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+Google Wallet wins 2012 Webby Award

Congrats Google Wallet on your Webby! Mobile payments are the way of the future. If used correctly, they can be more secure than traditional credit cards. We need more phones with NFC and Google Wallet support. And we need backing of other major carriers for this to happen.

Webby Honorees, Nominees and Winners truly represent the best of the Web. They are but a small percentage of total entries and chosen by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

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Can't wait for this to be standardized so it's just a mobile payment whether you use Google, Apple, Amazon, or any payment system. 
I agree +Jon Mallin. And I also agree that we should have a coice as +Rob Zimmerman said. Choice is good for the consumer. (Even though I would just stay with Google as I'm already heavily vested into their ecosystem.)
All this does is prove that Google still has a lot of fans. Their is no way they should have won in an objective contest.
There need to be incentives though for company's to take on this extra expense. Also consumers need to stop thinking they are tech stupid. Someone who has not touched a computer is most likely capable of using modern technology because they are user center then what they used to be.
Haha +Zo Fryer. I used this at a local gas station (Sheetz) a few days ago. They girl at the check out told me it wouldn't work.... I proved her wrong :)
Verizon does suck in that respect!
they are not in store anywhere here :(
+Zo Fryer Exactly. I use the PayPass locator app to show me where Google Wallet / PayPass payments are accepted :)
:( I'm over here on T-mobile and seriously thinking of getting the unlocked version from Google JUST because i really want Google Wallet!! +Derek Ross and +Rob Zimmerman Do you guys know of any cool apps that use NFC yet?
I've used it @my local 7-11 and noticed it @ Macy's. Need more establishments.
+Ricardo Romero III you should get the galaxy nexus from Google thats what I did am with T-Mobile and using Google wallet ... works fast and beautiful...
They need to release it before the Olympics here in the UK!
Its needs to be standardized, my galaxy nexus has nfc and I have a barclycard credit card so I can use contact less tech but so far I have seen the nfc payment system once in the UK in Greg's bakers in a airport, however I know its was trialed in London so look out for it at the Olympics
+jordan purdent I've seen it in every cafe Nero I've happened to be in. I used it once on a rooted nexus s with $10 google free credit they give you. It was awesome fast
+James Nixon Steel Do you like the way it runs and feels or any complaints about the battery life? i still have the freaking Samsung Vibrant running eclair :'( its so glitchy now that my wife is saying that she doesn't want anything other than an Iphone.
I have a galaxy nexus now. The battery life is always going to be bad the way I use my phone. But I dont think its any better or worse than the iPhones battery. It just depends on how you use it imo
That was the only thing that scares me, the battery life.... i work in the field and i need it to last all day (neat trick when i'm at work or something, i turn my data off and my phone can play music for about 10 hours before dying... and if i dont play music, it would never die) You have made up my mind +James Nixon Steel Thanks
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