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Moto X Review: My favorite phone thus far

The Moto X was hypebeasted to hell by Android enthusiasts and bloggers such as myself as we awaited the first smartphone from Google’s Motorola to finally be announced. When it was, a lot of people, including myself, were disappointed that the number one touted feature, freedom to customize your smartphone, wasn’t that free due to carrier exclusivity. Others were upset to see that the Moto X wasn’t going to boast top of the line specs and numbers. Many people called this a mid-range phone with last year’s specs. +Guy Kawasaki +Punit Soni and others told us to fear not, this would be a phone built for an optimal user experience. They were right.

The Software: Gimme Android without the bloat!
Let’s take a quick look at the software on the Moto X. It’s stock Android. There is no custom UI. There is no graphical overlay.  It looks exactly how a Nexus phone would look or how an AOSP ROM would look and feel. Motorola did add a few software tweaks and you know what? Those software tweaks actually complement stock Android versus bastardizing the user experience as some other OEMs do. Motorola found just the right amount of tweaking to stock Android to give users the perfect experience.

As a Verizon Wireless customer, I can’t get a Nexus device. I know, it sucks. The Moto X is the next best thing when it comes to software experience. There’s no need to root and run a custom ROM. And chances are, the custom ROM would slightly suck. Yes. It will. Chances are, it will never be as good or 100% perfect as a stock ROM. Sure, you’ll love that AOSP look and feel and you’ll convince yourself that a random bug is no big deal, which to some it isn’t, however, it will never run as good as stock. You’ll take 98% perfect with a stock experience because you want an AOSP experience. With the Moto X, you get that stock experience without having to sacrifice anything. You actually gain something.

So, what gives us this perfect experience? Motorola Assist, the Camera, Trusted Bluetooth devices, the ability to launch Google Now and perform voice searches completely hands free and then some.

Motorola Assist: A Swiss army knife for contextual awareness
Motorola Assist is amazing. It’s extremely simple, yet enhances my phone use day to day. Motorola Assist knows when you’re driving your car and automatically puts your phone into driving mode. Text messages will automatically be read allowed and send a message back to the person who texted you, telling you that you’re driving and you’ll get back to them soon. Not only does this make driving safer, it makes getting an important message through easier. If you use your phone to play music while in the car, Moto Assist will also resume Google Play Music for you, where you last left off automatically. But, what if you’re not driving? What if you’re a passenger? Easy! Just tap from the notification window shade and you’re set.

Motorola Assist also automatically puts your phone into meeting mode when a calendar appointment starts, so make sure you keep your Google Calendar updated and accurate. First, your phone is automatically put into silent mode or vibrate mode for the duration of the meeting. However, exceptions exist. If a Favorite contact calls you or someone calls you twice, you can have Assist ring you instead. Also, while in meeting mode, your phone can automatically reply to text messages, similar to driving mode, letting them know you’re in a meeting and will get back to them soon.

And last but not least, Sleep mode. You can configure Assist to silence your phone during your designated sleep hours. As with Meeting mode, you can also have exceptions to the rule if a Favorite contact calls you or someone calls you two times within a 5 minute period.

While some of the features can be accomplished by third party apps, it’s great to have these features come right out of the box on your Moto X and setting them up is a breeze.

Minimal Bloatware makes me giddy like a schoolgirl
Unlike the other Motorola phones on Verizon, the Moto X comes with very little bloatware. So little that I actually don’t mind it. Caller Name ID, NFL Mobile, Quickoffice, Verizon Tones, Verizon Voicemail, and VZ Navigator. That’s it. (Some might include Verizon Backup Assistant or My Verizon Mobile, but I won’t. Sadly some phones don’t use Google Contacts. The Backup Assistant will allow those users to easily transfer contacts. As for My Verizon Mobile, that’s a great app to have to keep tabs on your Verizon account. It’s near a must.) Googorola made deals with the evil carriers and thwarted their efforts to plague the Moto X with bloatware. All of the additional crap that you don’t want can easily be disabled from the Settings menu and you’ll never know they exist. I know I sure as hell don’t. I truly feel as if I don’t have any bloatware. I feel like I have a Nexus or Google Play experience.

Just twist your wrist twice to launch the Camera
Yes, twisting your wrist to launch a camera can be seen as a gimmick, but you know what? It’s a gimmick that you’re going to continually use, unlike looking away from a YouTube video and having the screen pause or some other S-Junk that no one uses after the first month. Having the ability to twist your wrist twice to take launch the camera and then just tap the screen anywhere is extremely easy. If you’re a parent with kids, you’ll love this feature. I use it every time I go to take a picture and so does my wife (also a Moto X owner).

As for the quality, I’m not complaining. I’ve taken great photos with optimal lighting. I’ve taken great photos with slightly less than optimal lighting. When it comes to taking pictures at night or when there is very little light, sure, they could be better, but they aren’t horrible. You’re taking a picture a night here people. I don’t often take photos at night. I take’em during the day and when I do, I’m very happy with them. They are better than my previous phones could do and that’s all that matters to me.

Let me read those notifications without unlocking my phone
With Active Notifications, you can easily see, read, and manage your notifications without having to unlock your phone. Best of all, you're saving on battery because with Active Notifications, only the portion of your screen required to view them is light up. Sure, it's not the stock lock screen, but you know what? I don't even mind because it's more useful. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, with Active Notifications, the center of your screen pulses when a notification is active. You can then swipe up to view a portion of the notification, let go to open the corresponding app and view the notification or swipe left or right to dismiss it entirely.

I don’t need no stinkin’ password, I’m connected to my Bluetooth speakers!
One of the cooler features of the Moto X is being able to setup and use Trusted Devices for managing your phone's security. Everyone should be using some sort of pattern lock, PIN, or password on their phone. These little handheld computers hold a ton of information, a ton of personal information. They need to be protected.

Sometimes, security can be a burden and it makes people disable these features to make life easier. The Moto X can help solve that issue with Trust Devices. That is, if you often connect to Bluetooth devices. While connected to a Trusted Bluetooth Device, the Moto X can automatically disable your lockscreen security features. For example: Maybe you’re at home connected to your Bluetooth speakers, in your car connected to speakers or your Bluetooth headset, or maybe you have a smartwatch or wear Google Glass. If you’re connected to one or any of these devices, chances are, you’re very close by and don’t need your device security turned all the way up. You really only need your device secured when it’s not by your side such as you leave it at your desk and walk away from it or worst case scenario, someone steals it or your lose it.

OK Google Now, always listen for my commands
With the Moto X and the new Droids on Verizon, you can say OK Google Now from anywhere, even while the screen is off, to launch Google Voice Search. There are an insane amount of questions that you can ask Google and you’ll get an answer too besides making phone calls, setting reminds, and sending messages. It’s great and very useful. Being able to perform voice commands without having to first turn on the screen or launch Google Voice Search is pretty darn cool.

I don’t use this feature as often as I would like, but that’s because I have Google Glass always on my head. There are some features that Google Glass can’t do, such as reminders, that I’ve used the Moto X for though. Anyways, as for functionality, it’s great. If you’re not a Glass Explorer, I would bet this feature would be one of your favorite.

What exactly can you ask Google Now? Here’s a list of commands and a great demonstration video. While these aren’t performed on a Moto X, they still apply. 

Video: Google Voice Search Revisited [2013]

The Hardware: We're past the age of specs, right?
The Moto X is not a hardware spec beast so I’m not going spend a lot of timing trying to convince you that specs don’t matter. I don’t think specs matter in this case. If you’re someone that loves big numbers over anything else, then this phone isn’t for you. I will say that I have not experienced any user interface lag and the Moto X can run everything that I need it to run.

Coming from a Droid DNA, it took some getting used to when it came to typing on and using the Moto X. The Droid DNA is a larger phone with a slightly larger screen. The Moto X can bit a little misleading though. It’s a small phone, but the screen is larger than appears. The Moto X has a 4.7” screen with very little side bezel and very little top and bottom. It’s very compact. An example of this is it fits inside the Galaxy Nexus yet the Galaxy Nexus has a smaller screen at 4.65 inches.

Battery life on the Moto X has been great for me. I’m getting 24 hours on a charge with 3 hours of screen on time on average. On days where I make more voice calls or spend more time on LTE, sure, I’ll get less. And when there’s days where I’m on WiFi only and spread my usage out throughout the day, I’ll get a day and a half of usage. I’m happy with the battery. It’s better than my previous phone.

Dem feels bro, dem feels!
Over the years, I’ve felt and held phones that feel more solid than others and phones that aren’t very well balanced. The Moto X feels good in your hand. It’s weighted perfectly. It’s small and compact. It’s a very solid feeling phone. This is a phone that feels so good, you’re almost afraid to put a case on it as you don’t want to ruin the way that it feels. The truth is, this is the best feeling phone I’ve ever owned.

After 7 days with the Moto X without a case, I did finally cave in and get a case. That past 2 days I’ve been using a Cruzerlite case. As cases go, Cruzerlite cases are minimal cases that don’t add a whole lot to your phone. It adds just enough to give you that little extra grip and the right amount of protection on the sides and back so you don’t get any dings or scratches. So what case did I get? This one: Besides, I can’t use Moto Maker. I don’t mind covering up the back of my phone.

What about the Nexus 5? The Droid Maxx?
Well first of all, stop calling it the Nexus 5 until we know what it’s going to be called. Secondly, that is up to you. If you need a phone now and can’t wait 2 months, then get the Moto X, you won’t be sorry. If you’re on Verizon Wireless like me, you won’t see a Nexus again until hell freezes over. The Droid Maxx is a great choice if you need an insane amount of battery life. If you’re someone that needs a lot of battery life, doesn’t care about hardware keys and doesn’t care about the overall look and feel of your phone, then the Droid Maxx might be a better choice.

My wife and I are both very happy with the Moto X and we’re both very different smartphone users. Me, the tech geek that needs to have something amazing in my hand. My wife, the person that just wants her phone to work when she needs it most. Both of us couldn’t be happier.
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This is the type of phone (no bloat, mid range specs, optimized for a great UX and battery life) that I have been telling people manufacturers need to make. Since the race to the best CPU/GPU/RAM/display was mostly futile. I am glad Google pushed Motorola in this direction. I hope to see others follow, and Motorola see success from this.

And I want to get one!
Excellent post. I've never heard of half of these features.
Awesome, awesome review and write-up +Derek Ross! I think I am going to have to go to a VZW store to hold the X and MAXX to see if I can cope with a screen that's almost and inch smaller lol...I really, really like the idea of pure Android and if you can get 24 hours (give or take) of battery that's good with me.... Oh decisions, decisions lol... #firstworldproblems  
Love how you put the whole review on Google+! Great review!
Did you mean Droid Maxx and not Ultra? The Maxx has the huge battery, the Ultra has the Samsung plastic.
I ordered a Nexus 4 thanks finally. Just couldn't justify the cost of this phone, regardless of specs.
Here in Canada on the rogers network the phone came bloatware free. Nothing, notta,sip. I had to manually add visual voicemail and rogers acct app to the phone. If it wasn't for the Rogers name in the top left corner of the screen I wouldn't know who the phone was connected to. 
+Derek Ross thanks for the review. I had finally spent some time at the VZW store playing with one. I love the phone except one feature, and I think maybe your review points to that...the camera. I found the test, even though in the store, to not be great. And the amount of lag taking a picture was pretty bad. I LOVED everything else about the phone as best I could test. Luckily nobody was looking at it so I had plenty of time with it. My S3 just takes pics so damn fast, and as a parent like you that is often important to me. I've caught some fantastic photos that I fear I might miss with the lag on the Moto X. I wonder if this is a hardware or software thing and if it could be improved?
+John Dove Oops, yes I did. My friend has the Maxx and it's a great phone, I just don't like the look and feel of it..and the extra bloat...and the hardware keys.
+Robert Warren Really it depends on what you want and how picky you are. I went into this with two major factors. I hate hardware keys and I want developer support in the future. The Moto X has a higher chance of having developers working on it because of the broad carrier availability and the upcoming developer editions.
+Alvin Brinson If I could use the Nexus 4, I would still be on the N4 and awaiting the next iteration in the next month or two. As a Verizon user, I don't have that luxury sadly.
+Jared Hundrup I haven't experienced any lag taking a picture or maybe I'm not sure what you're taking about. Is it because you can't spam the screen to take sudo burst shots? It takes a second to process each one? If you want to do burst, you can hold tap and hold. I'm okay with a second to process the picture. I guess I'm used to seeing that on Glass.
+Rhiney Maceachern Wow, nice. Completely bloat free is even better than a few apps that you can easily disable. And I saw +Tom Gray post some speed tests up their from a Moto X. Holy shit! 90mbps down. I thought my 30mpbs here was good until I saw him mention that.
Thanks for doing this review. I've been looking for a new phone, this makes the decision a bit easier. +Derek Ross 
+Derek Ross what I'm referring to is when you tap the screen for that first picture (I was fine with the burst options) it reminded me of my old point and shoot digital...lag before taking the shot. On my S3, when I hit the button, it is instantaneous. I could be overly picky here, but it really stood out to me. 
As a Verizon customer, I think this is the way that I am leaning as well.  
I am due for a new device and like you also on VZW. I am really interested in the X I just worry a little that snapping pics of the kids in the yard, which I do often, will have me irritated. I guess I'll have to give it some more thought. Maybe I can get our rep at work (we might change the company over to VZW soon) to give me a loaner. 
I like the Maxx but the screen resolution, price and the buttons are deal breakers for me.
I have to say this is a dam nice review, it's good to see real people giving some love on the Moto X, seeing that I have big hands I'm rocking the Droid Maxx, pretty much the same hardware just a different design. I'm really surprised on how smooth this phone is. I really have to give it up to Google/Motorola on the work they put in. Thanks +Derek Ross for this review. 
Have you played Ingress on it, and how was battery life?
Incredibly minor nit that I'm only bringing up because I know you value the quality of your communications, +Derek Ross ... "complement", not "compliment".  (that is - unless there's a Google Now mode that actually does compliment stock Android :-)  ).
+Jared Hundrup I've taken 30 or so pics of my kids playing outside without issue. Used it the other night while they were at a playground too. Worked great.
One thing that does bug me that I forgot to mention with the software keys. With YouTube, when I switch to full screen, the software keys get hidden. However, while playing Riptide GP2, the software keys are still visible along the side. It seems to be on a per app basis. Maybe some apps just need to be updated to support the Moto X a little better.
I got 39 down with my HTC one, exact same place with my moto x I got between 79 and 94 down. This is on roger max LTE 
You make a great case.. I heard the coming price drop.. Very tempting.. Especially if drops to 99..
+Eric Hansen I'll answer on his thread too :) Yes, I've played Ingress with it. Ingress is a battery whore no matter what phone you're on. I've played maybe an 30 minutes here and there. I haven't gone on any full scale assaults yet. With normal use and a few minutes of Ingress I was fine on a normal use. I plan on doing an evening assault sometime soon. I'll let you know how it fairs.
Great review +Derek Ross; I'm glad to see that what all the mobile reviewers said is true one your end.

One thing they also said is that the actual phone calls themselves sounded amazing on both ends. Can you confirm?
+Derek Ross my wife has Assist driving mode enabled and it works. But recently when a call comes in it speaks out loud the caller's name and asks you to answer or ignore via voice when she's not actually driving or moving the phone. And when this happens the driving mode symbol is not present in the notification bar. Do you know if this feature can be enabled outside of driving mode, or does this sound like a bug?
+Derek Ross 
"It’s stock Android...It looks exactly how a Nexus phone would look"
Sadly, it doesn't and the small changes are enough to turn me away.

Regarding software keys, games can't hide them completely as they are designed to come back when the screen is touched. If the app developer had a clue however, they would set them to turn to the nearly invisible dots that require a click before the buttons show to avoid accidental clicks. Both options are contained in just a few lines of code that can easily be added to any app.
I've been a little envious every since this came out and I've. #S4owner
I must say I'm on day 2 with the MotoX and I really lime thus device. I agree with your review. I plan to return mine and get the 32gb version because thus will be used as my main device once I receive my unlock code. Everything about this device I've read and watched is spot on. Thanks for your review it solidify my purchase yesterday from AT&T.
+Jason Koch Yeah, phone calls sound great. I was a bit put off by the sound quality at first.
+Derek Ross Thanks...this is now available for Verizon customers and will be my next phone. 
Agree totally and have yet to hear anything different. I love mine I just bought The new n7 and it easily out performs it.
Sounds like an awesome phone! I'm glad Google did it right this time with Moto. I'm happy with my S4 but I'm going to keep my eye on Moto if this type of phone becomes the trend. 
What do you mean that you were put off by the sound quality? Can you elaborate please? 
I've had my mom chomping at the bit for this phone. I'm going to share this review with her. This was an awesome write up, and very informative. I'm currently using the nexus 4, and waiting to see what the next nexus is going to bring to the table. If the next nexus doesn't blow my mind, then I'll definitely be picking up the Moto X.

+Derek Ross how are the colors on the screen? It's been almost a year since I've had a device with an amoled screen. 
Great review! I actually enjoyed reading it as you got to the important points and kept it moving.

I think my favorite feature of the Moto X has to be the Moto Assist, the way you have described it, and the trusted device feature. I don't care about the voice features and since I'm typing this on the Nexus 4, with its not-so-good camera, the camera on the Moto X wouldn't bother me unless it was my only phone.

Basically, I want the Assist features on my Nexus 4! 
This should have been a blog post. very nicely written.
+Rob Aymett I mentioned that in the comments. The software keys during games is a bit odd. I would assume app developers will eventually update their code as the Moto X becomes more popular and if users complain.
+Derek Ross did you read my comment, I explained why they can't do it. And this isn't moto x specific, there have been phones with software keys for years..
+Jason N. Miller I agree. It's such a stupidly simple feature. It's not gimmicky. It's a feature you actually use everyday.
+Jason Newman I'm happy with the colors. I don't have many AMOLED screens to compared it to though. Haha, it's light years ahead of the Galaxy Nexus. That screen was pathetic. It looked yellow.
+Jason Koch Sorry, I meant that I was surprised that I could tell a difference between my old Droid DNA and the Moto X in terms of sound quality. I wasn't expecting it to be that much better and louder and clearer.
+Derek Ross that's great news. I miss being able to set my themes dark and save battery with the amoled displays. I've gotten a little spoiled with my 4 though. Being able to tweak the gamma settings with Franco kernel is one of my favorite mods. 
Good post +Derek Ross . I had been considering the Moto X as my next phone. However, I'm still holding out for the next Nexus iteration. I would love to see the Assist and trusted device features on future Android phones. Here's to hoping. 
Perfect; thanks for the clarification. That gets me even more jacked up for getting the phone!! 
Gah, I didn't want to have to buy a new phone but this phone is making me want an upgrade
+Jason Newman There's nothing more fun than tweaking and tinkering under the hood on a Nexus phone :) People are still waiting for the Developer Editions of the Moto X. The Sprint and US Cellular variants can be unlocked using Motorola's tool right now. Custom ROMs for those should be on the horizon.
I imagine they'll unlock the Moto X, but the idea is that you're not buying a phone to unlock it and tinker. If that's what you want, you're on the wrong carrier with Verizon and you're looking at the wrong phone. 
Nice write up. Appreciate the perspective. Not too often we get to hear something other than specs as the story.

+Calvin Henderson Thank you! I left specs out on purpose. If you really want to see them they are readily available on the web on a thousand different websites. I tried to focus on my real thoughts and how I've used the device. Real world use. Not just random facts and numbers.
That has been one of my problems for years. Everyone write about devices like the average user swaps device 3-4 times a year and they cost $50 a pop.

Users love specs do not get me wrong on that. But user experience is more important. That part is typically a small blurb in the story. I rather see more user experience and expectations for two years of use than over the top spec talk until the next spec monster come out to take away the talk from the current spec monster.

I am a single user speaking but I think the majority of people are 2 year users and do not get as caught up in they hype of devices. The fanatics that are not buying are the ones caught up.

Catch you soon bro.

+Derek Ross I assume that you have the 16G. I'm using 19G of my 32G Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I'm waiting for the 32G, but it's killing me reading such great reviews. Should I just get the 16G or keep waiting? The 32G is coming to Verizon soon right?
Quick question - won't many of these new features be available on a future update of Android, so the rest of us can take advantage of them as well? 

I had a GNex, and of all the choices I had available, I settled on an HTC One Developer Edition.   I like what many of these features include, but to me, why do I need to sacrify "specs" to get "features"?   I would rather get both, in one device. 

By the way, are the phones now readily available, fully unlocked, with no carrier software, perhaps directly from Google?  If not, is this in the plans?
I'm still on my Droid DNA until at least December 2014, but the Mito X's AnTuTu performance is on par with the DNA. Benchmarks are often unreliable, but in this case they show that both phones are reasonably future-proof, especially if Google keeps doing 0.1 Android updates while doing the real updating via its apps.

I am a bit concerned about Play Services however. It seems that battery life has taken a nosedive on the DNA since the latest updates. If Play Services can suck up your battery it can suck up your RAM and CPU as well in future updates. Moto X users shouldn't be as adversely affected by this though. 
+John Hennessey Each use to their own. I don't use a lot of local data. I think on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus I sat around 26GB free all the time. On my Droid DNA (16GB) I saw always around 8GB free. I live with all of my data in the cloud and that is just fine for me. If you need more space for your own use habits, then I can't change that :) I'd wait if you need it.
Now I want a MotoX. And a Nex4. Sigh....
+Derek Ross have you had any time with the at&t version? They usually have a buttload of bloatware... 
+Martin ellis I have not. I would say it's the exact phone except you can use Moto Maker. Maybe the batter life is better as only one radio needs to be connected and not two as Verizon's does.
I just wish off contract pricing was closer to nexus 4 prices.
Nexus phones aren't available on verizon?
+Robert Wells nope, it's what happens when you mess with what's supposed to be a pure Google experience... 
+Derek Ross yeah, kind of what I meant, that combines with the Wallet fiasco (which I believed delayed the launch of the Galaxy Nexus)... 
Excellent writeup, +Derek Ross

One of the best Moto X reviews I've read!
Great writeup . it makes me even more sad I can't get it in Australia. 
my wife is very similar, I am going to be reviewing this device soon and I hope she enjoys it. I am excited to get it now
+Derek Ross  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great, very detailed and specific review. I'm still holding out to see the next Nexus phone (since I'm waiting that long for my VZW contract to run out anyway), but you make a compelling argument for the Moto X.
nice work +Derek Ross ... with a Razr Maxx and unlimited data plan on verizon, i was really torn whether i wanted to spend full retail for this phone ... looks good, thanks for all the usability info thats what really matters to me, jeff
+David Rogers look on the bright side. It saves us from the agonising choice between a Nexus and the Moto X. :)

Having said that, I have a feeling that they're working on getting an International version built in China. Maybe by the time the next Nexus is out we will have to face that choice.
+Derek Ross So, considered opinion, would you say that the Moto X lives up to the hype or is just a really really good phone?
+Anthony Fawcett It lives up to some of the type. The hype surrounding customization still pisses me off since the vast majority of the people still cannot use Moto Maker. The phone does make up for it though. I love it.
+Derek Ross last I heard, MotoMaker should come to Verizon et al. in November. So One more time, Big Red is late to the party. This time, however, the AT&T bouncer managed to keep the other carriers waiting outside as well. 
+vladimir konchar The fact that they started selling the Galaxy Nexus through the Google Play store on only GSM networks and stayed that way since... kinda clear enough for me... 
+Derek Ross +John Hennessey Its killing me waiting for the VZW 32GB model. A ton of my data is in the cloud as well but 16GB (approx.12GB usable) is cutting it too close! Currently I stream approx. 2hrs of music a week from Google Play Music with a data footprint of approx. 4GB a month alone. Add in Gmail, G+, G+ photo sync, Facebook, Twitter, etc. & I am just north of 5 GB a billing cycle

I am currently grandfathered with unlimited data but I am concerned that VZW may kill that off entirely in the future. There is no way I can justify an additional $30 a month to up my data limit to a respectable level if that happens. I need the 32GB of storage to offload some of this data. Hoping that 32GB version is out soon otherwise I will have to choose a less desirable phone.
+James Pakele    Why would I not want those features?  I'm guessing you are referring to battery life, but I can live with that.  I would still like to have the features available for when i want to use them.
And this is why I follow you +Derek Ross .. Awesome, detailed, honest review.. I don't have a moto x (nexus 4 owner) but if I was in the need of making a decision I would take this review and your opinion in great consideration... keep it up! 
+James Pakele I'm surprised people need are still saying that those features can be replicated. Ugh.
+Jeff McIntire I would have loved to get a nice shade of blue for my Moto X back, but oh well. I'll slap a blue +Cruzerlite case on it and call it a day.
+Derek Ross Are you able to set up a custom lockscreen like WidgetLocker and still have the Active Notifications kick in, or do you have to choose from one or the other? Could you have Active Notifications fire up when you have an incoming text, but still use WidgetLocker for a nicer lockscreen than all black?
+Derek Ross Amazing review! Really well written! I'd definitely get one as I have similar needs on smartphones, I want a good one but specs don't matter as much for me as experience. Send me one maybe? :P 
+Derek Ross thank you for the information.  I started with android and the tmobile g1, htc evo and made the change over to apple for quite sometime now.  I have made a few attempts to come back to Android but haven't really found what I am looking for and I think this phone might be the phone that will bring me back.
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