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Oh, Microsoft...

Maybe we should all take to Twitter and start #WindowsRage coupled with stories of malware, security, and blue screens.

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Zach Alcorn
What's up with the intense negative campaigning from Microsoft lately?
They have to do something obnoxious... and this is nowhere near as bad as Apple's BS patents.
Something so close to RoidRage... What could go wrong? 
Didn't Microsoft do a commercial about this sort of thing?
You know your great when microsoft cares enough to bash you...
What Can I say ! MICROSOFT STYLE !!
+Brian Johnson I know it's not new, but it seems to be coming hard and fast right now, particularly with the "Scroogled" nonsense.
Exactly +Tony Bonavera. I'm not a Bing or WinPhone user, but I know those products have unique and interesting features - why not highlight those rather than draw a direct comparison to Google, whose products the majority of people clearly prefer?
Derek Ross
Back when I was a small business owner, my motto against the competition was to sell my strengths, not sell their weaknesses when talking to potential customers. I guess Microsoft operates a bit differently.
Looks like it's already backfiring on Microsoft...
+Zach Alcorn +Derek Ross 
Maybe it's an indication that the their features just aren't good enough so the only thing left to do is attack the competition and hope to get people on their side.

Remember when Apple did this at their presentation of the Nexus 7, I'm sorry, their iPad Mini?
Gary D
Pretty sad.
+Tony Bonavera But I think that's less the case here: WinPhone 8 has some really great design, and a simple, intuitive interface. Bing has a neat social sidebar. Why not draw more attention to these features? Attacking Android for malware is as much an ad for the iPhone as it is for Win Phone 8.
I don't know what is the commotion!! The Marketing wars have always existed. Or anyone never saw a commercial like this ?: funny pepsi commercial I'm not support this kind of marketing but is not new!
We should come up with a killer story and see if we win!
+Zach Alcorn 
It's a scare tactic though. It's like they want to fear people away from Android. Should I take Microsoft's lead and print out all the security fixes that are listed in every Windows update I get and say 'SSEE! INSECURE OMahWEGE!'
it's really apparent and painful how dumb people are.. I read some of the replies and wish I hadn't.. I think Android will be better off without those people and leaving the smart people on Android, hell I even give iSheep more credit. O_o
Cute commercial but strong message. But is just an example +Derek Ross . The point is that it's an old practice sadly. For me Android, Windows phone, IOS, etc all are good software. Is just a matter of taste. 
If I'd get an unlocked pentaband Nokia 920 I'd make up the worst story ever, like my Nexus beat up my grandma while pouring sugar in my gas tank and sending pictures of my junk to everyone in my address book. 
My tweet would be something like this:

Left Windows in 2002 after I figured out the slogan was "Making easy things hard, and hard things impossible." Done, never looked back. #WindowsRage  
Jose L.
It's true. Windows was the only OS I know of that developed anti-virus/malware software for itself. Microsoft Security Essentials was a confession 10 years late.
Why are so many of the replies like "I rooted my phone and the ROM I flashed had bugs #androidproblems" also it's just occurring to me that Microsoft is perpetuating the annoying fact that people use droid and android interchangeably when they aren't the same thing...
Hahahaha friend of mine rooted his HTC so he could get rid of windows to run android :)
Translation: "Guys please buy Windows Phones. They're better we can't tell you why! Oh why can't we just rule the market??" X(
I think WP is great. I've handled lumia800 and I can tell you I loved it. Its just so insanely better than iOS, they aren't even in the same league. I can't believe they are so far behind in sales with such an amazing product.
Can't beat android though. 
I would think more people have a windows malware horror story.
Alex M
Two years of Android malware versus 20 years of Windows viruses, malware, reinstalls, patch Tuesdays, and ongoing security problems? That's very hypocritical of you #Microsoft
My current (android) phone being one of the worst I have ever had, the problems with it will never become significant next to the culmination of frustration and aggravation suffered at the hands of microsoft products. As much as I hate my phone, I love samsung and will never go back to phones made by fruit or monopoly. ms need to accept that nothing will ever surmount the pile of horror stories that can be told about their products. they also need to accept that their boss is the richest dude in the world, be happy with it, and stop bothering people who dont want a windows phone.
+Derek Ross I expects it's time to take control of #DroidRage  and make it a hashtag for those who want to "rage" about the fact that their phones can not compare to the feature set of Android. The beauty of hashtags is that they can be hijacked. Something Microsoft should be used to by now, considering their security issues over the last 20 years. 
It's a strange marketing campaign by #microsoft tbh, they that desperate to sell more wp8 mobiles?
I wonder what color and shape they chose for their Windows Phone signal of death: Windows = Blue Screen of Death, XBox = Red Ring of Death #WindowsRage  
LOL! Fail attempt!... They need to way a little longer, hacker just starting jumping on Android, soon will be the number one target! :o)
The owner of an OS that is rife with malware is trying to get people to hate Android??? Funny thing though is that I have yet to come across any malware on android...
How about well I was happy one day on my DROID galaxy S2 and I came across some scummy little playground tactics being used to log yet another inferior product to the masses.

This is why people don't like you, this is why Microsoft are second to DROID and you suck ass
One of the things I like about Android is that it is completely free of the worst malware: Internet Exploiter
Lol Oh Derek. When will you realize that every OS has its flaws. Android has its open source with endless customizable capabilities, but their fragmented and clunky OS caused their lower end budget phones to take a crap on a chronic basis. And don't get me started with iOS
Is there any way of turning off this bloody google phone propaganda we're force fed on google+ ?
+Derek Ross that's a great idea. How many times have you rebuilt your windows machine vers the number of times I have rebuilt my android device.
Got a Gnex phone, an iPad and Win8 PC, but this stuff really turns me off. Same way when I go into an Apple store and they spread lies about Windows and do the condescending clapping thing when people buy mac's. Religious buffoons, there is no right or wrong answer.
Do Windows' phones have ingress?  No?  Oh.......
As the desperation started to creep into it's mind, the slow lumbering troll despretely looked for anything it could do to weaken it's foe, not matter how base or depraved. 

I'm just waiting for MS to start implying that Android kills babies, they aren't far off :)
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi. :-D  They are at the "they fight you" stage.
This is actually hilarious: Microsoft pointing fingers to others about malware.
They have to do this because there can only be one protagonist. 
So, they had a problem with so many unsold units lying around and someone said,

 "Hey! Let's start a giveaway where all you have to do to enter is complain about our competitor!"

Problem solved.
Where's the bashing from Android? Exactly.
Thats actually rather distasteful. 
What the f*ck? Cheap shots from MS and Apple. Oh God why?! 
I swear I will buy a Nokia phone if they put Android in it. 
What's the malware situation like on the fruity company's devices (the one that really hates Samsung)?

Of course, Microsoft are trying desperately to revive some market share for IE, create some for their phones, and attempt to enter the Tablet market with Win RT (which, of course, can't run any browser other than IE unless they're brave enough / forced to allow others into their App Store)
One time I tried to download Internet Explorer, and my Nexus exploded. 
Oh Microsoft! now that is very pathetic 
"Do you have a bad history with slow starts  on your pc? share your history with #WinRage."
Microsoft is getting cheaper by the minute...
#DroidRage  is the feeling you get when you start using an Android device: Why all these years all this great stuff could was not made available by the older companies (like Microsoft and Apple) and at such a low price.
Microsoft thinks no one can complain about their products, namely, Windows Vista, 7, Internet Explorer, etc. They are stupid if they think that their products are Malware free
Vel Ma
Freakin' monopoly thinking they're the ones who got things right? Android Malware? Perhaps they've fixed the system for phones, but I seriously doubt Micro$oft is able to do that. 
What about a blue screen when uncle Bill was showing their new product
They are covered with dirt from all direction for years. Strikes back time now?
this kind of campaign is absolutely ridiculous
Good for them. What exactly is wrong by doing this? Droid users are very thin skinned paranoids.
Apple disease is spreading aware!! GOOOOO ANDROIDDDD
Nah! how pathetic! microsoft sucks! they couldn't brainwash DROID USERS. To fight with microsoft is such a waste of time. They can't accept the fact that Android is number 1 in the market :D
Has anyone got any examples of #iRage  (courtesy of the Fruity Company) or #WinRage  for balance? :D

I'm reminded of the old joke: In a world without walls and doors, who needs windows and gates?

Oh, and the deconstruction of Win '95: 32-bit extensions to a 16-bit GUI for an 8-bit OS based on 4-bit code by a 2-bit company that can't stand 1-bit of competition :)
Hey Bill , Im Droid Let Me Get My Malware that will suck ur cock n..n i saw this at internet hihi
i Work in a T.I. and see many Computers with Windows Fully of Malwares and Blue Screens.... So, everybody have a "Best/worst Story" with the Windows.  #WindowsRage 
never had such an experience but hey: free phone. I'll just make up with something nasty
Oh Microsoft, you're the weird, stalkery ex-boyfriend who keeps showing up at the parties and making an ass of himself. 
Wow. Microsoft announced a fiction writer contest. Ain't that nice. And there even might be prizes.
Well tried. Better luck next time
Not to mention my Xbox 360 that has just died. I've only had it two years!
Nice, i like win but for now i will stick to android, dont like close sources at all :-)
Yes, we all wanna hear horror story of people who steal 1$ dollar apps and get malware. Also I would like to hear a story of people who upgraded to Windows 8 and have use metro with mouse. I wonder who will be more sad.
Apparently nobody buys M$ phones. So they are making these stupid contests. 
I personally don't need M$ phone even for free... 
We make phone, so its time for payback, lets hste android now everybody :-)
#WindowsRage  the 255 character limit in Windows path/filename AND that Visual Studio defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\god forbid you have a long name\My Documents\Visual Studio... GREAT! i have 3 characters left for my project.  
Hmm .. lets see, Android, never a single piece of malware. Windows ... oh the horror!
Jerry R
Maybe I should post a story about how it took 5 hours read that bright  5 hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support to get my Microsoft Office Suite to work in Windows 8.
This would be humorous if they weren't serious. In my time with Android, I've had exactly 0 problems with malware. To be sure, I also had 0 problems with Windows Mobile, the precursor to Windows Phone, but that experience was fraught with sync issues and forced restarts (and a few spontaneous cold restarts).
Microsoft are crazy doing this don't they have marketing, PR departments to tell them NO!
Microsoft has unleashed their zombies. Everyone stay indoors!
Free giveaways = can't move product.
I had no bluescreen since... damn, I cannot even remember.
Whether it be on a PC or a phone, Windows IS malware...
Let's make up crazy stories to flood it with. "Droid" malware stabbed my dog and carjacked me!
HEY MICROSOFT. Read this thread. This is what "backfire" looks like.
This is a joke right? Microsoft asking for malware stories? I think I just shit myself
my droid got a deadly virus. now i've got a stack a medical bills and they won't let him out of the hospital 
yeah, my Android and Ubuntu crashes each 4-7 days, while MS runs for months...
Oh, yes, open source is the devil, please, restrict everything I can do even with my phone! ~I hope the get-well present isn't an iPhone.
+Mike Littrell I'm not sure if Microsoft is only one to blame. Maybe your friends could go light on accepting and opening stuff which was sent ?
mike m
Isn't having Xbox enough Microsoft?
My phone never worked as I wanted, since day 1 it had problems.  I couldn't install the apps I needed, the interface was stupid, placed a clusterf*ck of stuff on the front screen that I didn't want, I couldn't change the stupid launcher for a good designed one.
The only problem is I could never find information on the android version so I can start documenting my droidrage!! that darn os didn't have any useful information at hand, everything is hidden from the user.  Maybe someone here can help me with that,  what's the droid version on the Lumia 920 ?


(I threw that pos droid phone and got me a great galaxy S3, problem solved)
Microsoft can no longet sell their junk on its own merits so now they have to stoop to,the scum of humanity a pay people to disclose their issues. Android is great and far superior to any windows junk.
I want the new Nokia windows phone and would love a surface, but I have no need for one.
M$ talk more abt android then Windows 
You win Surface if you share your story. 
I love you all. I wake up and I see #WindowsRage  trending on Google+. Keep up the good fight! ;)
To me, I go with open as it let's me own the software, I hate being told what I can and cannot do!
+Mike Littrell I'm honest - Microsoft dominated PC market for quite long . Long enough to be main target. You have two biggest: number of users and number of hackers going after- this itself will generate large number of accidents. What I'm interested is relative number (%) - this will tell us what kind of crap Windows is... Personally I didn't and don't have very scary or tragic experiences - as far as computer is concern . WP7 ( I didn't try WP8) however, is total garbage...
In India, most business softwares are windows based; as such; we have little option but to choose windows based PCs. An upgrade to Mac will be a disaster in business.
sounds to me like their trying to find sobstories so they can run competitors out.
Unfortunately I don't have any android horror story. Sorry.
Yea but everybody knows windows is shit but that's bad marketing IMHO, to me it makes it sound more like there's a  lack of windows phone development
Ah, the blue screen of death, brings back fond memories of wanting to kill my computer...
Owned Android devices since 2009, never had malware. On the other hand I have had malware on my windows laptop.
+Steve Barnes...I think the point is that putting someone else down makes Microsoft look bad - good marketing should make YOUR product look so good that everyone wants to buy it, not make someone elses look terrible. It just gives the impression that their products aren't good enough to stand up to Android unless they drag Android down...which isn't true. Bad marketing. 
LMFAO that's lame! Hahahahha! APPLE AND MS are acting like children now days
If you can't beat them, slander them? Way to go micro$oft. 
Getting desperate over @ MS....truly pitiful ;)
Its getting more and more obvious. The rather cool looking windows phone is a sinking ship. My tip: they made the windows phone to buy nokia cheaper. Hint at Microsoft: being the last one in the market can not always be compensated with budget.
Is it that easy for them to put out this type of trash considering they have the record for abysmal attempts for mobile platforms... A little to late for ms this time. If they would have launched windows 8 mobile back when gingerbread was around it may be a different landscape... Too little to late. There's really no room for a fourth mobile os....

1) Google
2) Blackberry
3) Apple
4) Microsoft

In my opinion...
Are they serious? Microsoft talking about Malware?!  Malware was born because of Microsoft
How about the decades of windows exploits and viruses and bugs that Microsoft Windows put us through? Also malware only targets popular platforms... You jelly Microsoft?
Only dorks get malware, that being said i should lie and try getting a free phone
You want to talk rage? Talk about Windows 8. What a piece of garbage. So many things on the screen at once, all blocking about 95% of the custom wallpaper I made or paid for. I'm going to buy a few boxes of 7 so when I upgrade my comp in a few years I can get rid of 8. Or I'll just learn Linux...which is funnily what Android is based on.
Won't let you use Linux? DBAN that HDD and install what you want! MS is showing their desperation here. And +Reagan Podelec BlackBerry? Really? 
I've been with android for so many years and have never seen any issues with malware... but its the same thing for people with a windows box if you download something that has no reviews, or from a crazy source chances are you are setting yourself up for failure... no need to download things that tell you how to get pandas on the black market because chances are its a virus you knuckleheads.... This goes for any OS ever...
I have Android horror story.......I had a dream that my Samsung Galaxy SIII was running windows 8 ....... I woke up in cold sweat......still have chills
Things like that is why I don't respect Microsoft as a company anymore.
They do seem to be going for the smear campaign. Shame really, makes them look quite immature. 
I have a few Android stories (ocasional freezes, that's it), but tons more horrific Microsoft stories. I have NEVER had malware on an Android device. I can't count the times my home PC has been infected with malware since my first PC in 1995. MS please look before you leap!
I'd be willing to bet that the majority of the malware stories would come from apps downloaded from the Amazon store too. I may be out of line here but the Amazon store apps are 'untrusted' downloads whereas the Play Store has a better validation process. Not that malware can't come from Play, just seems less likely. 
This is too funny. They are trying so hard but going about it all wrong. If they actually innovated and made their product BETTER than the competition they might have a chance.
It seems like we have a new bully in town. It's all good Android can take both of them. 
Microsoft suffering from inferiority complex.
+Carlos Rosas MS is not a new bully. During the 90's they destroyed a lot of innovation... 
Hey Microsoft,

Here's a little secret that your marketing department seems to be ignorant about; there's a lot of crossover with Windows users and Android users, that is I'm willing to bet most Android users are also Microsoft users. You should go after Apple rather than insulting your own customer base. We buy your products, Apple users probably do not.
The sad part is I want Microsoft to succeed and take a piece of the market share.

I think that is the difference between Android users and Apple fans; we like competition and progress in technology. We also don't wanna be tied down to crappy things like iTunes. We have more choices on Windows and Android. Though more and more I'm finding myself using only Android.
That can't possibly backfire, can it!
I'm going to start a microbrewery that has soft serve ice cream ... I'll call it, Microsoft! (Thanks 30 Rock)
Microsoft making fun of malware? Can you be lamer than that?
I've never had malware on any android device I've had. the closest thing to it would be airpush messages...and they're easy enough to get rid of or avoid
I agree with +Brian D . I've had WP phones(a couple) and would like another, but WP will never displace my android love when it comes to android, I've had countless devices. I've also had numerous apple junk products.
quit kicking your customers in the mouth microdick
Aww, that's cute lol. Windows phone trying to attack Android
windows, in any iteration is no and never will be, a threat to android.
I wouldn't really discount Windows Phone cause who knows how good they'll do. I just don't understand why they're attacking Android like it's going to accomplish something. If anything it'll just piss off Android fans so they don't bother trying WP8. I understand Microsoft has that weird understanding thing with Apple but it seems like they'd be better off attacking iOS if they really feel the need to attack someone to be noticed...
Fuck u microsoft you are past whatever u do u can't touch the Android era
this is a good marketing stint :-)
That comment proves you know little to nothing about what's going on in the technology world
My phone only called me a developer once, I expected twenty seven times :-( #DroidRage
This is one of the most hypocritical things I have heard Microsoft say in my lifetime.
Hmm, Microsoft seems desperate the new windows 8 phones mustn't be selling lol
@steve tysl
Desperate? Hmm I don't think the richest company in the world has any reason to be desperate. Sorry dude
Maybe ill droid rage spoof to get a windows phone then flip it for another nexus 4
windows 8 sucked so bad, that their rushing out windows blue wich wasnt supposed to come out till 2015-16~ #WindowsRage  
Who do they think they are? They're talking about android like its the worst phone os ever. I doubt windows is completely free of malware. Also, android has made 100s of phones and when windows comes out with one they think it perfect.
I think it's because Microsoft, Android and Apple is falling with their new stuffs.. iOs 6, Jelly Bean 4.2, and finally Windows 8.. They are all fail products (to me) who will come up and save this tech fails? Stay tuned on Google+! 
+Lio Pardede JellyBean "failing"? That word apparently doesn't mean what you think it does....
+Brian Johnson the jelly Bean failing coz not may people using it.. And probably because of the fact that it reboot randomly.. Like I said.. Someone will come out and save these fails.. So I'm sure it's not failing anymore.. I think.. 
my gnex (  is really laggy and the screen often turns off randomly but I can stil click on the screen and hear the screen presses register :s
I love how all these android fuckers are drilling into microsoft when not even 6 months ago there was the same thing happening between apple and android. Get fucking real people
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