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Android OS Evolution vs iPhone OS / iOS Evolution

+Tony Simons recently shared a post showing the "evolution" of the iOS user interface over the past 5 years. As you can see, not a whole lot as changed in terms of the user experience.

Let's take a look at Android. Here we have four Android phones running pure Android or devices running the "pure Google experience". That means they aren't running any carrier UI's or skins. We have the HTC Dream / G1, HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All devices were roughly released one year after another. As you can clearly see from 2008 to 2011 the user interface and user experience has evolved and the hardware design has undergone drastic changes as well.

Maybe iOS got it right the first time and Android was playing catch up for a few years? This clearly is no longer the case.

Watch these videos and you decide.

Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1 of 5
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 2 of 5

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Ah, pwnage. View 2010-2011 for extreme versions of the above word.
I wanted an iPhone for a long time, then discovered Android - and I haven't looked back since! #galaxynexus FTW!
Apple at this point is basically a prisoner to their own early framework decisions.
I'll be the first to admit they started the revolution. Yes other OS's were available on other smartphone platforms. However, that first iPhone was a game changer. Maybe it was ahead of it's time as most Apple devices are. It's just not that way right now.
It's hard to improve something when it's already that good.
My windows mobile 2005 screen looks much better than the iOS screens. And five years later Apple is still stuck with the ugly design without any way for user to escape out of it.
iPhone sucks always has suck and always will suck iv been in countless wars in people about which phone is better the Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone4S and countless times I have shown them the Galaxy Nexus can do anything an iPhone does faster and better.
+Josh Vosick I actually tried that exactly battle with my cousin recently. Sadly he went with an iPhone 4S.
They usually don't care if other phones are faster. Like your wife won't be concerned if another dress is made with better technology.
Nexus become bigger for each generation... 
Idk I just don't understand why anybody would like the iPhone it doesn't have widgets, If i remember correctly it can't multitask in any way shape or form it has a horrible design and if it breaks and you don't have apple care, which is insanely easy to do you have to pay like $200 for a new screen, also you have a very small screen anybody with a big hand would have the worst luck in trying to type on the iPhone keyboard which I have to give props to though cause it has very nice auto correct...thats all
Im a Android user waiting on ICS for my Nexus s 4G. What I get from this is that if it's not broken, leave it alone...
So true, Apple sure does stay the same. I'm running a galaxy nexus and love it.
+Juan Benitez I agree fully. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right? My point shows that Android was broken and it did indeed need fixed. Now that it's fixed, I feel it's much better than iOS. Just watch those videos attached at the bottom of the post if you haven't already.
Can u buy one for me..
heheheh sorry just kidding
Hey guys, try not to be so mean on iOS. They got this thing call "Wallpaper" on their fourth generation phones. Don't forget to mention they got the ever so magical app called "Instagram".
It's good but it changes too fast... can't follow.
Love my GNex. I wanted an iPhone, but they're too small and kinda boring. More stable than the old Android too. But ICS has been good to me so far.
No videos that I can see, all I see on the post is just the pic.
I wish I had anyone of them, irrespective of OS and brand.
+Juan Benitez Expand the post and click on the link "Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 2"
more so than any corporation in existence, the success of apple's business model is predicated on the willful ignorance of the consumer.
+Derek Ross Yes I am aware of that and I don't understand what is the hype about that app. There are many apps doing the same thing (if not better).
iOS got a lot of things right from the beginning while Android has experimented more and is designed for manufactures and carriers to customize. I use an Android phone and really like it, this doesn't mean i think iOS sucks. iOS is actually really good in many ways. It is great that we have 2 strong competitors in the smartphone market. Now if only Microsoft or RIM could get a decent phone on the market.
+Josh Vosick Yes, your opinion is the only one in the world that matters. But you're clearly right in your adjudication due to the fact that no one buys iPhones anymore. ಠ_ಠ People do what they want. It's okay to not like things
Everything still resembles the original 2007 iPhone; touch icons on a glass screen. Once you get it pretty much right, it takes a long time to evolve to the next thing. Look at the wheel.
Might need a bigger canvas for 2012 Android.
In my opinion, people like apple because it's pretty and it's extremely simple to use. That's because they've already made most of the decisions for you. Pretty and easy to use is good, but most people need more. You get it the way THEY want you to have it and nothing more. With android, you can customize and multitask better. This will (of course) take a little bit more skill, but, it's worth it. It's really not that hard to work with. Know your device. Play with it for a while and it's a piece of cake to learn. ICS is supposed to be much prettier and much more intuitive (I've heard). I'm still on gingerbread and have no complaints. It can do all I need it to do. I don't even use my laptop anymore. When motorola comes out with their next phone and lapdock accessory (sporting ICS), I may never use a laptop again. One device to use everywhere for all computing needs. A cellphone OS and tablet/desktop OS in one small device. Just dock it anywhere and get started. This will be the future. Not an oversized phone OS on a tablet like iOS. Apple's iOS has been surpassed for quite some on functionality and is clearly losing the operating system war. And it's only getting started.
I fully agree +John Lilly. They did get things right in the beginning, hence the iPhones amazing success. However the wheel will some day be replaced by a hovercraft ;) Android's the future now because of it's versatility.
+Dave Dupre Can you give examples as to why you feel that way? We're all entitled to our own preference. I've stated my reasons, what are yours?
Yeah, and I only have to carry three batteries with me to use it until I can get back home to charge it. It could grow a jet pack and fly me to work, but not if I have to leave it plugged in. They shouldn't even call those things mobile.
in the end of the day it's almost just like the PC vs. Mac.
+Patrick Barrow I agree on the cheap phone angle. Cheap phones are exactly what they are. You can't fully enjoy the power and beauty of a phone if it can't run or display aspects of the OS properly.
+John Lilly And that's why Android has taken over 50% market share in the US. They keep making it better. They aren't satisfied with good, they want the best possible. IOS is good, not great. I've used it. That's why I use Android. I like my freedom to customize, and so do most people. I like more functionality. Android has it. And Apple won't be able to keep up on the hardware front because even if their newest and baddest phone is better than anything else on the market at the time it comes out (which is getting harder and harder with all the stiff competition out there), it won't be the best within a few weeks or a month due to another manufacturer releasing the next best phone. A less functional OS paired with good-but-not-great hardware equals a nice device but not the best you can have. I'll stick with android and it's multitude of options that are available.

Why can't we Android users stop being so fucking annoying? That guy likes his iPhone. I like my iPhone.


What I require in a phone is far different from what many of you might require. There is no correct operating system. I like a stable seamless, never-see-any-frame-drop-whatsoever experience and Android does not provide that, threading issues and whatnot. Whereas, on my tablet, i want extra customizability, so I use android.

And apps. I like apps that look good and have decent tablet versions.
Android is for mechanics, iOS is for drivers. Sure, mechanics know how to drive. And, yeah, some drivers know how to perform routine maintenance. But, we're talking two totally different approaches to the machines. I've never understood why people debate this stuff. They both work fine.
I'd prefer it if the cheap phones were decent. Give me a year old phone fine. But don't load it full of software that ruins it. Remove "features" from skins to speed it up, not drop an Android version.
To be honest Derek I got nothing against Androids. I was just reading all the pro Android/anti iPhone posts and decided to troll your post. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either phone. They're the 2 best on the market. I am an iPhone user. I love it. It works great for me. I've never had any serious issues with mine. I will continue to use Apple products because I think they're quality products.
both great phones, it's user's choice.
where me lives, iOS is just to show off, while Android works for me from the time the moment my eyes are open. in fact it is that little green robot that wakes me up too
Well, they are. Apple has one of, if not, the best quality control.
i have a smartphone with android(desire hd) system & ios both together.ios(iphone 4s) is prefer than other device.
+Ticiano Diniz I'd highly recommend checking out apps that have been UI optimized for ice cream sandwich. Will change your mind drastically. For sure, gingerbread apps and below are ugly. Ics I would put ahead of iOS on the design front.
But flagship is that. Flagship. If Google brings Nexus to a value price, it'll sell more. I prefer usability and price to Premium FEEL
Derek, you should check out the Android keyboard of the near future. It will be my alternate keyboard called UtterKaos. This is not an in-app keyboard, it takes on all functionality of the default keyboard. What you see is just the first stage in my prototype. More coming soon!
UtterKaos Video
Noze P.
Some people need to realize that many chosen iPhone cause they already has full apple systems set up at home. And the iPhone is an extremely nice tool when you are like that. Also i must say, android side - samsung , a manufacturer that craps on mac users (no real syncing software for mac). I somehow can't really walk around without emptying my crap from phones. I used to buy samsung, i loved samsung, but there is no way i buy a pc just so i can manage whats on my phone. No mention that the phones are actually more pricey than iPhone at my carrier. This is exactly same crap as canon vs nikon discussions, or pc vs mac for that matter. Nope, not all people buy iPhones to show off, just like not all people buy iMac's for this reason.
Let's meet here. Carriers don't make it easy to find year old phones sometimes. Go ahead and release a flagship. At the same time drop a slightly updated version of the one from last year at a cheap price. By slightly, I mean update the processor a bit and increase screen size/quality. Rerelease the Nexus S with out buttons and call it Nexus view. Just make aclear distinction in screen size and functionality.
To put in perspective what you're implying, Android is like Kia, Hyundai or Toyota, they make good, durable cars, changing the overall design often, on the other hand you have Porsche with the 911, they got a pretty good design first time out, and have continue developing over the years, making it better and better, just like the iPhone ... and to say the iPhone has not change a lot in terms of user experience is a huge understatement ... just look at the Retina Display to name one ...
Noze p. Mac designed their OS to work only with their products 
That's freakin fantastic! You can always tell when someone has upgraded on Android. Not so much with Apple. LOL.

I'm sharing this with all my fiends that want to know the difference between the two.
I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus <3!!! I've never ever cared much about phones till I got it :) my previous phone was the very first Droid by Motorola but damn I can't stop saying how much I love my phone, is that a bad thing? Haha
Scott G
Great post. I've tried numerous times to get used to Apple products, phones and computers but... nope. I don't know why people pay more for a product that does less; and what little it does the way a handful of developers think is best. I love the freedom and the ability of Android phones. They've exceeded my expectations and set the bar for any phone from this point on. Though, in Apple's defense, they had a really good marketing campaign towards people who don't know better. But if you ask me what I'd say about Apple stuff, well.. "It just sucks."
Moving away from the iPhone to go to the Blackberry? Did I just read that correctly? You've got to be friggin joking with me. Sure. That's why most everyone i've seen that has a Blackberry (for business purposes) also has an iPhone (for personal uses). Sure. That's why Blackberry has lost tons of market share and has fired/had step down several executives including their 2 CEO's. Sure. That's why they're thinking about having their company be bought out. Because people are leaving their iPhones to go to Blackberry. Tell me another one.
+Oswaldo Martinez Aviles that would be assuming a lot. Lumping android in the category of a matchbox car vs a Porsche is a bit elitist. There are plenty of Android devices that are just as premium as an iPhone. I would put a Galaxy Nexus, HTC One, Galaxy S2, hell even a Razor against one all day, every day in terms of what is offered. Because it has changed does not imply that it is broken. How many iPhone users were begging for a larger display with the 4s and didn't get it? There are niches in the market and devices specifically catered to satisfy them. As in any market, really.

What, exactly, is different between a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone? Similar devices. One year release schedules. Mostly hardware upgrades, same UI. Its a matter of perspective.
Not to derail this post, but it really is sad to see the mighty fall +Dave Dupre. RIM did the world a lot of good in the smartphone market over the years.
Ohhhh plzz... Ya looking at the picture different. I see the same product kicking ass year after year. 
I do love what Android can do with the new UI..but something that always bothering me on buying the latest Android is the size, battery consumption. To me the size of the android getting bigger to proportionate to the resolution it can handled seem very weird. I don't really like when a phone exceed 4" of size as ergonomically it is hard to do one hand operation. In therm of battery consumption, maybe because of the hardware it being use. Yes I do favor with all the quad/octo processor but do Google take a look on how their android power consumption? Maybe I just asking too much from Google
Wow, it looks like the Androids are starting to sag under the weight of cruft and bloat-ware.... :-)
Android will be always the best!! iOS is just so boring !
More like iphone users treat their phones as accessories. So, no point wasting our breath telling which phone is better in terms of functionality. They just dun understand.
I think you probably could have added the HTC Magic (dev version) and the Droid 1 to that list as well
Let's throw 2 cons out already.
Iphone: you're holding it wrong. You're tethered and dumb
Android: we're fat. We're geeky.
Leave it alone already.
No, I'm saying that my entire concept of self-worth as a sentient being is inextricably entwined with my choice of smartphone operating system.
+Chuan Law best quality with easier to crack screens? Apple are ripping off you guys with the highest margin in the industry yet they dun even bother to put gorilla glass? Just saying :)
Yes, love my Galaxy Nexus with the awesome 1920x720 resolution..higher resolution than iPad 2!
What iPhone had is there seemless syncing of iTunes..other than that androids far sypiro..except for a lot of the ciltches they have from the apps
+Derek Ross This is true Derek. It's too bad they weren't more innovative over the years. RIM/Blackberry was the businessman's best friend. They still have a good email system but everything else is just subpar.
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........
These videos are great!! I wish all of the iSheep would watch these. I'm so sick of these Apple fanboys trying to tell me what my Android phone can't do, when it can and it will do it faster and easier.
+Anthony Fawcett Maybe that's why I don't think I've seen a naked iPhone in quite a long time. Nearly everyone has a case on it. Why focus on making a phone so small if someone is just going to slap a case on it ruining the devs and designers concept.
Wow. Apple haters talk more about Apple THAN people who actually use Apple products. You can make all the posts you want, fact is, Apple is the market leader with good reason, and arrogant dimwits will always fail to see it. Any way, nice try, Android user.
+Chris Payne Exactly. I really hope people are watching these vids. They almost blow your mind.
And I hope they're giving a free elephant to carry the Galaxy Note around with you. 
+Anthony Fawcett i have 2 colleagues who dropped their phones and have both front and back with heavy cracks. For your info, is just very mild drop. Poor them, they are stucked with cracked screens everyday. Maybe they didn't "hold it right" :)
Say what you want but...

Android OS > iOS
Any Android phone < iPhone

Every Android phone has problems, multiple ones... name me one without problems. OTOH, iPhone just works... witnessing this every day at work. Same apps on my partners iPhone work flawlessly, and I mean it, flawlessly while they don't do so great on my phone.

I hate to say this... as soon as Iphone gets bigger screen (at least 4") I'm moving to it. I'm not paid to do Samsung/HTC/insert your manufacturer here/ R&D.... I just need my phone to work.
+Asad Ahmed Khan Apple isn't the market leader...

iOS Phone 43% - Android 48% last month. There's only a 15% difference on tablets as well. Android will lead there soon enough if the trend continues.
Let see what iPhone 5 can do...
+Anthony Fawcett oh yes, they both using iphones. No such phones which have such stupid design with front and back made with glass. Sorry correction, crappy glass. Where is the gorilla glass for goodness sake?
Yes, because all I'll be using my iPhone for is staring at the home screen.

I'd never use it for things like 1) Making phone calls, 2) browsing the web, 3) using apps.

All of which don't matter at all when it comes to the home screen, which is basically all you've shown here.

Not all iPhone users are hipster brainless douche bags that have no clue on how to mod a phone and not brick it. I happen to be a graphic designer that likes good, clean design. I get that with my iPhone. It has all my apps laid out for me right there. It displays the date and time. I can use a piece of my art as a wallpaper. I couldn't give a damn if I can root it and install Cyanogenmod on it.

I own a iPhone, an iPad, my computer is custom built, and I have a Samsung monitor and TV. My preference for phone shouldn't be the basis of how I'm treated by other phone users. I basically see a bunch of people in here slinging mud and name calling because someone chose to use something different than they did.
We all know Android is just a rip off of iOS. And we also know that specs aren't everything. Whats the point of having certain specs when the OS is too awful to even utilize them?

And same thing for tablet as well:

I also find it ridiculous that you think "user experience" means the home screen layout. I hope you realize how utterly wrong that statement is.

And not to mention no matter how well Samsung, HTC, or Google does selling phones, no Android phone will ever outsell any iPhone.

And let's take into account that most Android users buy them because they are cheaper. Well guess what, Android phones are just pieces of crap:

And not to mention this isn't the first time people have started to copy Apple:

So let me know when an Android phone outsells an iPhone, without pulling the whole Android is a more popular OS piece of crap. Show that you are smart enough to know that you should never compare a mobile operating system to a cell phone. And let me know when Android can pull off benchmarks like iOS devices when using components that have lower specs and use less battery.
+Anthony Fawcett Some (not all) problems with desire HD include excessive battery usage, proximity sensor issues, random reboots Sense not playing too nice with android. You're lucky if you did not experienced any of them altough, I think, we all like to make our phones look a little better then they actually are.
So you're basing thoughts on screenshots alone. Good job. Why is this shit in my stream?

Android is such a clusterfuck.
Oddly enough +Aaron Wood I can do all those things you said with a stock, let's say, Galaxy Nexus since that screenshot was shown. Watch the videos please, they prove my points.

And I believe you're the first one to say Hipster in this thread...
Why are my comments being removed? U MAD, Android hater? lol

+Michael Gaines Please watch the 2 videos at the bottom of the post. The post is more than screenshots.
There is some serious kool-aid drinking in this post. The hardware and software on both platforms have aspects that are superior or inferior. Both platforms put pressure on their opponents to become better. Competition should be embraced, not shunned. Don't be zealots, sheeple!
Noze P.
+murilo mello and whats wrong with that? i can't afford having a stinky windows crashing thousands of my photos. I need a system that works and if it works together its even better. But for info macOS were there way before the iPhone, and whatever you plug in these things are just simply working. Ive been using a few platform in my life, and it is far the most optimized for my use. That doesn't mean that i don't expect a market leader to optimize their products to work with other than windows. Mac's share in the pc market rising a lot, there is no excuse if you really want a market share to rape on people a windows system just to sync a cellphone. There is a specific use for everything, just like in other products. Some people buy mac's cause its shiny and some doesn't. On a sidenote macs can and do run windows, and iPhone has no problem on windows platform to sync.
+Derek Ross Screw that. Why watch biased videos? Why is this post in my stream in the first place? If Android is so awesome why does Google make 80% of their mobile revenue from iOS? Love that with Android you can buy this year's phones with last year's OS. Keep up the good work.
Oh +Michael Gaines you're mistaken. It's all about the ecosystem. What is the cost of a free open source OS anyways?
haz ain
if i got that all phone i will be crazy..
Funny how Android users are troubled about iPhone more than anyone else in the world. Goes out to show the position Apple occupies in the industry. Nice try, Android users.
+Asad Ahmed Khan No comments are being removed unless they are spam. I've removed 2 spam comments so far tonight. None were from you. So I think you're mistaken my friend. :) I don't censor.
+Derek Ross I've been working with open source for over 20 years, since Minix. Open Source isn't always the end-all, be-all. Open Source can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. And let's not get into how these Android phones get branded with bloatware that you have to root your phone to get rid of. No thanks.
+Asad Ahmed Khan Exactly. You don't see iOS users all butthurt about Android. It's the Android people that are always crying.
Talk about 1st world discussions. Jeebus. Get over it. It's a phone. Use whatever you like.
+Anthony Fawcett Um, what? Name ONE app that's installed that's not a part of the base iOS. Christ almighty. These are the stupid arguments that just make me laugh.
+Michael Gaines None of the phones I listed above are laden with bloatware..... read the post. They are pure Android devices.

Sadly yes, many Android phones are laden with carrier bloatware. Tis the nature of Open Source. You leave it to be changed and modified as anyone pleases. Some of Android greatest feats are because it's open. Some of it's failures are also due to this.
I'd share this, but the Apple fanboys in my circles will be saying that iOS was perfect since it was first released.
when your product is already at the level of top quality it will tend to need fewer if any changes. +1 Apple and +1 for iOS
Noze P.
+Michael Gaines hate between users of products has been always a great market strategy. Its like the people who invented the google vs apple war thing. Two company that are barely on the same page. Not to mention the google products integrated by default on every iPhone and iPad since the beginning. Yep i can see how they hate each other.
+Tan Boon Siang , I just came across this picture. And oh yes, I'm absolutely butthurt, lol, dimwit. 
+Vlad Taushanov That's ok. It was perfect since first release. Times they are a changin' though. It is no longer the top dog.

I'm headed to bed. Please be nice to one another, no flaming :) And by all means please read the post and watch the videos. They are the cornerstone to the whole argument!
As it says in the first video, "At the end of the day, you choose what works best for you."

I choose my iPhone.


Also, my girlfriends iPhone 4S didn't come with one piece of bloatware from Verizon on it (the carrier she purchased it from.) It was all stock iOS.
Galaxy nexus 4life! (Until the next nexus comes out, then I'll switch to that )
Does the latest version of Android actually work?
Because right now I would love to trade in my Android phone for an iPhone and actually be able to send text messages and make phone calls again...
What so you say about this argument of iOS lovers: We do not want to change a perfect girlfriend.
Talking about iCloud , it just reminds me how impressive that all contacts, calendars, gmail… etc. perfectly sync. in my HTC G1 3 years ago.
Noze P.
+Anthony Fawcett check again, google using a patent troll company to actually sue themselves doesn't bother anyone. Google handing out patents so nokia and others can sue apple ... same thing. Apple trying to settle an agreement none cares. Apple suing OH EM GEE, big mean wolf ... lol. A certain company called microsoft done worse still none cares that you actually has no opt out of buying a pc without windows in any shop.
ios evolution isn't in its face , is in CORE !!!
+Simon Campbell Which Android phone do you have and on what carrier? If you're having trouble with text messages that sounds like a network problem or it could be a hardware problem. The biggest problem Android faces is that most people can't tell the difference between hardware problems, software problems, network problems and user error. Every version of Android has actually worked. Unfortunately there are many manufacturers who put a great operating system on really crappy hardware. I used to own a Samsung Moment and my wife had the Samsung Intercept. They were the WORST devices we have every owned. But I knew it was the hardware. Samsung is good at making unreliable hardware.
I loved my iPhone. It was a good phone, a good music device and a passable Web browser. Then I moved to Android to get Google voice support... and my world changed. Apple phones are good phones. Android phones are a truly general propose computing device. The intents system that Android uses to share data between apps (and between them and the OS) is the core of what makes Android better. It means that every app is on equal footing. Don't like the way calls are made on an Android phone? Install an app that handles those intents differently. Under iOS, that's Apple's baby, and you get nothing.

Next up are the permissions. Under iOS, you trust Apple to screen apps which can basically do whatever they like as long as Apple approves it. Under Android, I choose what I want to allow, and if an app wants more I know that.

I loved my iPhone, but I'd never go back (even for the clearly superior music handling).
There are many things that effectively cripple android from being accepted as a quality product by people, these unfortunately happen to be google fault, cell phone operators bundle with phones applications that are hard or impossible for the average people to uninstall, and that effectively cripple the phone, in many ways (as in applications that don't let phone sleep and make it drain battery much faster than it should, or in extreme make it a rather unusable product) and unless you know how to root your phone, you either get a nexus or get a sub par experience, and when you compare the later cost with an iphone you know what they will get. 
+Anthony Fawcett Oh, in Australia. You need to clarify that. Either way, I can't find a single post on the internet that says Telstra preinstalls Facebook.
+Anthony Fawcett +Derek Ross
I intended to speak about an individual brand amongst Androids. Don't think I'll ever see a day when an Android phone shall overtake the iPhone. 
hey hey! apple has had tremendous software change ok! can't you see?? black background is now white! :p
+Anthony Fawcett, not to get personal but (well since you brought up the republican thing with +Michael Gaines, I guess I will) it looks like you know how to use your phone really well (congratulations), but you don't know how to lose weight and need people to tell you how.

+Anthony Fawcett don't say what country you're in, and then you admit you don't even know how things are today. Good job.
Pretty sad and boring comparison. iOS excels for many reasons that are not obvious in a side by side comparison, the biggest one being the "paradox of choice". Android can in fact do more than iOS, in more ways. But users don't actually need so much flexibility. Any time there are two ways to do something, humans have to engage their logical brain and choose. We may squeak about wanting choices, but when we don't have them, we move on to bigger and better things. Apple has this minimalism built into its DNA, so it's no surprise that apple has been careful not to add very many options, and has continued delighting their fans by getting the hell out of their way.
Noze P.
agreed +Clint Byrum i gave my old iPhone to my mom, she set it up alone and she is one IT challenged. She just got an android tablet, can't even get the wifi work not to mention Skype.
+Anthony Fawcett, nah, any thread is a good thread to bring up personal goals like weight loss. :)

Maybe we should all have a discussion about human OS and what the real definition of "Bloatware" is? Perhaps see who has the best OS. Skinny people? In shape people? Fat people? Morbidly obese people?

Sounds more fun than rambling about phones. :)
My android phone is bigger still - a galaxy note. Which given the resolution to size (5.3") would be defined as a Retina Display, of course the only Retina Display with a simple Wacom Tablet under it. I find it the best phone I ever had, where I move between touch ( fast and casual) the wacom pen ( pressure sensitive, pixel accurate power user - never miss even a 1 pixel link again and draw, char , annotate everything) and dead accurate voice ( for commands while walking/driving and dictation of all my email/messages). A perfect phone for the power user. I have the international, unlocked version with a huge development community where I can get any customization I need. A real gamer changer of a phone.
+Daniel Straus That was clearly sarcastic. >.> I'm not sure how you thought otherwise.
+Noze P. can't even get wifi work? you must be lying. Android allows power controls widget. And for skype, unless u hidden the apps :P
+Alex Ray haha my bad. So many fandroids on here so I felt it might be necessary ;) 
In my personal opinion, Android is better for this who are prepared to tinker with their phones. Where as iOS is for people who don't give a damn about customising their phone (unless they're hard core enough to jail break it).

That's why most dumbass teenager in Britain have Blackberry - no customisation, like iOS, but super cheapo!
+Daniel Straus No problem. haha. This is actually the most action I've seen on G+ in months. :P
i vote for non conformity! If apple ran a school it would be a uniform only school lol
Noze P.
+Anthony Fawcett sure just check around on Intellectual Ventures. And if you up to date you also should know that european courts are actually investigating now the motorola patent sue, as well as they already dealt with both samsung and apple, they both got told that it is abused to ask for forbidding any products on market ...
+Anthony Fawcett If you're such a champion of global concepts, you WOULD have to say where you are because every country can be different. You neglected to do that, knowing full well that I was obviously talking about a different country (and not even about the U.S.). You fail at your own argument.
Noze P.
+Tan Boon Siang its very rude to call people liars without even saying hi to them...
+Anthony Fawcett well, my friend, you can speak all you want about the diversity, but fact of the matter remains that Apple put all you could possibly need in one device, so why bother to diversify when you're eventually a world beater anyway? 
The Government thinks they are entitled to everything and anything. Bastards!
This reminds me of the statistic "80% of all people believe they're above average" or something like that. That's an iOS user.
+Alex Ray haha so true! I think it's because most people who still use it are geeks, including myself, and geeks love their smartphones and love to defend them till death do they part. 
Noze P.
so far that 80% on this thread are android users bashing iOS/apple product +chris currence #imjustsaying
Till death do me and android part, but to be accurate you must add the craptastic HTC Droid Eris and 2009 to this comparison. Thank goodness those days are long gone.
+Justin Virly yep, I've given exactly that advice and some people have bought iPhones on my advice as a result. Others have bought Android. It all depends on what you need.

I still hold out hope for Google and music, but even with Play Music (horrible name) Google hasn't even caught up to Apple's 2008 offering. I had one auto-playlist that was just long enough for my walk to/from work and contained my least recently listened, highest rated songs. Every day, I would sync it and get a new selection of music that I loved but hadn't heard in a while. Perfect. With Google Play Music, there's nothing even close.

But... When I download new music from an artists web site directly onto the phone and load it into a playlist it does make me feel a little better.
I have both the Galaxy SII and Galaxy tablet 10, and couldn't be happier. :)
this gives me a message that Apple doesn't have to change much on the iPhone's appearance yet it keeps getting better
I see this as a pro/con
Google's constant changes are great, but just look at the buttons! Apple figured this out a long time ago, and google can't make their mind up.
Android evolution?Where?An Asian manufacturer said, some time ago: after 6 months the Android devices are old, after 12 are garbage and after 18 are are just a paperweight or doorstop.
This is evolution?Are you sure?
... and after all that android evolution, it still looks so retarded compared to the iPhone! :D
Noze P.
Actually you do need to state out where you from. For the simple fact that e.g google music is not even accessible in europe, that Galaxy S2 took a year to get to the US, that nexus one was the worst selling phone in europe. That lawsuits doesn't end up with same judgements in europe as oversea. That Facebook is not integrated in any iPhone here, and that carriers are not having same treatment from companies. Here nokia actually paying carriers to sell theirs phones, samsung take a small part of the price, apple not paying and not taking any part in charge at the carriers, better they even made exclusivity contracts with the big ones (which are now over).
but why have a phone that has looked the same for the past 5 years and all that changed is the back and the screen resolution and the battery
Apple and Microsoft has to reinvent themselves, stop with all the exclusivity, before the use of electric rail steam engine was fine but after, either the makers of the steam engine hire an electrical engineer or find their business elsewhere.
Nann Oo
Android is forever!!!
Apple is keeping it simple, resisting the bleeding-edge gee-whiz features that Android is so infatuated with. This is how Apple is appealing to more and more people, and they are bringing some of that beauty and simplicity to their desktop Mac computers with OS X 10.8, due out this summer. They are doing this as they keep both operating systems separate, recognizing that computers and tablets are fundamentally different. Microsoft, meanwhile, is attempting to have the same operating system, Windows 8, installed on tablets and computers. We will see how that pans out...
+Asad Ahmed Khan Then why is it that you can do so much more (and in most cases better) on Android? Yes, I said more.
very true. D'roid is the love :)
not that iOS hasn't improved , but its nice to change from while to while
I don't see what the point of this image is. iOS is about consistent and simple design while meeting the core needs of the user while Android is about heavy experimentation and pushing its boundaries. Apples and oranges really.
This makes no sense to me? Obviously android made changes to their OS because it was shit. I don't own an iPhone, but clearly their OS is very easy to use, and not shit, so why would they bother changing it? Useless shit post is useless and shit.
I have had many of both. iPod touch 1st & 3rd Gen, iPhone 3gs & iPhone 4. Also have owned Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid Charge & Galaxy Nexus. No doubt that I am an Android at heart! From cupcake, froyo, gingerbread and now ice cream sandwich. They stomp iOS hands down!
Hi, sorry, although I don't like / own an iOS, Android evolution needs lot more work to catch up on the UX of the iPhone... Just plain truth. (even for Ice Cream Sandwitch)
You could try the miui for Android. It's a third-party rom made by a group of Chinese guys. Although it's like iOS a little bit, I promise you'll love that.
All you people who like <insert one of them here> are so stupid for liking <first one>. Obviously <second one> has owned from the get go and <first one> has always been crap and has been trying to get better.
Most of the time, upgrading to a new Android OS is like switching to a new ecosystem(e.g. from Symbian to Android) terms of cost, you don't have a phone which is manufactured in 2009 and can still utilizing the new UI, like Apple did with iPhone.

And trust me, before ICS people did not even want to use the original uncustomized Android UI, pretty much every Android user I knew said it sucks.:)
+Noze P. In what ways are iphones better than Android phones? Do you know or are you making blind claims to justify your purchase. Apple is good at claiming they're better. Now back it up.
Noze P.
dude i never claimed that one is better than the other, read the comments before replying +chris currence. PS: i don't need to justify my purchase to anyone, specially not to the world wide web lol.
The last iPhone doesn't have iOS5!
How do you get the Web site to be synced between the laptop and the phone? I can't find anything like this in the settings. Is it an extension?
The first video really pointed out how complicated iOS is. You can't have information "at a glance" unlike on Android. Also, copying files to and from an Android device is very easy unlike on iOS wherein you need to do more fancy babblings before you get the job done.
as we all knw.. Apple need is money.. There are all money eaters..!!!!!!!!!. ANDROID !!!!! Rocksssssssss
iPhone 4S PPI is higher, you know screen is important for us users. Android Phone should be enhanced and optimized.
well, Google can not settle down with icons and backgrounds for their phones... true evolution )))))
The Nexus-One fits into iPhone cases and onto iPhone stands. It is expectantly the same size. In this respect the graphic is misleading it a sense that the iPhone is portrait as smaller then it actually is. +Apple Computers might use tricks like this in there court cases but we +Android should be above such meager tricks.
the first iPhone I owned was the iPhone 4. Very slick design, stable OS but monotonous UI. The first Android handset I owned was a Samsung Galaxy S which had eclair, I didn't know how to root and Samsungs update to froyo took forever so got an HTC Desire which got Froyo OTA. After that I upgraded to the Desire S because the Desire was going to get a tweeked Gingerbread. I really got tired of the update delays by Google through its various OEMs and the hardware acceleration to dual-core processors didn't help so I sold my Desire S and now own a GNex. Best mobile phone and OS IMO. Can't wait for Jelly Bean. An iPhone has no dedicated back button, no Widgets, limited home screen customization, to dependant on iTunes for file transfer. Android4Life
That's right! iPhones evolved uniquely, nicely, friendly, and coordinately.
is that one of those squeezy androids because ive got one and it really does look like it if it is that where did you get it from
i still have a brick from like 2006 or even earlier but a way to look at this is that when the iphon came out it was so good it didnt need upgrading.... like who wants to have to get a new phone every year? thats pretty damn expensive
+Brad Thompson Android phones cost just as much (if not more) as Apple phones. There are cheaper Android phones, but, then there are the ones of the highest quality with the best technology available. I can afford ANY phone. I choose Android. Those that think Apple is the best are buying into the hype. I believe I heard the Samsung S-II was the most popular phone of 2011. Samsung sold more phones than Apple. Android has 50% market share in the US. Apple has around 26% I believe. Where is Apple winning? Oh yeah, they're making top dollar from a less-than top quality phone and people can't stop telling themselves they've made the best purchase. Apple is winning in the marketing arena for sure. They don't just tell you it's the best but keep reminding you it's the best (even when it clearly isn't) and the sheep believe it because it's what they want to hear. It's like a false religion. How do you convince someone they're being lied to when they WANT to believe it?
Someone ask me about (software & hardware) Evolution....
Evolution is:

adjust, improve, adapt to change something in the time and the world (the environment) around us.
Android, some did. Still missing: better planning, greater number of rules in the interface, not fragmentation, a little 'more order in the Android store, less smartphone, more order nlla production, update, review and release of software and hardware version of Android. ...
P.S....Excuse my english....
iphone 4 is shit just like others iphones
Oh man, wherever did Apple come up with talk-to-text and a search engine just by speaking to a microphone!? Oh...

Presenting the iPhone 4.5.... uh, 4S
Clearly people don't understand the difference between trademarks, patents and copyrights. The look and feel is covered by trademarks. Functional stuff like pinch to zoom is covered by patents and actual media and source code is covered by copyright. Try getting this right when you get all indignant. Capich?
BTW: If Android is to survive in the market, you Android fanboys had better start coughing up some actual money for apps. Apparently developers earn 10x more on iOS than on Android because most Android users won't pay for an app! Cheapskates ;-)
Migs B
Love my nexus s with ics 4.0.4 ,why would anybody want a boring iPhone, ok maybe for the simplicity 
Androids are simply a copycat business. How can you possibly deliver a good OS when your making something thats free ? Why don't you show all the garbage phones they flooded the market with like the the cliq, replenish, the dart, or the kyocera echo. AW-FUL.
Iphone, Ipad, Ipod. All are for wheelchair people with phone ready for ordering even "voice recording" apps. All are crap proprietary wastes.
ya, and alta vista predates google....
alta vista won right?
iPhone 5 will be a revolutionary phone !
I did development for Ios, no matter how good Apple's SDK is, but their Norms are just NONSENSE. you cant use this api, that API. Can access files using raw api. What hell!!!!. Are apple developers or TV actors?
I had ipad and galaxy s2 phone I am from Egypt when i first used my ipad i was impressed then when i first used the galaxy s2 i knew that android can do more just near to pc i barely need to open my laptop some functions that are found in android and not found in Ios as flash ability to use torrent downloads and downloading in general and no need to teether app as itunes instead it use folder system as pc so android is a small pc i can not see a function that android can not do as pc i think it can do 90% of functions of pc or even more no limitations no jailbreak need or wait of course their are points ios could outperform may be battery life more optimized apps more easy for beginners no fuss for choosing the model of phone that suits you best as it is only one choice no customization skills needed use as it is ultimate quality control but adobe flash support and near pc files and folders use and ability to use torrents and download as pc make it more superior to me and more like a pc replacement as if I am using ubunto on the go wished i could speak more and make scientific evidence based detailed comparisons not just opinions from a guy who used the two systems alot but I have no time now
looks more like Androids still caching up in some departments.
android team is great in devlopment and apple is worst but then also i dont know why people like to buy iphone or and ipad
Very interesting debate / conversation, I would like to join..the problem is I'm using HTC One X now but have a iphone4 as an office calculator. what should I say, iPhone 4 is a good calculator.
+Brad Thompson iPhone is not that intuitive... It may do what it's supposed to do but it doesn't do what I want it to do...

Example from just today... I took a video of the kids playing Easter games, my mother in law asks me for a copy of the video... If she had an Android duck soup send it over BlueTooth, how do I get it over to her iPhone? Can't do it without a computer...

So I uploaded it to YouTube... She wants to post the link on FaceBook... In Android I simply tape the Share button from the YouTube app and get a list if apps to share it to... iPhone? Share link to her iPhone via Text Message, copy link from SMS, open Facebook, create status, paste link...

What in the freaking blue blazes was intuitive about any of that shit?

Real World problems...
Like android OS, iphone's screen size it too small for me
+Nathan Allison Android needs to do so much catching up that all the iOS "new features" could be done with FroYo... Hah!
True, i (was) an apple the iPad, iPhone (all versions) just bought iMac & the things are still restricted, can't do this on the mac, can't do that on the iPad, i thought that buying the mac would allow integration & things would flow....not so.
Thats it for me, my next will be android running windows, sorry apple, you have to let go of your control & give users more usability.
So true ios sucks

+James Tomsco I disagree. I am much happier with my Samsung Galaxy note rather then the iphone. Android will become more powerful...just because it's free.
That's not the correct 2011 OS for iPhone example you have there! I am an iPhone user and have the 4 without my wallpaper mine doesn't look like that! The iPod doesn't exist anymore! It's down to the individual to how they want their phone to look and what's easiest/best for them! 
I agree! I have never loved a phone up until I bought my Galaxy Nexus. I'm glad to see that the Android OS has made it so far. The pure Google experience is fabulous!
+Anthony Fawcett right, I understand all of that, just debunking the notion that iOS is sooooo intuitive while Android is not, when, in fact I find quite the opposite to be true...

I hate people that blindly regurgitate what bloggers or pundits write without any added substance of their own, so in provided some real world examples from just today...
It's becoming more interesting to see Android users continue to complain about people who buy Apple products. As if in most markets the 'better' items are ever the most sold and desired, but for years now the specific tirade against Apple carries on. Reminds me of the jeuvenile console wars (360 vs PS3, N/3DS vs PSP/Vita, etc.)
Too bad she didn't tell you she wanted it OB FB from the beginning. Also, if you're willing to add Twitter to the mix, things get a lot easier. I have my tweets set up to go to FB (and FriendFeed for that matter) automatically. So I'd have skipped the SMS step and merely tweeted the vid. That would have landed the vid link in my FB account; from there it's trvial to get it into your mil's account. Not as slick as tha Android app, but it's the first time I've ever heard the complaint that an iPhone user had to be geekier than an Android user. ;-)
The best things in life are free ;-) Most people can't afford Apple yet some still buy their products for the kudos. I don't think it will be too long before the Apple falls from the tree.
Ps as for sharing files.... "What's app" Maybe that's similar to androids "duck Soup" 
+James Tomsco for being such a copycat it seems that iOS has been doing the copying lately... What happened, innovation well dried up?
Android sucks so bad it's not even funny anymore. Always trying to compete SMH! 
people are so biased. they like android more...still many of them end up buying an ios.
sadly speaking, asian markets are treating iphones as symbol of wealth (just like accessories to LV bags) No wonder one China kid sold his kidney for iDevices.
People really should get over themselves with the android/iphone wars. There's usually ignorance from users on BOTH sides. Is it really worth HATING an OS you think is inferior?

I have products with both OS installed that I use daily and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you don't think you have the mental fortitude to like one without hating the other, how about you just ignore it?
Nexus S with ICS update, Like being delivered a new phone, For free!
I don't see why people have to make such a big deal about the differences or make it into some sort of competition. As a consumer, buy the phone that runs the OS that best meets your needs. There's no need to insult owners of the other platform to make you feel better about whichever choice you made. I owned an original iPhone, went from that to a Nexus One, then to an iPhone 4, and now have a Galaxy Nexus. Every one of those phones did what I needed it to do at the time.
Android ftw due to progress, customization, and device 'control'. Admittedly I do not have extensive Apple product knowledge because I never needed it. Agreed, they are stable, but so was June Cleaver for that matter. Now, as far as build quality... f Samsung. The radios in my nexus s were garbage to the point sprint gave an air rave device so that it would work inside my house. Thank Google for buying Moyorola out. Their build quality meets/exceeds/matches appholes. And comparatively my Photons reception smashes the nexus, receiving on average 2 to 3 bars higher and delivering me service where I previously had none. Now I just have to wait for the Motorola Nexus... and the inevitable takeover by Google.
If it works, don't fix it. iPhone kept the same UI same design and size but the specs one has to agree that there has been massive updates.
so... this picture is basically showing that ios got it right 5 years ago... (I own 3 androids.)
+Mary Baum she did say she wanted it on FB, but I don't have an FB account anymore... She also doesn't have a Twitter account, neither do I anymore either... I find it kind of crazy that one needs this elaborate setup to simply get a video across devices...

Ringtones have the same story, I could BlueTooth ringtones over on my RAZR flip phone, creating and sharing ringtones on the iPhone is pretty crazy... I could never understand why this was so complicated on the iPhone, used to drive me crazy...
I've seen some of the Android phones and they look like children's phones. The interface is laggy, cumbersome and it looks like they through the Android OS on a phone that can't handle it. If you look at the first iPhone it was smooth, simple, fast and very well built. They still are very well built. I'm not saying that all Android phones are slow no that's not what I'm saying at all. Some of them are pretty fast and work really well. If I had to choice I would go with the iPhone for know, because as fair as I'm concerned nothing has beat it yet. But that could and probably will eventually change. That's what I think. But I will try almost anything new.
Notice how the androids keep getting bigger and bigger and uglier and uglier, while the iphone, comfortable in it's own self security, just remains simple, yet powerful and easy on the eyes. Penis envy, android? :)
+Brad Thompson did you really try to say iOS is more secure than Android? I guess that's why NSA has chosen iOS for their employee phones... oh wait... they didn't.
+Nathan Allison when you compare, make sure you compare same caliber phones... When looking at a $200 iPhone, also look at a $200 Android phone...
Android os is awosm and cool too......i am impreased with it
+Greg Baltzell Hah! "comfortable in it's own self security" that's the funniest way I've ever seen someone describe "can't scale"... Your hilarious...
not sure what you are really saying +Nathan Allison after reading through that, looks to me like you started off on a rant against android and very soon realized you dont have much by way of facts against it, Which is all that makes sense, Iphone/IOS has got real competition in android and they, at the moment are not doing to well to face it
+Chuan Law Apple is this apple is that ..shut the f up .. If you are talking sense talk sense .. Technically retarded people use iPhone .. And for that matter Android is not difficult to use at all..mat WM6.5 was ..but not android .. Even when android was not there I tried iOS hated its retarded and limited character and bought Windows mobile.. I give them credit of bringing competition and starting sudden improvements in UI.. But according to me iOS is for retards and yes iOS apps too crash frequently .. If you want good looking apps try WINDOWS PHONE 7 ..that's my daily driver ..though I still love android more coz android for me = freedom ..
Mmmm ICS. ..drools..
What do they need to be worried about at the moment. Other then the Google Glasses .
Making the screen larger + fewer main screen icons = better?
+Nathan Allison if you want to see android that does not look like a children's phone ..then be logical and spend Atleast 80% of money that you would spend to buy iPhone.and then see what you get ,.., did you read about ..HTC OneX and OneS .. Apple looks like stone age shit .. :) 
People say that iOS's security is better? I just see that Apple can not open and make its OS secure. But Google can. Android is open and I see no problem with security -- just don't install apps requiring permissions that I don't allow.

An Apple device is Apple's property -- it controls all things you paid for. But an Android device is mine, absolutely. I bought it, and I can f*ck my Android device.

With iOS -- you need a condom.
more series in your country but in Cambodia did not have
+Tabard Abbot I had Motorola Droid that came with Eclair, upgraded to froyo. Loved the stock UI. Used cyanogenmod because it closely resembled stock, even through upgrade to gingerbread. So now you know at least one person who liked stock
Ok think about how rolls royce will have a model that's look exactly the same for ten years! That's cause most people don't get to see the significant changes from year to year. Now Honda will have the same exact reliable motor in 6 or 7 different models. So oooh they all look different, but they are all cheap. iOS hase changed the look or layout cause it works. But there have been MANY changes from the 2g to the 4s. aOS is pretty cool if you don't mind having to charge up every 8hrs! Idk! Whatevs!
Great computers, boring phones. Just got a One X and it beats a 4s in every aspect ....
When you have done it right, you don't have to keep on changing.
Anyone who says iOS got everything right the first time really needs to experience widgets and an app drawer. Seriously, all icons spread out over your home screen vs organized in 1 place. How is that more intuitive? Home screens with widgets that display all info I am looking for without even running an app, how is that hard or confusing?
Without Steve Jobs we would all probably still be looking at Windows Mobil, Palm, and RIM for smart phones. Those smart phones may not have changed much sense when they first came out.
without Motorola, we will be still using wired phone. come on, dun give me all bout staying up with times and competition
Let's see, iphone 4s just came out with Siri a retarded robot sounding voice control. Google had it for years without the gimmicky bells and whistles robo voice called Google Voice. Also recently Apple failed so bad to create an unattrusive notification system they copied Androids which Android had since day 1. Ummm, to this day Iphone still cannot multitask yet it calls itself a smartphone? A limited capability blackberry can multitask! Apple got so afraid of how Android phones kill iphones in sales Apple decided to go thermonuclear on Android only Android is still #1 and a $100 billion company like Apple cannot make a better operating system and is now retreating in the courts against Samsung because they know they have no case. Apple right now makes a better tablet....wait no the Samsung Note is already ranked better than the ipad 3! Just wait until the 10.1 version note comes out! I have personally bought the note as a tablet only devise and with a 5.3 inch screen it is very portable, does everything and thevs pen works wonders.

It has gotten so bad for Apple Sheeple that they have to defend their sorry product in every board that isn't Apple! The old adage is if a product is so superior as Applebots say they would never have to defend their product. Oh sorry they do not defend they just smear and call people childish names because that is what losers always do as a last resort. We Android users just post facts as the originator of this post did. If Applebots weren't so threatened they wouldn't even be in this thread they would be busy using their devises to find the nearest online worship Apple chapel.
If it wasn't Mr Jobs it would have been somebody else, the guy is gone stop kissing his arse it's embarrassing
+Steve Davies you know that's a pretty a weak way of reasoning? And how does my iPhone make me look like a sheep if I can completly change the interface?
I think iPhones are better seeing as I have one but it's one of the old ones. I love it anyway.
And I have an awesome software
Without the option for customization how do you intend to do that +Hansotto Kristiansen ? A major selling point of the Android OS over iOS is it's open source nature. You don't even need a Google account to use one fully, you are not handcuffed the way you are to Apple
I'll stick to my quad core HTC One X, thanks. 
It seems to me that the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users only chose that brand because it's 'cool'.

Even a basic Android device outshines apple in most areas and the newer tablets blow iPad clean out of the water
I love my ICS phone, yes I am using a cheap Chinese phone with hacked alpha version of the ICS but the difference is tremendous in design, usability and user experience. I have never been an Apple fan and I've always wondered how can be so popular etc despite its price. In my country there are a lot of people who spend more than their monthly salary just to have one, which I consider as an insanity. :)
+Steve Davies but it ain't cool anymore when everyone is using it :) Is more like a public iPhone now.
+Steve Davies That's why I said the solution would be to jailbreak your iOS device. You can get a long way by doing that. No one has actually written something which they can do on an android that I can't do on my iphone yet... #stillwaiting
As the experience of operating system, i like IOS and Windows phone better.:)
+Hansotto Kristiansen We can start with Tasker...

Using Tasker I can set my phone to turn in WiFi automatically when I'm connected to a specific cell tower (indicating I'm near home) and to turn off automatically otherwise...

When I get close to home the WiFi turns on, when my phone connects to my home WiFi it automatically takes my phone out of silent mode, if it's on silent mode, and turns my ringer volume to its highest setting... Sometimes I'll turn it down for whatever reason, maybe it rang when I'm in the bank on something, but if I forget to turn it back up I might not hear it if I leave it in another room or something...

Additionally it turns my lock screen off, no sense in continuing to have to enter unlock codes when I'm in my house.

Also, when I'm at home I have it read any text messages I received out loud to me, don't want that in a public place, but at home it great I don't have to pick up and look at the phone...

When I connect to my office WiFi my phone automatically goes into silent mode and my screen brightness is turned to its lowest setting, since I know I'll be indoors...

Using the light sensor, if a certain light level is reached the display gets switched to auto brightness...

There are also a host of 3rd party apps that could either trigger tasks or be part of tasks as well...
+Hansotto Kristiansen perhaps that is, at least in part, because much of the ideas and functionally of iOS came from Android and elsewhere to begin with?
The android is a good phone but is have to opt for the iPhone just in the simple fact that android software constantly crashes and is not as stable as iPhone
+Hansotto Kristiansen plus, you can completely change the look and feel of Android OS right out of the box. No need for 'jail breaking' or rooting as it's called on Android
+Mario Flores I'll challenge that to no end... My Android phones crash far less than my iPhones did... And I had three of them over 4 years...
And try getting windows or Linux to run on an iPhone. ..
The problem with android is that the hardware has too different specs. It often takes ages before a new android versions leaves the google office before it reaches the customers with phones that are not bought recently. The carrier has to make skins and it all takes time, IF the phone can run the new software at all. When apple rolls out new software everyone gets it when it leaves the office.
That is a good point but it does mean that people can buy an Android to suit their budget and still have massive functionality
This is the same argument made for mac vs PC. It's actually a (far from subtle) plot by Apple to encircle and ensnare. Closed vs Open pitched as comfy-feely vs scary. Come on people.
+Hansotto Kristiansen Rom Manager, change launcher (homesceen app), change / hide items on notification bar, add options like battery bar (with custom locations), customize notification led (different color for different app or different contact), backup apps with data... still thinking
Apple only can jailbreak , but Android can do more etc Custom Rom , Kernel , even u can swap into ubuntu
Ios develop with style and take a perfect care about software
Android mite have functionality but what about reliability.
I have an Android phone, i had one before but it broke because i dropped it but the one I've got now is really good, a bit small but other than that it's really good.
Pete R.
I think with HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone design doors send a little bit outdated.
If iOS is so perfect. Why is there a whole community out there wanting to jailbreak. Answer because its not perfect.
By the way the galaxy note. Does things apple could only dream of doing. Better scratch that if someone at apple dreamt it. They would have lawyers suing by now.
+Hansotto Kristiansen overclock (or change throttling govener) of CPU and/or GPU, change boot animation, change any/all UI colors, theme entire UI, edit hosts file to block ads, use phone to test network security. Not exclusive, but a decent start.
+Nathan Allison My Androids are reliable and stable as all hell... Otherwise my wife would have had my ass for making the decision to switch...
+Nathan Allison I have had 3 Android phones, wife has had 2. Never had any phone fail to work, miss a call, text, or email. Dropped all phones multiple times. Wife eventually cracked screen after dropping 3 ft onto concrete. Phone still worked and she used it without issue for another 5 months until upgrading. How is that for reliability?
I like to use android phones and i love this os
The way I see it.. Well "I would rather take a walk in the park with my Android then be stuck within the four walls of my Apple! "
iPhone : found something good, refuse to change it. Why change a winning team? (not to mention loss of profit - change costs money...)

Android : found something good, always strive to make it better. Like-minded consumers will appreciate and support.
ive never had a droid...the only reason is cuz of the heats up really fast and takes a century to charge...
Just saw Anti is beta testing iOS version, so I will give you the test network security.
Through the Android Evolution path phones have gone from NOT looking like iPhones back in the day, to NOW looking like iPhones always did.

More of long winded correction of flaws, than an evolution.
+Edgar Beltran if you have never had one, how do you know? I have had several, of Droid, atrix, gnex. Wouldn't say any take forever to charge. How do you define long charge times? Also, define heat up quickly?
Never did like the iPhone. Android at least does something to their phones. Also, IM ALLERGIC TO APPLES.
I agrees wid Lisa,but one step advance, l planned to provide to all my kit n kin,with an apple iphone,but lost ₹1,73,00s0 with virgin mobile stores UK, a fraud heartless company. I hate apple iphones.
Explain why the iPhone has still the best design of all of them ;)
Derek Ross, thank you for making this amazing post!! I have tried to explain the benefits of using Android devices to hardcore Apple fans, but of course - nothing seems to convince them. This video just shows all the things I like about Android! Great, great job!
+James Pakele I already gave him a list... just think anything that requires root access on Android is probably impossible on iOS.
Jk but honestly the iphone/android battle comes down to this. Iphone users r either old people who cant do more than one task at once or young wannabe cool kids who think just because everyone else has it they should to. So let the multitaskers and innovative openminded opensourced people rejoice that we have android because without android I wouldnt even use a cell phone 
+Paul Hummel Hehehe... I know, I saw, just wanted to give stick it a mention... It's pretty damn cool
We iOS users are too busy enjoying our perfect UI to even be concerned about Android. iOS by and large does what we want it to do when we want it to do it. 
Sure... Now try and develop an app compatible with every single android phone available.
It's customization vs conformity. My personal preference is customization. Choice is good.
In here, apple stuff is overprice... Bleh!
My boyfriend used to say that iPhone users were lazy with their devices, but seeing how easy Android makes things for it's users, it seems like we're the ones who've got it made!
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With the iOS you don't get to see what permissions apps are requesting, it's shut up and take it up the ass dry. Atleast I can see what apps want to do on my phone and decide if this really needs the abilty to view my contacts.
Seriously! Why are still not satisfied after getting what you always wanted? Because you still have emptiness in you that cannot be found in this material world. Do you know Jesus? If not, then I urge you to meet Him today. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and open your heart to who He is always there, you can touch Him in your heart
They missed the original Droid (by Motorola). That was also a Google Experience phone. It was the first with Android 2.0.
What a pity iOS might escape once theyve jailbroken their iphones but once the update come its like putting them back to jail once more with an evil laught! LOL
I'm satisfied... Can do Anything on my SGS2 that i want, droid having flash was the major selling point, mush better OS than apple, fair play to apple i mean, there still good for a mp3 player :D but sadly crushed by Android..even down to the fact I can charge my phone in car using USB and it also runs my music through my in car stereo, Apple failed when it came to that, saying i need adapters etc. main thing is I can watch and listen to what I want where I want on my data plan..
BTW...Jesus could not help me with this, I asked and he said he's a carpenter not a smartphone designer
Never understood why people want to stay with ios. it's like a cult basically.
When you have it right the first time, there's no need for huge change.
Better yet all those Android phones can and will run Android 4.0, Soon enough 4.1. Not all the iOS phones can run iOS 5 along 6.
Good thing Apple doesn't own the rights to using a picture of a shiny phone in their advertising. Or did I miss the big "iShinyPhoto" lawsuit of 2010?
I think I'd pick Android over iOS any day. I need the sophistication, the customization, and personalization. It's good to have freedom of choice :D 
The most interesting thing to arise from these zombie posts is you get to see how many spam comments have been deleted the past 5 months. So far, we're down 20. Nice.
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