moto site has switched personalities with!
Has anyone actually been able to buy one
This isn't a good sign.  This is a sign that, once again, +Motorola Mobility and Google cannot even handle a product launch/product sale correctly.  It should not be this difficult to purchase a product from a company.  It's like pulling teeth every time you have to deal with them. 
And as stated there will b a limited number sold. So u snooze u loose 
Don't we still have ~40 minutes until sale starts?
As a foreigner, I need to get an unlocked device. That's only the Developer Edition, and that's just as pricey as before...
I'm in and am as far as Checkout Processing. No indication of price change anywhere yet. 
+Chris Sucharda yes it is. It's stock Android with additions that compliment stock Android instead of bastardize it.
+J.J. Valenzuela We force Incognito mode on all users via GPO for security and privacy concerns...mainly for PCI DSS compliance.
My shopping cart has proven useless. Had to go thru the MotoMaker all over again.
T Krish
The price is still $ 499.00  I do not see the deal $ 350 anywhere, the website comes up but takes time 
I've made it thru the entire process. Now only the checkout is down....that's kind of important...
+Motorola Mobility says "Starting at $349 
8:00 a.m. CST Monday 12/2 only." on the online sale page, but no links are live, they never were live at any time I've been able to reach that page since 0800CST.

If their limited quantity is one, they've probably even failed that.
I thought about getting one today on sale, but in the end, $350 is simply to much for this kind of hardware in my mind. 

Plus I would have had to get the Dev edition anyway, which would have brought the price up. 
On Chrome, the 'Checkout Processing' button spun for over half an hour before I bailed out.  Switched to Firefox, and at least there it threw me an error that my order couldn't be processed within a minute or so.   #stilltrying  
Not stock. Better than stock.
+Will Bartlett yes I have buts it's also more then the ui, moto may have kept it plain like nexus kit kat but they added there tweaks like the other manufacturers, 
it is way more stock android than any other oem you mentioned.
Moto just tweeted deal isn't live yet. Follow them for when the sell goes live 
I'm trying get on. This really sucks, I thought they would be prepared for this kind of traffic.
"You cannot checkout with a Moto X right now."
seems the offer is gone?  it shows "Coming soon" now with the original prices
Probably that banner ad from
yeah they are probably just stopping everything while they fix the problem
+Chris Sucharda thanks for the heads up on the tweet! Now I can quit refreshing my browser every 5 minutes!
I'm excited for when the Moto X comes out with that Wood Backing they've been touting for awhile! Also, waiting for my chance to snag a Moto X off-contract. 
While I'd love to save $150 by buying a new Dev. Edition and sending back the one I had delivered two weeks ago, I think I'll chalk this one up to missed opportunity and move on.
Site's working now. I just ordered the Dev version for $399!!
Beyond frustrated with this whole deal. Woke early at 6am to buy this phone and almost three hours later still no dice. Google is losing major points here. Time and time again they screw up. Im tired of waiting Google, get your shit together NOW.
Still?! 3 hours later and there's still issues?
I think they are having issues with the motomaker part of the site now
I'm trying again to get the Dev. Edition and it keeps telling me that items in my cart (only the Dev. Edition phone) are no longer available. I guess I'll keep trying until it goes through or I lose patience.
At least it's showing the right prices now, but it won't let you check out.  Even though it says in stock, it bounces back and says "no longer available"
Theory: This Moto X promotion is a Nexus 5 promo in disguise.
4 hours now. Been up all night zero sleep for this damn phone. It better be worth the wait.
Ooooook. Moto .... Let's just call it cyber Monday-Wed and all is forgiven. Seriously great phones. Perhaps just mod site to allow us to pre-register. I bet many would even settle for no color choices. Heck at this point make it a motoX slot machine and just surprise me when I open the box 
Almost 7 Hours and I still cant get a Moto X
Almost an entire shift of workers in the Moto plant in TX have spent cyber Monday trying to look busy? Ouch
I gave up just kept saying not available 
I added 2 to the cart and it got deleted 20 mins later... Extremely frustrated... I think i'm going with the LG G2 instead!
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