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OnePlus One invites are finally rolling out

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Send me one when you get yours!!!!!! 1st
you got one??? I've been waiting patiently watching the forums turn to complete madness..
I'm fairly certain that this is for the 64GB version only. I'm not going to settle for spending $50 more on something I won't use ;) I'm checking  to be sure before I give this away to a friend.
Idc. I've completely lost my interest on this phone. Tired of this company's sick marketing ideas.
I wish I could get an invite but I probably wouldn't have enough money to buy it within the time limit even if I did.
I'm not begging anyone if the one plus one holds up to it's hype I still think there sitting on this too long. Were approaching Qualcomms 805 & 810 release dates. I'm due for an upgrade for two of my phone's but invite or not I have supported cyanogenmod websites apps h forums & to think noobs will be chosen over me it bad business. But I'm still rooting for u against all the shit talkers!

Nice! I'm actually still interested in the phone, want to see what cm can do with a device built for cm. 
If you have any to give, I would muchly like a 64 GB 1 + 1
Super. Looking forward to your comments.
Wait, didn't that company's marketing backfire? So, we're all mad at them now, right? You might as well forward that invite to me. I'll get rid of it for you.
Congratulations +Derek Ross! I didn't received an invite today, so if you decide to give it away ;-) 
+John Lieske I am also the very first non employee forum member. They're invite long time supporters first I heard?
The invite has been passed to a friend that was promised one of my invites since he wants the 64GB version and the 16GB versions are not available at this time (I want the 16GB version). Congrats +Jeremy Waite!
I also want the 64Gb version, so if you come across anymore, let a brutha know. :)
+Derek Ross WTF you're #4
I'm #8007 and I thought I was "early" supporter!
as sa
and me ? wher is my invite .... 
My decision is pretty easy without an invite still. 
You hold in your hand the power of life and death.
Send one my way please and thank you AZ USA  anyone that gets invite keep the invites sent to this post.
I can't feel anything but disappointment with this phone for one simple reason... It has an LCD screen. And I can't stand LCD after seeing AMOLED displays. Especially after seeing the AMOLED display used on the moto x.
+Rolland Lawrenz it's a new phone that's supposed to be this big deal. It's supposed to be revolutionary and the best of the best. They even have a motto, "never settle"... And YET they settled on an LCD instead of using an AMOLED display.
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