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Google to launch a cloud storage solution similar to Dropbox,, CX, SugarSync, etc.

If I was a betting man and sometimes I am... I would bet it won't be called Google Drive, it will be called Google Serve. :)

Remember the whiteboard #nychirl ?
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"expected to launch in the coming weeks or months" now to play the waiting game...
+John Ruth We learned not to do that with the Galaxy Nexus, remember? :)
Aww and I love my dropbox.. to bad Google has every other piece of information that I produce.. all hail our non-evil overlords..
It would be called GCloud!
storage is generally cheaper for google than most other places (dropbox, sugarsync,, etc). Could be a nice backup solution as long as you aren't too concerned about privacy....
In the future, I hope I'll be able to code against it. For example, being able to automatically import a newly uploaded csv file into a Google Docs spreadsheet... Maybe not the best example, but you get the point.
I'm just curious to see how this makes the experience better. Dropbox gives you 2GB free, but a chance to get around 10GB (right now I am about 4.5GB Free). If they up there Giggage to 7 or 8 (and up of course) I may switch over. I've already gone knee deep in Google's ecosystem.
Is there anything that allows me to integrate directly with windows as a network drive? I would love to be able to run my eclipse workspace from something like this. Whatever it is, I'm sure google will make it more interesting than just a copy of what DropBox does.
+Gregory Bishop Back in the day, I used to use a program that made my GMail account a 'G' Drive. It functioned pretty well until Google put the kibosh on it.

Since this is all speculation for the new cloud storage service, who knows. Maybe that capability will be available through desktop software.
With the DropBox beta, scavenger hunt, invites and edu email bonuses, I'm up to 12.38GB. I could still send out a lot more invites, because I'm only at 3.5GB of the 16 GB I could potentially get from invites. I have been considering making a few new email addresses and then using VM's to just get the extra space now, but I have restrained myself from doing anything that dishonest.
hmmm edu email bonuses +Matthew Goin. I just happen to have some of those :) I didn't know that was available.
I have already a 60gb picasa account that extent to DOCs too. I can see Gclouds be a one size fit all service . I welcome that.
+Derek Ross yeah, the edu gives you double for referrals. Every little bit helps. The Beta bonus is real nice, just put all your pictures on a thumb drive and then choose upload to Dropbox from the autoplay.
yeah, I need to do that. I might spam on Google+ also
it's been a while since that article, so it might work. After that article released the referral hits wasn't too great.
Eh, the AdWords credits are still free, so no harm in trying. I just applied for mine, so I should know in a couple of hours.
as of right now, gmail says I have about 7gb of storage available. I hope we finally get better access to it.
Hell, I need to get an invite or just sign up... gotta look into this one
So, after 4 days, I still haven't received my AdWords credit. Maybe that's dead now.
I finally got my credit. It ended up being for $100, so that's a nice bonus.
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